We’re Getting Married June 17th!

We're Getting Married!

Tomorrow is the day!  Please think of Sweetie and me as we tie the knot after 11 wonderful years together!

I am very far behind on emails at this point, as I made the fatal error of using my tofinopsychic@gmail.com address to organize the wedding.  *So many emails*.  It’s a small wedding, who knew there would be so many last-minute details?

It will take me some time after the wedding to catch up on everything, and I’m concerned I may miss some people, so if you have emailed me recently, please do feel free to email me again in a week.

Wish us luck on our big day tomorrow!  Thank you so much to everyone for all your well-wishes and words of support.




3 thoughts on “We’re Getting Married June 17th!

  1. I can guarantee no one here is materialistic, however, please consider setting up a wedding registry!! It’s sooo much fun! You two girls DESERVE to receive gifts not only for yourselves, but your home!!


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