Do Animals Have Spirit Guides???

Hello my Blog Friends!

Last month, I received a stellar question from one of my students: Carrie has asked:

“Do Animals Have Spirit Guides?”

This was such a great question I was kicking myself under my desk – I couldn’t BELIEVE I hadn’t thought to address this before!

But that’s why I LOVE teaching so much – because my wonderful students come back with these beautiful, insightful questions which expands the learning and teaching experience for ALL of us!

This is very exciting for me, because with the posting of this update, it means the *interactive* phase of the learning has begun – and this is my favourite part of teaching!

Carrie sent in three questions, and I will post all three answers to the subscription feed for those who have enrolled in the complete course.

But this question was just too great to keep within the class circle!

Do Animals Have

This was such a wonderful question, I’m sharing it publically.  
I have posted the answer to this question only on the Joyful Telepathy Podcast!

You can listen to it for free, here.

If you would like to join my class, Telepathic Communication with Animals and Spirit, you can enroll here:


I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of the Joyful Telepathy Podcast!

Now, for a personal life update:

I am a MARRIED LADY, y’all!  Sweetie and I had an absolutely *perfect* wedding day.  I’m talking *obscenely perfect*.  We would have no business hoping for a day as perfect as our wedding day turned out to be!

The weather, for one thing, was amazing.  It RARELY climbs higher than 15C here on the coast, which I personally prefer, but many people feel like they just don’t get summer unless it’s good and HOT outside.  Well Sunday June 17th 2018 was 24C!  Sunny and perfect!  It was crazy!  We didn’t need anything over our shoulders, our guests were comfortable and happy, and best of all we got to have our ceremony outside on the beautiful platform overlooking the Tofino Inlet!

I can’t wait to share some of the photos with you folks, but I have to WAIT (ugh!  the waiting!) for our photographer to process the photos she took that day.

It was a day of complete unconditional support from every person we know.  Both of our families were in attendance, our friends from Ontario had come out to join us (with their delightful daughter who was also our flower girl!)  Our family and friends got to meet our Tofino / Ucluelet Community – everyone special to us was all together, celebrating, and supporting our relationship!

It was a whole day of joy, support, and celebration!

I said to Sweetie that night, “We have been blessed with an absolutely perfect day.  If I never get another perfect day, I will die happy, remembering that we are luckier than I ever could have hoped or dreamed.”

One of the craziest things that day was a little wish of mine which came true.  I have connected rainbows with my loved ones in spirit.  I saw a rainbow the day of my mother’s funeral, and the day of my grandmother’s funeral (although I couldn’t be there in person, I say one here.)  I asked / wished for a rainbow on our wedding day, if they could pull it off.

Well, our wedding day was so perfect, bright and clear, I thought, “There’s no way I’ll see a rainbow today – it’s so dry and clear!”

I did not expect a rainbow, and I wasn’t attached to it.  I knew they were with us, I didn’t need the proof.

The ceremony went beautifully, (I may have cried!) there was hugs and music and the flower girl throwing her pink rose petals in celebration!  We did some family photos in the forest, and then everyone went to join us for brunch in the “Salal Room” – a private dining room.

Our photographer was Marnie Recker, who, by the way, is the photographer who captured this infamous shot of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau photobombing a different wedding last year:


Justin didn’t photobomb our wedding, no one did, which was FINE with us!  It was so quiet and secluded on the inlet side.  Anyway, Marnie texted us after brunch with this message:

“There is a SUN DOG down at Chesterman Beach!  Can you come down here now?”

A sun dog is this:


There was a freaking RAINBOW AROUND THE SUN for our couples photos!!!  And not just any rainbow – a rare, atmospheric rainbow!


I cannot WAIT to see our wedding photos!

When I realized I was going to see a rainbow on our wedding day after all, I really had to suck it up and hold it together!  (I had professional makeup, after all!)  I couldn’t believe it.  On this too dry to have a rainbow perfect summer day, we STILL got a rainbow!

The sundog really signifies the rarity and joy of the entire day.

You know, there was a time when I believed I would never get married, and when I thought I wouldn’t need or want a wedding.  It’s hard to describe how amazing, how transformative a day it was for us.

We are married ladies now!  I will share some of our couple photos when they arrive!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!



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