Our Wedding Photos Have Arrived!!!


More to come! Here is one of my favourites! LOOK at that crazy sundog! That’s not just one family member, smiling down on our wedding – that’s everyone from both sides, working together to create atmospheric ice crystals on a 25C day!

EDIT: I can’t believe I just realized this… it’s a RING in the sky! Like a wedding ring! A RAINBOW RING in the SKY! It’s very literally a symbol of our wedding!


It’ll take us a while to go through the photos and decide which ones to share publically – so MORE TO COME!

2 thoughts on “Our Wedding Photos Have Arrived!!!

  1. This is seriously an award-worthy photo. How did the photog. take a photo directly at the sun without it blowing out the exposure? It looks like an album cover! Amazing.

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    • It’s a sundog, a rare atmospheric phenomenon, so that’s what the sky *actually looked like to the naked eye*

      I’m sure Marnie Recker used her skills to manage the glare of the sun, but she didn’t do anything to create this effect, and she didn’t have any special lenses or gels that were obvious to me. Massive credit goes to her to be able to capture the sundog so beautifully. She did give us one photo with the sundog behind our heads and the sun putting our profiles in shadow that is also lovely.


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