Dream Spirit Work

A lot of us are *very busy* while we sleep. We carry on conversations, visit relatives or significant figures, we learn about each other and different species.

It is rare and exciting for me to find this clip of a researcher actually sharing her dream experiences with orcas.

Fast forward to 8:52 where she shares her dreams.


You may remember me talking about Megan who helped me create my class – she’s out there, having had some experience as an animal communicator, and is now doing wildlife research! Of course, information obtained through psychic skills cannot replace research, but can it ever help fill in the imaginative gap – the hypothesis on behaviours, on what these animals experience.

This researcher who has dedicated her life to Orcas near New Zealand has experienced dreams of the orca’s extremely detailed language – having orca words for everything in their environment, allowing them to communicate complex thoughts efficiently.

Humans like to think we are the only ones with complex language, and it’s not true!

It’s so thrilling to me to see researchers engaging their intuitive skills and discussing it openly, without fear of weakening their position in the scientific field.

Dreams supplement out waking reality, and I believe our conscious life continues during our “unconscious” states. Let’s make good use of it!

I’m curious, have you ever kept a dream journal? Can you remember your dreams when you wake up?

I’m not much of a morning person myself, so I’m in no mood to write in a journal while the dreams are still fresh! But I have noticed that I generally have three types of dreams:

Spirit exploration dreams, where I learn, visit and receive visits from others, do work.

Conscious reality processing dreams, where the dreams are a function of my brain processing and integrating information from my waking reality.

Emotional processing dreams, where my dreams are processing my inner emotional experience of my experience in the waking world.

Not every dream has a spiritual experience, but I think most dreams do have a tie to some reality.

Do you remember your dreams? Do you like remembering them? Do you wish you remembered more?

I’m curious!

I’m also working on releasing two very important podcast episodes, so hang tight!

9 thoughts on “Dream Spirit Work

  1. I’m posting this for our friend Andrea who is having trouble with her login id and emailed this to me instead:

    idk why i can’t post a comment on your blog using my main email. anywho, here’s my comment since i can’t post through wordpress right now:

    oh yeah, been actively dreaming since childhood; i stopped recording them as a kid, i think b/c they were so vivid (including my nightmares) and i didn’t have any support with how to process the intensity. today. i journal all my dreams (as well as waking-state events that happen); writing about them is a fantastic way to review the content later, as well as help put things together at later dates. journaling also helps my very rational brain SEE that these metaphysical experiences happened; for me, the act of writing is the grounding i need so that i don’t later convince myself i’m just making it all up.

    i’ve had dreams where i’m counseling people, including celebrities, helped a guy who had passed away to know he was dead and lead/sent him into the light, had my guides teach me about my gifts, dream with my friends and their ancestors….

    most nights are not this memorable, which is probably good because i do need to rest, but i do wish i remembered more of what goes on in my dream state.


    ps – the celebrity in my dreams is friggin’ kanye, btw. haven’t had that dream in a couple years, but had at least 3 dreams of counseling with him.


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  3. Ever since I was little, I’ve been able to remember nearly all of my dreams. I’m not sure why I do, but I remember it used to baffle me when other people I knew were never able to do the same. I always figured dreams were so important that they stuck with you no matter what.
    It takes me a heck of a while to actually sit down and put the energy into writing down my dreams, but when I do, something interesting happens every time without fail.
    I tend to write down the ones that are most significant, meaning visits from friends and family on the other side, my guides, and so on. Most of the time I don’t know the significance of my dreams, but it finds a way to reveal itself to me within a week of me writing it down.
    Sometimes I even have moments where my dreams feel so real, I accidentally reference them as if they were events that I physically experienced. Whoops! 🙂 There’s been times when I’ve mentioned having lunch with my grandpa who passed away, and I definitely got quite a few strange looks from that one. 😛


  4. Oh my gosh, I have absolutely done that. I got into trouble when, last christmas, I referenced a prophetic dream I had as though I’d already shared it – and I hadn’t! I had forgotten I’d decided I *wasn’t* going to share it, but forgot because it was Christmas, I was happy, and admittedly I’d had some Baileys…

    Do you think you’ll start recording your dreams again?


    • Haha, oh no!! I hope it all ended well regardless 🙂

      I’m trying to get back in the swing of things and start writing them down, because I find I’m regretting not doing so. I still get little happenings that make a reference to a dream I had a year or two ago for instance, and I’ll be fairly disappointed when I realize I never wrote it down. It makes it difficult for me to connect how the dream ties in to the signs or information I see much later on.
      I actually just had a dream that turned into a sort of prophecy like the one you mentioned, within less than 24 hours! The timing of that one was so crazy that I definitely wrote it down. It was one I didn’t want to forget.
      I remember there was also an instance 2 years ago where all the information I got in a dream didn’t make sense to me at all, but I still felt driven to write it down anyways. A year and a half later, it all fell into place. It was a good thing I wrote that one down too, since otherwise I would’ve been completely lost without the dream to use as reference! 🙂


  5. huh – I wonder if you’re getting this information from spirit visitations, or if you’re actually doing some timeline travelling!

    We should have a dream visit! Let me know if you remember anything from it. I’ve had dream visits with other readers – sometimes I remember bits of it, sometimes nothing, but I do know I’m pretty busy out of body while my “earthly vehicle” recharges!


    • The time travelling idea is really interesting! I’ve often figured some of my dreams have been spirit visitations for sure, but it never occurred to me that I could’ve been travelling through different timelines and getting information from there. That’s so cool!

      And yes, I’d love to have a dream visit! It sounds very exciting. 🙂 I tried it once with a friend but she was still fairly skeptical about it being possible to meet in a dream, so I feel that might’ve blocked us a bit. I’d love to give it a try!


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