Yahoo! ~$50 off~ Spring Sessions!

James & Katie

Happy Spring my Friends!

Well, it may not feel like Spring to many of us across the world, especially if you have SNOW and COLD!  Here in Tofino, it snowed last night for the first time in *three years*!  *It covered the daffodils!  SOB!*

So I’m going to make it feel like Spring today, by launching this special discount full of flowers and warmth and welcome to you!  Woo hoo!

Spring Special (1)

That’s $133 for a ONE-HOUR session!  I’m only offering this on sessions scheduled *before June* though, so book yours quickly and by the time we talk, it will REALLY be Spring!

If you’re one of the wonderful new folks here, I just want to gently point out this is the first time I’ve offered a discount on regular sessions in *years*.  I usually will do a pet session discount, or my annual New Year Report card special, but I have *never offered a $50 discount* before – ever!

I just felt like I wanted to this time.  I do a little exercise when I’m working with the “energy” of my offerings.  I sit with it for some time and see how it feels, and my $20 discount which I have offered here and there in the past just didn’t feel *exciting enough* for this BLEARY ol’ February!  So I upped the ante until I came to $50 off!

I have already sent this promo out to my email list, and as I’m writing this blog post, I have already TWO bookings!  (Thanks CH and MP!)  I think this special might just book up faster than any one I’ve done before!  (That’s probably why it feels exciting to me!)

*** UPDATE *** OMG – people!  There are only 4 spots left!

So join me this Spring for this special session just for you!

You can book your session here!

Talk to you soon!

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