Moving On!

Moving On!

We received our eviction notice yesterday – believe it or not, that’s good news.

Earlier this week, I was offered a new job, with my same employer, which is fantastic news – and means we’ll be moving as soon as possible.  I’ll be going to Victoria in a few days to find us a place to live.  What the timing of the eviction notice means is that we’ll be getting the month of June in our old place, rent free, which gives us until the end of June to move out entirely.  If the sale of the house *hadn’t* closed when it did, I would have had to give 30 days notice the next time I paid our rent, meaning we’d have only until the end of May to organize our relocation.

This way, we can relocate in stages, over the next 10 weeks if need be.  I doubt it will take us that long.

What *will* take me some time is *re-branding* my business.  Back when I hung out a public shingle, and went from sporadic word-of-mouth referrals to a business with a website, I decided on the moniker “Tofino Psychic”, with some reservation.  After all, my colleague in psychic arts, Karen Hagar, dubbed herself the “Fog City Psychic” for San Francisco, and had to relocate to Michigan over ten years ago.  Michigan is far from a foggy city!  I knew all along that I might not always be the “Tofino Psychic”.

I choose “Tofino Psychic” because I thought most of my business would come from people literally searching for a psychic on their vacation – and every year I do get session requests from people doing just that.  It’s why I’m so busy in the summer. But now, I’ll be in Victoria.  I guess I’ll transition my branding as I have time.

I will continue to do Sunday sessions, and my booking schedule won’t change.  I will not be nearly as available for “last-minute” sessions, though I will continue to do my best to accommodate animal health emergencies.

There are still quite a lot of balls in the air, so for all of you praying and holding positive visualizations for us, please continue to do so!  I still need to find us a place to live, and I hope to accomplish that in the next few days.  Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Moving On!

  1. Lots of luck and love to you! 💖 May all your spirit guides and angelic friends and family be with you as well. It doesn’t hurt to have a little help from the other side 😊


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