I miss you my friends!

Oh my goodness. Change is still afoot, and I’m afraid it leaves me with little to no time to do the cool stuff I’ve enjoyed doing here on the blog with you since 2012.

This is a temporary situation.

Having gratefully landed in a new city I’m getting to know, both Sweetie and I are looking for further opportunities to improve our circumstances – and we are finding them. A lot of them. The only limitations are really the time and energy available to invest in the process of creating change.

To give you an idea, I started aggressively job hunting in February, and received my first job offer in mid-April. I probably invested 15-20 hours a week, so a minimum of 160 hours invested to get that change to happen.

And its a great change. But we are not done.

Thing is, we are now both employed full time, so investing a further 20 hours a week in the change isn’t easy or always possible. Which is okay. We are doing what we can when we can.

That brings me back to this blog, and the podcast.

In this time crunch, I can’t do everything I did before, not for the time being.

I am still doing sessions on Sundays. That’s not going to change. As always, you can book a session here: https://www.tofinopsychic.com/book-a-session.html

In particular, I want to be sure I’m taking care of existing clients. I will no longer do sessions on Mondays or Thursdays, so my calendar is starting to fill up a bit further in advance again. I am no longer advertising for new clients, but I am taking referrals – my existing clients friends or family.

I do intend to come back to writing here, and producing the podcast, and I will do what I can, as I can, and as it feels good.

Meanwhile, go watch Yesterday. It’s a movie in theatres now. John popped in while Sweetie and I were watching it, and I’m positive he approves of it… and it’s just fun to watch! Take a friend.

Have a fabulous day everyone! Keep your eyes out for my quickie posts.

5 thoughts on “I miss you my friends!

  1. Kate,
    I’m impressed by how well you are handling change. It really speaks of maturity and strength. I’m in the midst of big changes myself and it’s not always easy to keep it together. This amazing woman recently introduced me to chanting as a way to bring about what we’d like to see in life, whether it be money, housing, a better future or really whatever we need. I just wondered because you are such a powerfully spiritual woman and a pure soul, that it seems like something you would have a great talent for.

    Also, I felt John somewhat recently myself, when “Let It Be” played twice on two different radio stations within the same half hour in two different locations. In addition to freezing my Instagram on a picture of him at the same time, for quite some time…That must be his clear message, to let things be and that there will be answers, thank God. It was quite soothing to hear, actually. I ended up getting the Let It Be album which I’ve been playing on repeat and it is a beaut (but honestly, what of theirs isn’t?)

    Sending you much love and gratitude for being who you are and having this amazing website, because those 7(!) years ago by reaching out to you, you helped me in my own spiritual connections, which have only strengthened over the years, and made a lot of a sense of a mischievous blonde rock boy suddenly floating around and haunting me on a constant basis at that point. Thank God I wasn’t delusional about that happening…So thanks!

    Big bright blessings your way,

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    • Sally, you’re a wonderful person, and you’ve come SO FAR with changes in your life too!

      I think I wrote about mantras a few years ago. Yes, I found them to be helpful, in the way I find prayer in general to be helpful.

      The easy part is prayer. The tough part is *doing the things to get everything happening*.

      I say “tough” when i wouldnt qualify my continued efforts as tough right now. Getting evicted and losing the sense of security, identity, and community in Ucluelet / Tofino – that was tough!

      But this continued work towards serious life goals, thats just being a human. I’m lucky to be in a position to pursue long-term security goals rather than deal with immediate survival issues, and I won’t forget that!

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      • Thanks for your kind words, Kate! 😊

        It’s true, there is prayer and must be action as well. “Faith without works is dead.” I was taught the chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and it feels powerful when I chant it, but it also takes effort on my part too. But it can’t hurt! I feel I am already seeing some progress.

        You had to face a really challenging and upsetting situation and you handled it well. Being uprooted is daunting. So many emotions involved as well, on top of all the stress. Being human isn’t always easy! But you were able to meet these challenges head on. Being good at adulting is a skill of its own. A lot of growth comes out of it too.

        More experience for soul growth! It’ll be interesting to see how much we’ve grown in this world when we do finally pass over to the other side and are able to see our spirit friends and how they managed all their trickery. To learn all their secrets. In the meantime, all we can do is our best on this side. 💗

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      • Very true. And hey, its not like I navigated that stressful change alone. I am very fortunate to have loving help and support. Prayers are great, and I believe in prayer, and I have even more faith in the people who have literally answered my prayers.

        So I try to help others too. You never know when some thing we can do is the answer to someone else’s prayers.

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