They’re Back! New Year Report Cards!

Hi all!

New Year Report Cards are back!

Due to all my life changes, they are somewhat fashionably late, but that doesn’t feel weird – because every year these sessions sell out and I’m often doing Report Card sessions into May.

If you are new here, and wondering “What on earth are New Year Report Cards?” I’ll tell you:

New Year Report Cards are a 45-minute phone session, where we consult with your guides, spirit friends, and family, to review overall themes in 2019 and then look ahead to what themes 2020 has in store!

Most of my New Year Report Card sessions are with people who have had report cards in previous years, and especially enjoy seeing how the messages from their session unfold each year!

New people also book every year, so the result is every year I offer a few more spots, and spend more time doing New Year Report Card sessions than in previous years – which is just fine by me because I absolutely love doing them!

You can book yours now!

If Sundays don’t work for you, please book the next available spot and then email me and we can reschedule you another time that works for both of us ❤️.

Don’t delay booking because New Year Report Cards *sell out* every single year!

Looking forward to talking to you!

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