When the good ones go…

I believe there is a cyclical element to our crossing over into spirit. I don’t know exactly what it is or why it happens, but I have noticed over the years of my practice that there seems to be a season for special animals leaving their bodies.

Nothing is set firmly, of course.

This year, in January & February, I have seen a small group of my animal friends, and my friends’ animals, leave their bodies.

It reminds me of my big dog Mocha, and my cat Leo, who left their bodies in January & February.

Maybe “the veil” is a bit thinner this time of year. Maybe after the darkest days of the year, circadian rhythm plays a role.

If you have lost a friend in fur, or a human loved one, this winter, know that you’re not alone. A lot of the good ones seem to choose this time of year to go.

One thing I often meed to remind pet people of is, animals almost *never* hold judgement for the last days of their life. They are mot angry if you had to help them leave their bodies – even if they MIGHT have had a bit more time in their bodies.

They do not blame you for what they experienced if they were ill before they passed. They just don’t think like that.

This is a gentle reminder, to anyone who needs it, that grief is a powerful shapeshifter. We feel so sad, and our grief wants to create a “logical” reason for us feeling bad. Don’t fall for it if your grief tries to guilt trip you. Do your best to ride that roller coaster, and take all the time you need to feel your feelings.

I have personally found reiki to be amazingly helpful during times of grief – even distance reiki. There are often free reiki sharing circles. Reach out and give it a try if you are open to it.

I also, obviously, find writing to be therapeutic. Writing helps me feel my feelings, process them, and helps me move into peace, eventually. You can try that too.

Sometimes my writing may take the form if a letter to the animal, or person, I miss. Sometimes I write to myself, sometimes I write to god.

Sometimes, I just light a candle, and bake myself something that smells good.

If you’ve said goodbye to a loved one, with fur, feathers, scales, or skin, you’re not alone. We are a tribe of survivors, with enough love in our hearts to generate powerful joy. We just need to remember to recharge.

In loving memory of my animal friends…❤️

4 thoughts on “When the good ones go…

  1. We lost two of our beloved kitties to cancer in January, Prancie and Millie. We were blessed that we got to be with them and they did not need our help to leave their bodies.

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