George: Invitation, and Practical Advice


How are y’all doing out there, in Covid19 land?  I hope you’re minding the social distancing advice, I hope you’re eating carbs and checking in with your friends and family.


I have been connecting with George Harrison these last few days, having a preliminary conversation almost in the background of my consciousness.  I’ve been concerned about some things I’ve been seeing on the internet about the Corona virus outbreak, and I’ve been rolling these questions over to George, so he can roll them back with some ideas and feedback.


Here’s our conversation.


K:  Hi George.  Thank you for coming in to help.  It’s been a while since we’ve talked, or done a blog post together.


G:  Friendship ages well.


K:  I have been really concerned about the harmfully misleading information I’ve seen, particularly when it appears on a psychic / intuitive influencer’s blog.  Why do people say things like the novel coronavirus was engineered by malevolent governments to scare people into vaccinating, or to submit to further surveillance by the state?


G:  Incredibly complex question there.  The answer begins in the human condition, in our desire to make order and sense out of, what seems to be, chaos.


Some might seek to position themselves in a position of authority, or to solidify a position of authority among a group of fans (or followers) they may already have.  It’s a pursuit of the ego.


Others might truly believe the fiction, and they recycle it to others (spreading much like a virus.)


One may inoculate oneself against such fiction by quietly observing, from a peaceful and loving perspective, exactly who is making these statements.  When this observation is done not from a place of fear that their words might be true, but from an attitude of curiosity (not judgement), their motivations, their position among their peers, and even their isolation will become apparent.


We all have this ability, to decipher truth from fiction.  It has served us well in the past.


K: So doing things like checking the posting history of a person speaking with authority would be a good strategy?  If they have a history of conspiracy theory posts, then that can provide some insight into what they say now?


G:  Yes.  Others simply want to join in on circulating the message.  Any message.  They want to feel… like a part of it all.  Intimacy with a conspiracy theory can feel more comforting, a tighter more exclusive circle of compatriots who dare to believe.  It reminds me of the early days of transcendental meditation, rebels we were back then!


K:  Rebel meditators.


G:  Peace Spiritualists!  We were spiritual children.  I believe, (our current generation, born 1980 and later) was born wise.


K:  Really?


G:  Yes, allowing for community and environment.  The current youth (chuckles) have had access to information, free discourse, their entire lives.


K:  I know that’s comforting to a part of me.  I am still concerned about the people disseminating conspiracy theories in a time when the actual truth really matters – an individual being responsible with social distancing and quarantine could literally mean life or death for another human being.  People are scared enough without the added stress of imagining this viral pandemic was engineered and released, accidentally or intentionally.  How is that helping anyone?  It’s just adding to the legitimate stress people are feeling right now.


G:  I invite all those who know and love (me – feel a connection with me) to join me in meditation at a time and place of their choosing.  I am available for comfort, guidance, and support.  Meditate, and join me.  I am here, in love.


(To take) You, yourself, are disseminating fear at this very moment.  (Said with love.)


K:  Yeah… people bug me sometimes.  Wash your damn hands.


G:  (Chuckles, reminds me energetically that we cannot affect the actions of others by feeling bugged by them.)


K:  Okay, that’s a great point.  What is a good thing to do right now, to be helpful to ourselves, and each other?  We have checking in on neighbors, (through a closed door, obviously) friends, family.  We have taking walks and maintaining physical social distance, while still connecting with our bodies and nature.


G: (teasing me that I’m basically saying “I know all that, but what is the REAL  secret to ____”)  How many times, my friend, have I been asked versions of this question? (Shows me “I know how to meditate, but what is the real secret to serenity?”  All of this, is a rephrasing of the ultimate question.  How do we really matter?  How can we make our lives count?


Our lives do count.  Do not discount your own actions by comparing it to those of others.  Picking up the phone, writing a letter (or sending electronic notes of care) are all actions of consequence.  This time of global stress is a perfect opportunity to watch your actions ripple outwards, and see in action the great web of light and life which connects us all.


K:  Wow, George, you got ethereal there.


G:  Is that not why I am here?  (wry smile)


K:  Of course it is.  I really would like to offer some helpful, practical advice for folks who may read this.


G:  Donate to food banks, donate blankets, bedding, donate to shelters, share share share the resources.  The collecting (hoarding) is antithetical to the comfort, community, and solidarity (people incarnated on earth right now) are seeking at this time.  If you have extra, give it.


I believe many people will come to regret (grocery hoarding).  Do not allow that food to expire, unused.  Donate it in a few weeks, or a few months.  People need it.  We will all get so sick of pasta.


K:  Thank you so much for your help today, George.


G:  My pleasure, stranger (teasing).



Well people, I hope this was helpful, and I hope you are finding comfort in your community right now.


I worked at Sunnybook hospital during SARS, and I actually contracted H1N1 while working there during that outbreak, (not fun), so a lot of what is happening right now is familiar, though neither of those outbreaks resulted in a global pandemic and the necessity of isolating in the our general population.


I do remember what it was like to work at the epicenter of the extremely scary SARS outbreak, when everyone in the hospital had to get screened upon entering the building, and had to wear a surgical mask at all times while in the building.  It felt pretty apocalyptic at the time.  The social impact of everyone wearing masks was profound.  People couldn’t recognize each other, read facial expressions, and the psychological impact of wearing masks was determined to outweigh the very small benefit of a slightly decreased risk of non-symptomatic transmission of SARS.


What I learned then was the social connection piece of our life as humans is literally life-sustaining.  As we physically isolate from each other, remember to make up for it with authentic connections.  We have to make the additional effort to make authentic connections with each other.


And social media doesn’t count, people!  Close facebook, and invite a true friend to have a facetime / messenger conversation.  Drink tea and cookies while you’re at it!  I have a list of people I would like to catch up with, if I find myself isolating at home… for now though, my day job is essential services, and I will be going to work.


Take care of each other, my friends.













3 thoughts on “George: Invitation, and Practical Advice

  1. thank you for this post, kate!!! his insight was helpful, but especially yours with the experience with SARS. checking on people is just about the only thing that make me feel good right now (we’re on “shelter in place of residence” in my area, and my job ain’t essential). i’ve never wanted to hug strangers more. and while i’ve intellectualized my way out of the fear-loop, i’ve got insomnia and no appetite, noticing my tendency to disassociate. so i gotta stay grounded and in my body, even tho “embodiment” almost feels like a threat. (are you sure there’s no secret, george?) LOL

    lots of love to all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed. This is very different from SARS, because most people only get mild symptoms it spread so quickly. Today the Canadian government has put some economic support in place. Sweetie is likely to get laid off, so that’s good news.


  2. Thanks Kate (& George) for this! It’s really nice to have that higher spiritual perspective of what’s going on. It feels like so much apocalyptic pandemonium, especially here in LA. So much fear and paranoia in the air. Most of the shelves are empty at supermarkets and I keep hoping the elderly and others can get what they need. It’s too easy to get caught up in frustration over people not washing their hands or partying in spring break or selfishly hoarding and not considering the health of others. Meditation probably would help, because it’s no fun to be angry or frustrated with people and have no power to change them or the situation. I wonder too if this is nature’s way of coming back. Amma the Indian hugging saint mentioned it as a result of mankind’s selfish treatment toward nature coming back in the form of a major epidemic. I’ve actually wondered about the revenge of Mother Earth for a while, whether she was retaliating in natural disasters and such. All food for spiritual thought I suppose…

    Though I don’t have your psychic superpowers, I am glad I can feel my spirit friends/ loves/rockstars nearby. My 101 year old grandma recently passed and I’m at least comforted that she didn’t have to stress about catching this awful virus. I hope you and your Sweetie don’t catch it either! Now is for sure the time to connect to others from afar. I hope you are able to weather this well and enjoy your adorable floofy kitties as the world goes through this historical moment with unknown outcomes.

    Big virtual germ free hugs sent your way 😊💗


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