Introducing: Screwed Up Podcast!


(graphic art by Kaz Windness)

I have fantastic news!  My friend Dr. Lana Holmes, whom you may remember from the time she was a guest on my humble Joyful Telepathy Podcast, has begun a new project!

Introducing:  Screwed Up!  A podcast with Mimi Bonhomme and Dr. Lana Holmes

The topics which Mimi & Dr. Lana confront here have been plaguing our woo-woo, new age community for DECADES, and – daaaaamn – people who claim enlightenment are super-slow to change!

Do y’all remember two years ago, when I wrote about why I no longer smudge, and ever-so-gently suggested that if it isn’t your culture, you shouldn’t either?  That ended up being the most controversial thing I have ever posted in my history with social media.  I *still* get random hate mail from so-called light workers incensed about my criticism of the use of a spiritual practice that may not belong to them.  (Hot tip!  If you read that post and got angry, you really SHOULDN’T be doing it.)

Dr. Lana very kindly agreed to come on to my podcast;  we admittedly trolled the comments for a bit, and we also expanded upon cultural appropriation in the very white-lady space that is modern-day “spiritualism”.

Psychic stuff, by the way, is in no way the exclusive domain of western folks – nearly every culture and religion I can think of includes some form of psychic or intuitive practice.  However, the popularized / standard form of spiritualism you will find when you just walk into an new-age book store now, if you cast your eyes around, you’ll see a *lot* of us white ladies.  The big problem with that is it creates an echo chamber where everyone validates what everyone else is doing, and if there is any dissent into the doers’ right to do, well, let’s just say you’ll spend the next few weeks moderating comments across multiple social media platforms.  That’s gotta change, folks.  Enlightened people need to have open ears, and be willing to sit with our own discomfort, our own imperfections, our own unfair advantages over others, and our own internalized prejudices.

That’s a part of our work, folks.  Engage!

I was so grateful when Lana was happy to help me expand upon this hugely important topic.

Now, two years later, during a pandemic that could not deter Black Lives Matter social activists from weeks of demonstrations in streets all over the world, this discussion in our own spiritualist community is escalating in importance.

Dr. Lana and Mimi have stepped forward to tackle *alllllllll* these difficult topics, and they DESERVE to have us in their audience, cheering them on!

Please join me in subscribing to the new podcast, Screwed Up!

You can copy and paste this feed into the search bar of your favourite podcasting app to find them:

OR! You can subscribe to their channel on youtube, if that’s your jam:

AND! You can like their facebook page:

Solidarity in Spirituality, my friends!












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