Pet Sessions for Summer!

pet session special

Hi my friends!

I hope you are enjoying my recommendation of “Screwed Up Podcast” with our friends Dr. Lana Holmes and Mimi Bonhomme!  If you have not read my post of their new project, click here!

It is my deep hope that each and every one of you is safe, healthy, and able to participate in supporting your community.

As well, please take care of yourself, and your mental health.  Whether you’re a social justice activist, a homeschooler, an essential worker (like me) – each and every human on this earth has a special purpose, and we are all being asked to work very hard now, and for the foreseeable future.

I have held back on promotions for quite some time, and I really want to offer a Pet Session discount this summer!  I know there are at least three of you waiting for this (hi!) and I hope this offering will help bring some more joy and lightness into your life.

Our pets lives have changed too – perhaps not in the profoundly significant ways that us humans have been affected, but they know what we are feeling, they know our routines have changed, and they have *certainly* noticed if a new animal has joined the family during the quarantine stay-at-home time.

If you have a new pet in your home, if your pet’s routine has changed and you’d like to check in with them, if you’d just like to feel a little closer to your animal friend, now is a great time to book a phone session.

I have not offered this discount in two years, and I’m going to keep this available *just for the summer*.

I want people whose income may have changed to have a chance to access this sale, which is why I’m letting this discount run until August

I will be returning to part-time studies in the fall (hurray!) so in September, the pet session discount will disappear.

Please feel free to share this special with your friends who have animals they love – this is the best price on Pet Sessions that I’ll be offering for at least the next year!



I’m so looking forward to talking with you and your animal family!  Talk soon!



2 thoughts on “Pet Sessions for Summer!

  1. Hello!
    I have a cat who has been exhibiting behaviors that undoubtably are rooted in traumatic experiences before we rescued her. We are at a loss as to what to do short of rehiring her in a situation where she can feel better. We have had her for about three years. We have other cats to take into consideration. We love this cat and wish not to separate from her and wish to know what, if anything, we can do. How much are your pet sessions? TY


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