Impromptu Freddie!

Hi folks. How have you all been?

I do want to thank you all who booked the Pet Session Special! My schedule is now full until November 2020, thanks to you all, and the Pet Session Special is now done.

I’ve been thinking about what type of post I’d like to contribute right now. There are a few things I’ve seen circulating I’d like to address.

Last month, Sweetie made me aware of a psychic on youtube who stated George Floyd died for a purpose, and that he didn’t want to see all these protests, because he only wanted love and understanding.

That upset me for quite some time. Of course, unfortunately, this was a white lady.

White lady psychics, man. There’s a reason I’m a solitary practitioner. I have friendly, collaborative relationships with other spiritual practitioners, for sure, but I haven’t engaged in group events because you just never know what a spiritual white person is going to pull out of their butt. I think it’s my frustration with myself, too, my younger ignorance when I did, for example, adopt smudging as a part of my own spiritual practice, without thinking too deeply about it.

Do y’all remember my podcast episode with Hillary and her horses?

Hillary posted on facebook yesterday about the use of the phrases “white witch” and “black magic” etc. This led to a conversation about smudging, and sooooooo many problematic responses from people followed. It was pretty familiar, as this happened to me years ago when I posted about cultural appropriation regarding smudging. I’m glad to see some more people get on board. Slow, arduous progress is still progress. Let’s keep it moving forward!

Anyway, back to this youtube psychic who stated George Floyd did not approve of the protests because *love*. Y’all know this is BS, right? I didn’t need to say it?

I think it’s terribly cruel to the family and community of George Floyd to say he died for a reason – to spark change. Too many people have died already. None of them needed to die. To say they died for this purpose, to me, this lacks some fundamental empathy. It’s not spiritual to say someone was murdered for a good cause. Y’all know that, right? I didn’t have to say it? Thanks for reading. It’s been on my mind, and I just wanted to put that out there.

We need empathy, deep listening skills, and the ability to do what’s right without needing acknowledgement or credit.

I really enjoyed Dr. Lana & Mimi’s podcast episode on Empathy – this hit home for me, and what I’ve been thinking about lately.

So let’s do something fun!

Freddie’s back!

Freddie immediately comes in with the strength of empathy – he says,

F: It’s an interesting / powerful topic, the idea that things, some things, happen for a reason. I used to believe that, in my younger years; it was easy to see the links of one thing leading to another in a short life.

It wasn’t until later, (shows me the HIV / AIDS epidemic) that it became clear not all things, certainly not all deaths, happen for a reason. (He extends deep empathy to everyone.)

The current worldwide pandemic, the virus that has a small percent chance of killing you, (he gives a side-eye as AIDS was 100% fatal in his time as there were no effective treatments) is frightening. But there is a reason it is happening:

The pandemic happened because of the divisions between people. It is worse because of the divisions. It’s mirroring the AIDS catastrophe, because so much could have been done early on, and was not done, because it wasn’t affecting a population which powerful people cared about.

AIDS was “the gay disease” for some time, and gay people were sidelined for so long in our society, that it made it easy for people to rationalise their bigotry, their lack of empathy or sense of responsibility to life a finger to help.

Here, with this worldwide respiratory virus, we see the same human behaviour – and because this is a virus that does not need such close human contact to spread, but can be caught merely by breathing – we might have thought this would have a unifying effect. In some places, it has.

In England, and across the USA, and in certain other countries with disorganised leadership, or a disenfranchised populace, you can see the same thing happening to your communities, on a massive world scale.

I would do another concert, if I could. I would (stream live on the internet, for free) if I could. I wish I could.

Remember, friends, that hard times do not eliminate us. We rise up, again! Life is not easy for most of us. We think of death as the big unknown (laughs) LIFE, my friends – THAT is the great unknown! How we try to bring predictability and control to life, with varying success. Stability is usually temporary, and even those of us who have had wealth in life, know that finance is not the only crucial piece.

This is why we need each other. My friends, my chosen family, the people in my life who I loved, still love, they are what brought me through the hardest parts of my life.

Reach out to each other. Send some love, do someone a favour, ask for a favour, don’t hold on to expectation.

(Freddie remembers when he felt burned out, after a long haul of concerts followed by isolation and some drug use.) Forgive your own limits, too. Try not to be an asshole about it, apologise if you have been rude.

K: (teasing) I guess we all need reminders of the kindergarten social rules, eh?

F: We do sometimes revert to a childlike brain under stress. Children with credit cards. (laughs)

K: Do we need to “parent” ourselves? Our own inner children?

F: Well, that’s the point, sometimes we can’t. That’s where our friends, our chosen family rises up to support us. Love them back!

(Freddie is pointing out that loving feedback from family, friends, community, is LOVE, and that participating in difficult conversations WITH LOVE can help keep the communication flowing.)

F: That’s where the love belongs. Not to halt much needed social movements, or revolutions, but to spur them onward. To say, “I love you, and this needs to change. I love you, and I hear rebuke of me.” That love can create safety amongst family, friends, community. Love is shown through action.

Keep pushing. Keep speaking. Keep marching. And singing!

K: Okay, and now I’d like to go back to pick up the questions people left for you last year (sorry it takes so long, folks.)

*** Elizabeth Agate Edit

What past life influenced you the most?

F: It’s difficult to choose, I would say the childhoods of most of my past lives influenced me the most. I found the more lives I had, the more I relished childhood, and attempted to maintain that… simplicity of approach towards other humans. As we evolve in our individual lives, we construct a language in which we speak to ourselves. Many of us have internal narrators reflecting our own inner thoughts back to us, so we may process them clearly.

Children have not developed this level of sophistication, or complexity. Childhood innocence can be a universal language, speaking to our most profound needs, our core capacity to connect as human beings.

… (as an aside) I wish I had a past lifetime as a centaur to tell you about, but alas! (teasing smile)

*** Toni McNeill

Will my books one day be wide known? ❤

F: Cherie, I cannot predict the future for you. If you love writing, keep writing. Use your talent to connect with others. Pay no regard to the number of people you reach, each person is important.

*** Mark Hoops

Years ago while sitting in a psychic development class I joked about ” I will sing when I can channel Elvis”. Someone suggested Freddie because he is more available. Moments later I saw purple foot prints across the green carpet. My question, was that Freddie Mercury?

F: (singing!) YES OF COOOOOURSE! Talk to me!

*** Phoggy

Sometimes actors play these “dead” celebrities so well that I wonder if they are somehow channeling the actual energy of the entities that they are portraying. I was wondering whether Freddie was actively channeling through Rami Malek during the performance and if other spirit celebrities have done the same in other movies? And if this actually happens, what are their reasons for channeling their energy through the actors?

F: YES! I adore Rami, he spoke to me privately, in the shower (ha ha!) which is an excellent location to talk with friends who happen to be dead. We had our own connection, I congratulated him immediately when he was awarded the part. He felt connected to me before that, and channeled that passion in his audition. I whispered in the casting staffer’s ears, “you had better cast him!” They did! I am thrilled. They did a wonderful job, everyone on that project. My heartfelt thanks to them all, and my family and friends who helped.


That’s our impromptu session with Freddy today. I literally just googled “fun dead people to talk with” and his image came up.

Stay well, my friends.

4 thoughts on “Impromptu Freddie!

  1. Kate, this is great! I was literally JUST asking a certain beloved grungey blonde spirit friend you know if he or any of your other musician pals from beyond would do any sessions with you because you’re awesome and insightful and was urging this blonde boy to speak you again soon (which I still hope he does) and this appeared the next day. I always get so much out of these sessions, to have a broader spiritual understanding and insight of why all this current chaos is going on.

    There is so much division here in the US along with fear and lack of trust and it seems like ages that I’ve had a conversation with a kind stranger in a line at the supermarket. Everyone is so cut off from one another. This is already a violent country to begin with and it just feels like the tension keeps on building. I sure hope there can be some positive change that comes from this time, since it’s unlike any other time in history. But Freddie is so right about sending love to our loved ones! So sending love to you Kate and yours and all the friendly spirits floating around because it does seem like we’re lacking a pretty universal love. I guess we just have to wait and see and send virtual hugs in the meantime 🤗 💗

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  2. Just seeing this today! Oh, sweet Freddie! So glad he popped in and shared his thoughts around what’s happening in the world with covid and relating it to HIV/AIDS. I hope you and Sweetie are doing well, getting situated in your new home, and keeping healthy. Big hugs!

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