New Year Report Cards! Now booking January and Beyond!

Hello my friends!  New Year Report Cards are here in time for January!

**** UPDATE! January booked up within 3 hours of this posting! That’s the FASTEST a month has ever sold out! Now booking February onward! ****

What a year 2020 has been for us all!  I have taken a big comfort in knowing that the themes and challenges of this year, we have all experienced together.  

And now, together, we can look forward to a bright new start in 2021!  

New Year Report Cards are a 45-minute phone session, where we consult with your guides, spirit friends, and family, to review how your experiences in 2020 have related to your own incarnation goals and growth for this life, and then look ahead to what is peaking through for 2021!

You will receive an MP3 recording of our call which you can download, keep, and refer back to as the year progresses!

I want to thank all of the faithful fans of past New Year Report Cards, who book these sessions each year! 

Most of my New Year Report Card sessions are with people who have had report cards in previous years, and especially enjoy seeing how the messages from their session unfold each year!

Because these sessions are the most popular special I offer, I do try to ensure I can fit in a few more New Year Report Card sessions each year (which is why I’m launching the special earlier this time!)

You can book yours now!


*  A 45-minute Phone Session

*  A summary of 2020

*  An overview of the coming year

*  Guidance and gentle nudges from your spirit friends for the New Year!

If Sundays don’t work for you…
Please book the next available Sunday spot to ensure you don’t miss out,  and then email me,, and we will find a date and time that works for us both! 

If you have any questions at all, you can reach me or my lovely Office Goddess just by replying to this email.

Talk to you soon!   

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