Bob Marley Friday! Makin’ Love!

A brave few have sent me personal emails from last week’s Sexy Friday entry, and I thought I’d post a few broad questions here. I know that if one person is brave enough to ask, there’s at least one other person wondering the same thing. This entry is not at all psychic, just my own […]

The Bob Marley – John Lennon Connection

So recently, Bob Marley’s been coming to visit me.  Wonderful soul, beautiful man, fabulous voice that ressonates on a lot of levels. I asked him if he’d be cool with doing a group discussion with a few of the students from the intuitive development class, and he is, so, yay!  I’ll post about that when […]

Marley has more to say

Girl I am not finished! I’m sorry Bob! (I’m feeling pressured to do other things, Don’t worry about that, shows me a protective bubbly around us both.) Bob, I cut you off. You did, (laughing) and this shows (that I came through so strongly) you are really speaking to me! (acknowledging a resurgence of doubt […]

Marley: Compassion

In the wake of the widely publicized deaths at the elementary school in CT, this theme has been rising: compassion. What do you do in the face of suffering? You send out love, you help where you can. Marley popped up this morning, and points me back to the conversations we had months ago, which […]

Marley, George, Healing and Evil

I think a lot of people are noticing the subtle shifting, this energetic adjustment taking place. I’m very glad I shifted this summer’s focus from doing things to help others and instead placing the focus on healing and recharging myself. This blog has a fine line for me sometimes, because I want to limit how […]