Meditation: Kegels for the mind

It’s been about a year since I brought meditation as a practice into my life. During this year, I’ve experienced periods where I looked forward to meditation every day, I would take five minutes to meditate before I got out of bed, and would meditate 10 – 30 minutes or more before sleeping. I’ve also […]

The Fighting Spirit

(image came from here, a lovely read by the way.) I’ve been thinking about this post for a while. You guys, I had a *super-fun* phone call yesterday with a new podcast guest! His name is Carl and he’s a firefighter. The first installment will be posted on Tuesday (the 10th) and the second part […]

Our Psychic Brain Waves!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how telepathic communication works. Wondering, really. For me, it’s something that happens naturally, and over time I’ve learned to enhance it or tune it down with techniques I learned through meditation and reading dozens of books written by other psychics. But none of those books theorized about how or […]

A Brand New Year

I just love New Years. Not the New Year’s Eve celebration necessarily, but I do love the *fresh start* energy I get from myself and everyone around me, which inspires me to do a lot of things that I only do annually, one of which is to clear out anything and everything unwanted and unneeded […]

Guest Andrea: Compassion

Recently, I received another really lovely email from my friend, Andrea. With her permission, I share it here: i wanted to share with you a quick meditation story: about a month or so ago, someone created "a speed bump" in my life by pulling me into her drama – she’s having a hard time right […]

George H and Love for Sunshine

It’s been a long time since we talked to George (Harrison), but he showed up today.  Just when we needed him. Sweetie and I have made the very difficult decision to help Sunshine leave her body, which will be at noon(ish) tomorrow, PST.  We would appreciate your love and prayers. Sunny is not in pain, […]