Meditation: Kegels for the mind

It’s been about a year since I brought meditation as a practice into my life. During this year, I’ve experienced periods where I looked forward to meditation every day, I would take five minutes to meditate before I got out of bed, and would meditate 10 – 30 minutes or more before sleeping. I’ve also […]

Kindred Spirits and past lives

One thing that comes up a few times per year is the term “soul mate” or “twin flame”. You guys know how much I love questioning this stuff, right? We always have to keep grounded firmly in a deep nurturing soil of good sense. Here’s why “soul mates” and “twin flame” drive me nuts: Clients […]

You too.

(womb artist credit here.) I had a bit of a surprise this week. You folks remember how I’ve been writing about the stabbing bladder pain that showed up last summer? How this came on the tail end of a two-year struggle with weight loss, and my theory that it was about hormones, cortisol fatigue, insulin […]

The Fighting Spirit

(image came from here, a lovely read by the way.) I’ve been thinking about this post for a while. You guys, I had a *super-fun* phone call yesterday with a new podcast guest! His name is Carl and he’s a firefighter. The first installment will be posted on Tuesday (the 10th) and the second part […]

Our Psychic Brain Waves!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how telepathic communication works. Wondering, really. For me, it’s something that happens naturally, and over time I’ve learned to enhance it or tune it down with techniques I learned through meditation and reading dozens of books written by other psychics. But none of those books theorized about how or […]

A Brand New Year

I just love New Years. Not the New Year’s Eve celebration necessarily, but I do love the *fresh start* energy I get from myself and everyone around me, which inspires me to do a lot of things that I only do annually, one of which is to clear out anything and everything unwanted and unneeded […]