The weight of it – holy hormones!

   It has always amazed me just how much of our physical presentation, our emotional well-being, our motivations, our very perspective on life, depends on our hormone balance. I’ve seen female bodies transition to male, and male to female almost entirely through the addition of different hormones. I saw my mother suffer for more than […]

The weight of it. More weight.

So I was off to a good start, and I backslid.  Back to the beginning. This is sometimes how it goes with weight loss for me, especially when there are such weighty emotional issues behind every pound. Confronting your weight is like confronting a thousand little failures, and eating disorders are composed of that perspective […]

The weight of it.

Here’s how I handle emotional pain, primarily, and maybe a few of you can relate:  I totally eat my feelings.  I’ve been eating my feelings for the past two years.  I was just about ready to start taking off the bit of extra weight / baggage I’d gained in early 2014 when we got the […]

The Crazy Weight of it pt 3

I’ve been keeping you guys up on some of my health struggles, but I think we’ve had a bit of a breakthrough today. I’ve been more-or-less following the meal plan my nutritionist made up for me for eight weeks now, and can you guess how much weight I’ve lost? None. On top of that, I’ve […]

Chasing the chocolate dragon

All my prayers and love to my friends in Texas, particularly Houston, and my friends in Florida, those who have evacuated and those who are now picking up the pieces. *** This is more of a personal update. I posted on facebook last Saturday that I’d landed in the ER after a half-shift of work. […]

George: Divine Self-Love

EDIT July 2018: In retrospect, this was the peak of my struggle with my body and weight.  What I wrote here about tracking macronutrients with an app, attempting hit specific numbers of carbs, sugar, fat and protein, this *broke my brain* Around this time my surgeon had told me I should really lose weight before […]

Black Forest Cake from Heaven

Well folks, I’m ready for 2020, how about you? This past decade has been one of incredible transformative change for myself and my wife, but 2019 really topped this decade off with a bang.  In the past two weeks alone, we have experienced such intense contrast of simultaneous joy, stress, sadness, grief, and gratitude, which […]

Pushed from the nest!

It’s been an eventful week. On Tuesday I received an email, which felt to me like an earthquake: Hi Kate, I am sending you this email to let you know that (my husband) and I have given this considerable thought. We will be listing (your house) for sale. I’ll be giving (the realtor) your contact […]