About Kate


Here’s a brief “get to know ya” autobiography.

I started this blog in late 2011, just as I began to “come out” as psychic to my friends and family.  Prior to 2011, I was an avid student of animal communication, and all of my work was with animals.  All of my clients were word-of-mouth referrals.  I was kind of in the closet in my own town about being an animal communicator, and I was just getting brave enough to talk to “people spirits”.

Click here to see the very first post.

This blog basically follows my life.  For a good two years this blog was focused upon my own intuitive development, the interesting dead people I and my partner spoke with.  You can read all about it by sifting through the categories or going through chronologically using the archive menu.

In March 2013, I started guest blogging for Elisa Medhus, creator of channelingerik.com and author of “My Son and the Afterlife”  I am honoured to work with Elisa and her son Erik to channel some of these conversations on an ongoing basis.  To read all of my channeling erik contributions, select “Channeling Erik Guest Posts” from the category menu on the right side bar.

In August 2013, I decided to shift gears on this personal blog a bit in order to pursue another dream of mine: writing a book.  I worked on this for nearly six months, and you can find it by selecting “Book in Progress” from the category drop-down menu.

In January 2014, my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer, and that shifted my focus away from the book, which I do intend to come back to, (after all, what writer doesn’t have a novel in the works?)

Right now, my focus is on my family, and visiting them as often as possible.

By this time I was fortunate enough to have made many, many blog friends who are kind, supportive, chatty and generally pretty damn psychic themselves.  Sometimes the best content in this blog is in the comments, so don’t skip over them!  You readers make me feel so grateful and lucky, because it’s your engagement and feedback that keeps this little project going!

So there you have it!  I work part time in the local hospital.  I work part time doing animal communication and spirit readings.

I write almost as much as I breathe, so blogging seems like a good choice!

Thank you for reading my happy little blog.

~ Kate Sitka


13 thoughts on “About Kate

    • Thanks for the nomination, journeymaid. 🙂 I’m flattered, and thanks for continuing to read the blog. I’ll decline participation in passing it on and answering the survey… it’s all I can do to get time to cram in the things I intend to write about.


  1. Saturday July 27, 2013
    14:27hrs Ottawa, Canada

    Hi Kate!

    I just finished reading your entry on Pinky that was recommended by Elise Medhus of Casper (Erik Rune Medhus).

    Erik Rune Medhus returned to the Spirit Realm on October 6, 2009 and now communicates regularly with his mother.

    Elisa writes up Erik’s daily talks and shares them for others to learn about the Spirit Realm.

    I am a 5th Dimension human being now and have been given permission to photograph Spirit energy on a daily basis now.

    Casper (Erik Rune Medhus) loves to come in for photos along with my Spiritual self Dsus-Semiko (Arnold Vinette), my Spiritual soulmate Melody (Tani Shyrokova), my Spirit Group, and my Spirit Guides Prometheus, Sineous, Kasineous, Tranful and Decideus.

    There are other fun characters who also like to come in like Jesus (blue orb), Mars-Krptonite (red orb), Forest-Gatineau (green orb), a Meech-Lake (turqouise blue orb), and a lavender orb.

    From what I have learned:

    Jesus (blue orb) is responsible for the health and well being of all incarnating souls on Earth. Loves to dance and party! 🙂 LOL

    Mars-Kryptonite (red orb) is responsible for Earth systems. If there is a natural coming he will appear as a warning.

    Forest-Gatineau (green orb) is responsible for the health of the Gatineau forest around Meech Lake in Gatineau Park, Quebec. I have photographed two green orbs who share this responsibility.

    Meech-Lake (turquoise blue orb) is responsible for the health of Meech Lake. (just learned)

    Lavender Orb, brand new and have not learned yet her function.

    After the Lac Megantic train crash I had a surge of Spiritual energy and was able to photograph all of the souls from accident.

    Recently I have asked the souls from the Santiago Spain crash to appear. They came in yesterday at Meech Lake and at my dance club Le Bistro last night.

    I am using this new 5th Dimension capability to teach others about the existence of the Spirit Realm

    For fun if you are interested I would be curious if my Spirit Guides Prometheus, Sineous, Kasineous, Tranful, and Decideus would channel through you in addition to my Spiritual self Dsus-Semiko (Arnold vinette) and my Spiritual soulmate (Tani Shyrokova).

    I feel that I am on the right track now promoting the Spirit Realm, but would be curious if their is anything else I should be doing.

    I would also be curious if I have identified the color light orbs correctly and their functions.

    I have very limited mental telepathy capability, but communication does seem possible on a low level.

    Thank you for your stories, Kate.




  2. Hello Kate, I have following Elisa/Erik Medhus blog and also your blog. Thank you for your efforts. How do I get in touch with you regarding phone readings/communication ? Our feline companion recently crossed over.Thank you.


    • Hi Craig!

      I thought it was really interesting, some of it really resonated with me. If you use the blog search box you’ll find the posts where I’ve talked about it.

      It is a fun read 🙂

      What did you think?


  3. Hello Kate,

    I’ve been trying to find out more about the afterlife especially in regards to those who’ve committed suicide. I’ve had suicidal thoughts before over the course of my life and I’ve endured it this entire year. Part of me wants to quit and go find peace, and then I fear that I may not find peace because I quit, that I’ll be tormented instead of comforted, allowed to recoup before coming back or being reincarnated if that’s possible. I’m not able to talk to anyone I know about how I’m feeling and why because I fear judgment and having my thoughts dismissed as pointless or stupid. I’ve opened up a little before and this has happened. I thought maybe I could find help from beyond. I’m curious as to how channeling works and if I could learn to do it.



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