Awesome Books!

I created this page to help track the books that I recommend to friends, clients and blog readers.  These are all books that I have personally read and found useful, enjoyable and interesting.

It was getting cumbersome to post individual links to each book, so I set up an associate book store at  If you do decide to buy a book through this link, I get a very tiny commission (which will go towards future book purchases, and the cycle continues!)

The books are grouped into three categories to make browsing a bit easier.  Be sure to click on all the categories to see all of my suggested books!

You can check it out here:

Kate Sitka’s List of Awesome Books!

3 thoughts on “Awesome Books!

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  2. But what happened to the individual reviews you wrote for each book? I so appreciated your thoughts on them; I bought Linda Keen’s INTUITION MAGIC; I wdn’t have bought it without your commentary…


    • Hi Lisa – I posted a reply earlier, but it must’ve gotten lost in the Internet universe…

      I didn’t intend to delete those reviews, durn it. When I have time I will see if I can find an early draft and repost it.

      Going forward, I’ll set up a category for book reviews – I’ve mentioned a few in past posts.

      Thank you for mentioning this – I didn’t know the book reviews had ever influenced anyone to buy one of them :). I’m so glad it was Linda’s book too, the only author I know personally.

      Did you enjoy intuition magic? There is a sequel!


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