Bob Marley ~ Love will eclipse all.

Today’s post was channeled at 6:45 am this morning before work.  I just jotted the conversation down via automatic writing as it happened.  It’s *full* of spelling errors, but I don’t have time to edit/review today… please read kindly.

Hey Girl, what are we talkin’ about?

Meditation last night, about how love eclipses pain.

Ah Yes.  It is interesting you resisted that message for so long.

Yeah, I’m not sure why I resisted that, since it’s something I intuitively understood anyway.  I’ve certainly heard about it in enough places.  But it’s not easy to look at someone you dislike, or who wronged you and send them love.

Ah, that is the judgment on their actions.  If someone has done you wrong, you ask what teaching this brings into your life.  It is the judgement of “wrong” that causes the bad feelings.  The assessment that this *should not* have happened to you.  The resistance is where the pain is.  Peace is in acceptance.

What about the worst things?  The terrible violence or unjust tragedies people suffer in their lives?

Ah, unjust.  This is a new idea in our culture.  Just a few generations ago, there was less resistance, more acceptance, less emotional turmoil if not less heartache.  It used to be people accepted these things as the will of God, or The Gods, or ancestors had become angered.  This is not a better way of thinking, only a different way.  It was necessary to move beyond this way of thinking, and now you (the culture) has moved into a way of looking at the world as it should be.  As you believe it should be, your imagination of a world at peace.


This is very important.  Before anything can change, one must visualize change in their mind, se it in their inner eye, feel it with their astral (energetic) bodies.  Then you begin to manifest change in the world. 

This resistance to the space between where the world is in her transformation, and where you believe she *should be* is where a great deal of emotional pain is generated.

So we need to practice patience and acceptance?

Girl, I have seen these terrible things.  I would never tell a person oppressed to be patient and await change.  No!  I would tell them to resist!

But resistance causes even more pain.


So, sometimes suffering is worth it to change things in the long run?

Sometimes, we sacrifice our own comfort so that others may experience relief.

Are you talking about martyrs?

Yes.  I know how you feel about martyrs.

I feel sometimes people martyr themselves for their own reasons, and that the cause or people they’re trying to help could be furthered without such a sacrifice, and that sometimes people put themselves in a martyr’s position because they are afraid it is the only way to assure themselves they are on a good path; because only the truly virtuous are martyrs.  But sometimes it is not necessary to martyr yourself, and sometimes it is wrong to sacrifice yourself when things can be done another way.  Because you are just as important and precious and worthy of life as those you are trying to help.  And sometimes you can continue to help the world if you do not destroy yourself for a cause, or principle, or to try to save someone else.

Yes, and I see you noticed your judgement there.

I just did, my judgement in other people’s decision to sacrifice themselves or their happiness.  I do feel that happiness is precious, should be protected and shared.

And you are right, Girl.  The way to healing moves through many smiles and laughter.  (This said in great seriousness.) 

Yet, people must learn to make their own decision on what to sacrifice.  It is their own bodies, lives and learning. 

It’s true.  Is it alright to say something if I see this martyr pattern in someone’s life?

Absolutely.  When they come to you for help, it is your responsibility to reflect back to them the aspects of themselves which create their reality.  Not to do this would be deceptive.  And in doing this, sometimes, peoplewill see they deserve to be happy.  Like your sister.

(This is interesting because I have a spiritual sister as well as an incarnated, physical sister.  I asked which one he meant and he said both.)

So, I’m still confused.  Sometimes, acceptance instead of resistance reduces our experience of suffering.  Sometimes it is necessary to resist and embrace the pain of that resistance.  Sometimes it is appropriate to sacrifice yourself for others, and each individual must choose if this is the path of learning they require.

Yes.  There are many ways to Heaven. 

This reminds me of the conversation at Humanity yesterday:  we think of heaven as above, hell below, linear.  Some say the path to heaven is up or down, because everything is a circle.

Some explore the path to heaven through ascension in the higher vibrations, some move through suffering and the lower vibrations.  We always should help those suffering, when possible, for it assists us on our own journey as well as them of theirs.  It is important to realize there is more than one way Home.  In “Eat, Pray, Love” the Guru is quoted, “There are seven levels up to Heaven, or seven levels down.  I have been both ways.”

So have all of us.


The return to the Whole is always complete love, absolute acceptance for everything you know.  Be it pain and suffering, the joys and excitements of your life.  You understand, in the afterlife, the context of your suffering and excitement.  There is no “I’m sorry” in heaven.  There is no forgiveness, because all that happened… (I can’t find words for this concept.    It’s like he’s saying all that happened is, exists forever frozen in time, us apart from you, is part of the whole universe now, is given to god, is tied to everyone, is done, is past but not past because there is no time, no longer exists, but is honoured, as the concept exists because of your experience, is Holy.)

Damn, telepathic communication is challenging at times.  I’m sorry folks, it’s not always easy to wrap words around concepts dropped into my head.

The beautiful thing is that all our experience in life ends up (as described above).  Yet, LOVE Girl, LOVE is the only eternal emotion.  Everything else we inevitably leave behind.  Love will eclipse all, in the end, and so that is why love has the power to neutralize what bothers you on earth.

In the end?

We all came from (creator) our bodies are of the earth.  Our bodies return to the earth, our energies return to the source.  It is inevitable because there is no time, and so, we never left.


It is all a big circle, my sister.

I think my brain is melting.  Marley offers me a joint – Ha!  I don’t think that will make it better, my friend! 

I was only teasing, my girl.  And now, you are needed at work.

So I am. 

One more thing – please ask your readers to ask their questions.  I will try to clarify anything from this they do not understand.

Okay.  I will do my best to translate it. 

Be well, my girl!

So, I encourage you to post your questions for Marley in the comment field.  Please don’t be afraid to do so – I know only a brave few comment, but due to the magic of wordpress statistics, it seems I have somewhere between fifty and eighty readers a day.  So whatever you ask, I’m sure someone else was wondering the same thing and didn’t want to actually raise their hand. 

Ask away, my friends.  This offer, Marley says, does not expire.  Even if you find this post years after it was written, you can still post your question – you will receive an answer.

Marley – Signs & Synchronicities

Marley has quickly shown himself to be as skilled in creating signs and synchronicities as John. John is rather famous for creating a series of signs that people cannot ignore (he talks to a lot of people, and they do a lot of writing. Everyone I’ve read about so far has experienced a startling number of signs ranging from dreams, songs on the radio that follow you wherever you go, books flying off of store shelves and falling open to the one page where Lennon is quoted, etc.)

I particularly appreciate these signs, it’s one of the things that reminds me I’m not delusional. In my more insecure moments, I still wonder whether I am, perhaps, making all of this up. And then something will happen to reassure me my “invisible friends” are very much with me. I always get a little thrill when I ask John to play something for me on the radio, and without fail, within minutes, *something* associated with John or the Beatles is played.

George doesn’t really work like that. When I asked him, once, to play something for me, he said, “oh, that’s really more John’s thing,” and brought in John to do the legwork.

Kurt has *never* played Nirvana for us. It’s odd. I wonder what’s going on there… I should ask him. Oh ha! He hays it’s because I need exposure to other bands, types of music. Kurt is quite concerned about my hard rock / punk band education. It’s kind of funny – I’m 33 and just now “discovering” modern rock music.

Kurt has, on dozens of occasions, played a song that Sweetie recognizes as a sign, like, “Oh hey, that’s Foo Fighters. We were just talking about how the Nirvana drummer joined that band.”. Or, “That’s the Pixies! The one with the female bass player Kurt was talking about.” subtle things like that to confirm for us he’s listening to us, near us, with us. He sighs about me sometimes, as I’m still sobuneducated, music-wise, that I don’t recognize his signs unless Sweetie is around to point them out. Johns signs are usually knock-you-on-the-head obvious.

Well, Marley seems to be in a bit of competition with John in this respect.

The staff at Humanity are particularly open to John’s suggestions – while Sweetie was hanging out there, waiting for me to get off work, three times a different staff member stopped what was playing on the gallery playlist to play a single song from one of John’s albums.

Once I showed up at Humanity, I sat for a few minutes while Sweetie told me how many times John had his music played, I hear, “Listen!”. And the staff pulled out an old vinyl record of Bob Marley, and played the whole thing!

The last few days, it seems every time I walk into a grocery store or a coffee shop, one of Marley’s songs comes on the radio. It’s not unusual around here, with a population of three generations of hippies, still, the timing of the songs is telling. As I write this entry at 7 am in a coffee shop, Sunday morning, staff put on a whole CD of Marley’s music.

The real kicker came last night. Sweetie & I have been bemoaning the absence of really good coffee out here. (Sweetie is a master roaster with six years commercial experience, her coffee has won awards for the coffee shops who served it in Toronto.) We ran out of coffee yesterday and made a special trip to the store, where we found:


I think inlost my mind for a second there. Marley has his own line of coffee! This roastery is owned by his son! IT’S NAMED AFTER MARLEY’S SONGS AND DEDICATED TO HIS LIFE!

This coffee WAS NOT in the grocery store last week. The manager seems to have purchased two bags of each coffee in the line – I marched right up to the cash, raved about how wonderful the coffee is, please tell the manager to continue to carry it etc.

I’m drinking it right now.

Damn, Marley, you truly take the cake.

Bob Marley ~ Violence, and Ted Bundy

This morning, Marley came to visit me in the car.

“Good morning, Sweetness.  Do you remember our conversation last night?”

And then I did. 

I’ve become a fan of the Channeling Erik blog and check it several times a week.  The most recent series has been an interview with Ted Bundy, serial rapist and killer in his last incarnation.  You can read the entry here:

The interview was really interesting, and it made a lot of intuitive sense to me… but what was really fascinating was the comment conversations attached to the post.  Some people were really bucking against the idea that Ted had a “contract” and that the women he killed had agreed to participate in this scenario before they came into life, in order to provide a learning experience for other people on earth, since the whole thing was publicized.

People were saying things like,

  • “The God that I know would not have someone contract to kill others to experience feelings of death. Such B.S. This guy was of the Devil. And I can’t believe he is walking on any planes of Heaven. He needs to be in Hell and burned out of extinction.”
  • “Was one lesson awareness, protection and self defense ability? That the notion people should be free to go about their business without danger and fear is unrealistically Utopian? That we require such atrocious things to awaken?  Or was it all planned, offender and victim alike? I intensely dislike even considering the latter. I want to believe our souls are far better than this; we need never sign up for the receiving end of such treatment to gain benefit. Sure, a lot was learned but for Bundy to say all the experiences of his victims were felt during his review; was it all so one-sided that dozens of people crossed his putrid path just for his benefit?”
  • “It is similar to the Jack the Ripper channeling in that the ultimate lesson is there should be NO NEED for anyone to come and be evil. All we need is love, understanding and a connection with God. Bundy should not just be excused for what he did, though. But his incarnation points to the apathy of the masses, which causes suffering in itself. “
  • “What happened to him as a baby makes me completely heartsick. I am filled with grief and rage that that could happen to such a new and innocent life. God I hate life as a human! What good is anything if the innocent suffer.”
  • I think this one hit me hardest:  “i feel that mr bundy s actions show god’s justice maybe it was the karma of those women. maybe they accumulated negative karma .”

During meditation last night, Kurt, Marley & I talked about Ted Bundy, and we tied in some of my past life experiences, particularly the very worst memory I’ve faced.  As difficult as it was to look upon these events, it was vitally important for my understanding and progression through the complex processes of learning through incarnation.  Right after sifting through the events surrounding this memory, I progressed to the soul bubbles conversations, and I’ll explain how that happened.  But first, I need to tell you what happened, and I’ll do it as delicately as possible.  It is necessary that I share some of the details.

A couple of weeks ago, Kurt takes my hands in meditation and asks, “Are you ready?”  I nod.  Next moment, there I am, in a cheerleader’s uniform.  It’s red and white, my hair is blond, curled, in a high pony tail, my eyes are blue.  I’m in a beautiful convertible car with my boyfriend, who is handsome and wearing a high school football jacket.  I’m in love, and very happy.  Everything around me screams 1950s, the chrome on the car, the fashion, the shoes, the signs around us.  (That’s important.)

My body is full of adrenaline.  It was game night.  We’re seniors, and off in his car celebrating.  I’m certain he’ll propose soon, though I don’t care if it’s tonight.  Tonight, we’re flying high on victory.  I decide tonight’s the night, and we have sex in his beautiful car.  I am content and happy.

Afterwards, my boyfriend is supposed to drive me home.  He doesn’t.  Instead, we go to an industrial area, like a large warehouse or a military hanger.  He says he wants to show me something.  I trust him, I’m still having a good time.

We go into the building and the rest of the football team walks out.  And then I understand, although I don’t want to believe.  No, he could not have done this to me.

The night ends with this cheerleader’s death.  It was accidental asphyxiation.  It takes me several meditations to be able to really look at what happened that night, and it’s tough for me to write about it now.   God, even looking at red cadillacs gets me shaky.

The first time I looked at this experience, when I came back to my logical brain, I thought, “Wait a minute.  That was the 50s in the deep south.  I was incarnated at this time in my previous life as my father’s grandmother in Germany.  How is this possible?”

And then George begins to show me how we’re not restricted to one soul, one body, one linear time experience.  At first, he showed this to me as my soul leaving my body in Germany, and entering the body of the cheerleader so that her spirit could go to heaven before any of this happened.  (This explanation has evolved as my understanding of soul bubbles expands.) 

She was a gentle spirit, she had lived a sheltered and innocent life.  She had not experienced many incarnations on this plane.  This was part of the horror of her death, that such a terrible thing could happen to someone so untouched by life’s tragedies.  For the people who knew her, they thought the experience must surely have destroyed her soul.

George explains to me that for that soul, it would have been a very long time in healing.  Her soul’s past life history contained no suffering of this type, which is why she was such an attractive person – she radiated light and love.  She only saw the good in people.  She had no concept of evil or ill-will.  This lesson was not one her soul required.

And yet, Kurt takes me above the experience the impact of this event upon the community, how it rippled outward over decades.

This was before DNA testing.  None of the young men involved in the death of this woman was caught.  Her body was found abandoned out of town, and an innocent man was convicted and executed for the crime.  He had a wife and a daughter.  Two of the guilty men (there were 12) committed suicide within 10 years.  They had wives and children who were affected.  One went on to become a serial killer (no it wasn’t Ted.)  Hundreds of people’s lives impacted there.  In observing the lives of the other nine men – several died of heart problems at a young age, due to the spiritual damage they inflicted upon themselves, which reflected in their physical bodies.  One lived to be 90 and never forgot his crime.  He came to accept responsibility for his part in that night shortly before his own death, and he entered heaven a truly humble soul.  Their experience was to live as guilty men. 

My part in the experience was to relieve the soul of the cheerleader the experience of this death in her own soul’s history.  Last night, George showed me how my soul bubble surrounded hers within her body during the experience, and so my soul absorbed the trauma.

That first night of looking upon this experience, I asked Kurt in horror, “Why?  Why would I go out of my way, leave a current incarnation just to absorb yet another rape experience?”  Kurt answers me by sharing a concept, which I will translate into my own words:

You have the capacity to absorb the trauma without harming the integrity of your soul experience.  By the very nature of your accumulated experience, you had the capability of relieving this soul of the heaviest burden of her chosen incarnation.  You returned to your body in Germany after eight hours and fell immediately ill. 

You lay in bed with fever and delirium for twelve days after this experience.  The fever processed the experience, and you returned to your life after that.  Had the original cheerleader’s soul  absorbed the trauma, she would have spent a long time in healing.  As a result of you stepping in, she was able to immediately progress her learning upon her arrival in Heaven.  She was not delayed by trauma.  And this last experience of violence reinforced your incredible spiritual strength.  He shows me a black, volcanic bolder that has absorbed the sun’s rays for many thousands of years, and become charged by its energy.

This is what brings me to post about this experience, in response to the Ted Bundy interview, and the subsequent comments.  Look at his impact upon the world from above, how its effects ripple outward; even now, these events are sparking a spiritual discussion and facilitating learning.

And perhaps the women involved were not being punished for having negative karma.  I don’t believe karma works that way.  Perhaps the suffering of the innocent is more complex, there’s something else there than simply a wrong and horrible event.  Perhaps even, the soul experience of the trauma inflicted upon the women by Ted was not absorbed by the same soul bubble that occupied their bodies prior to their violent deaths.  Perhaps some other soul moved in to spare them that, and to learn from it in their own way.

Understanding how one soul can absorb a particular experience from another body’s life progressed to our conversation about Soul Bubbles.  I never would have gotten there if I hadn’t been shown this memory.

Life is so much more than meets the eye.  We may never in this life understand the impact we have upon the world.


As I was puttering around household chores last night, Marley and I chatted amicably.  We talked for a while about feminism.  He said, “I believed, in life, in the sacredness of a woman’s body.  But I did not understand a woman’s experience – I believed I knew, but I understand now, I did not.  That was an expression of my ignorance, my blindness to a woman’s path.”  Then he said, “I almost never cleaned.”  I laughed.

This reminded me of something John said in life (I’m paraphrasing from memory here): When you’re a rock star, everything you do is met with cheers.  You can do the smallest thing and it’s wonderful.  When I am at home with my son, I work all day making this damn bread for dinner, and what do they do?  THEY EAT IT!  I’m lucky if I get a thank you!  No one offers to knight you for all your hard work. 

I always thought that was funny.

I asked Marley & Kurt last night why all of the musicians coming in to talk to me have been male.  In fact, most of my spirit friends are male, including my life-long guide.  Marley replied, “Because the male energy balances with your experience.”  Is it because I’m gay?  Do I have a male energy within that expresses as a gay woman?  He sends me the feeling Sort of and says, “It is not about sexual expression.  Look at the people in your life, the energy that surrounds you.”  I was reminded of John’s delighted observation, “You’re just surrounded by pretty girls, all day long!”  Marley continues, “Your spiritual learning must be in balance with your daily living.  You are surrounded by pretty girls by day, and handsome men by night!”  He throws his head back in laughter.

I do observe this settling affect when I’m talking with “the guys” as I’ve begun to think of them.  There is something calming, balancing about their male energies.  I see his point.  I ask about Sweetie, who has a female spirit guide and a whole female council / sisterhood surrounding and supporting her.  What about her balance?

“We are each given the balancing we require,” Marley chuckles.  Sweetie benefits from the feminine energies.  She needs them, in addition to her male spirit friends.

Marley begins to talk about the male experience on earth, building upon the things Kurt reflected about our culture while he was alive.

The male experience has been one of isolation, ignorance.  You may point to individual monsters like Ted Bundy.  Look from above the earth, look at the collective influence of the male culture.  See how this suffering experienced in the world could not be, if those perpetuating the suffering could experience empathy with those they affect.

The new male experience will be one of empathy.  This is the mantle on the shoulders of male children born into this time.  They will bear this well, they are heaven’s nobility.  Only the strongest incarnate on this plane, now.

This is the change you are seeing with your students (half of my students are male.)  You see how those men in your class are so open, empathetically, to the male impact upon the world, how they feel they must carry the burden of the male influence of the past.  This is the same how many white people feel they must carry the burden of the crimes inflicted upon the world by whites.  (He shows me immigration, land theft, slavery of black people and first nations’ people, oppression of the very poor by the very rich.  This is what I like to call “The Great White Guilt”.) 

You carry the burden of genetic memory, being white, and the burden of (shows me WWII) as your family was on both sides of the war.  (True, my mother’s family includes pilots who dropped bombs upon the city where my father’s parents lived.  My paternal grandfather was a member of the Hitler youth, and to this day carries a great pride in Germany.  Further back in our family tree are Vikings, notorious invaders.  My father takes great pride in his Viking heritage.)

Your responsibility, as you carry your burdens through life, is to contribute to the re-balancing of the earth.  This is why you take up this thread in the great tapestry of the planet’s ever-weaving history.  (This was all shown to me visually, so I’m paraphrasing.  It’s also meant to show criss-crossing timelines, history changing.)

It is also understanding, while you stand in privilege in this life, you bent under oppression in your past.  (He refers to another past life memory of mine being a black woman aboard a slaver’s ship, sick, shackled to a long chain that was attached to an anchor and thrown overboard.)

The burden of being born male, and shouldering the history of many thousands of years of imbalance between the male and female expressions on this earth, is so heavy some men coming into life may feel they will be crushed.  You will see a great shift in the culture of men.

(The rest of this is shown in feelings and “knowledge drop”) 

Be kind to each other.  Help each other.  Know this change is to restore balance to the earth, and not to shift the power balance to women in the manner men held this power for centuries.  This will be difficult for many people, male or female.

Last night, Sweetie asked Marley what he thought of Jamaica now, specifically the political oppression, the violence.  Marley replies by passing me whole concepts, which I’ll attempt to wrap in words:

Jamaica, like the whole world, is experiencing the violence of extreme poverty.  Poverty is a terrible form of violence.  Being poor is different than being oppressed in poverty.  It is the oppression of the spirit that is the violence.  Jamaica is no different than many other countries.

“Does the Rastafarian movement still have momentum in Jamaica?”

It is difficult for the people of Jamaica to become spiritual in this way (he shows me opening heart and mind chakras) when you are experiencing the cultural violence of poverty.  The Rastafarian way is gaining momentum in Amsterdam (laughs!) Australia, North America.  Some other parts of the world.  It is very small, and many people misinterpret the intent.

Well, Bob, how can we wrap up this entry?

How about with my song?  (I googled “Bob Marley Songs” and this one came up)

Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta
There was a buffalo soldier in the heart of America
Stolen from Africa, brought to America
Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival

I mean it when I analyze the stench
To me it makes a lot of sense
How the dreadlock rasta was the buffalo soldier
And he was taken from Africa, brought to America
Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival

Said he was a buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta
Buffalo soldier in the heart of America

If you know your history
Then you would know where you’re coming from
Then you wouldn’t have to ask me
Who the ‘eck do I think I am

I’m just a buffalo soldier in the heart of America
Stolen from Africa, brought to America
Said he was fighting on arrival, fighting for survival
Said he was a buffalo soldier, win the war for America

Dreadie, woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy

Buffalo soldier troddin’ through the land, wo-ho-ooh
Said he wanna ran and then you wanna hand
Troddin’ through the land, yea-hea, yea-ea

Said he was a buffalo soldier, win the war for America
Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta
Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival
Driven from the mainland to the heart of the Caribbean

Singing, woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy

Troddin’ through San Juan in the arms of America
Troddin’ through Jamaica, a buffalo soldier
Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival
Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta


Bob Marley & Mary Jane


I know several people in real life named “Bob” so when I think and write about Bob Marley, I’ll sometimes just call him Marley. 

(I asked him what he thought of the book and movie “Marley & Me” with the out-of-control lab named after him; he replied “The dog is a free spirit, just like me!  Anything that makes people laugh, is fine with me.  The dog opens people’s hearts, this is a beautiful thing.  I am glad my name plays a part.”)

I can’t help but compare personalities when a new spirit friend settles into our life, so my friends, please forgive me for contrasting your attributes as you relate to us through your most recent past-life expression.

John, such a charmer, so charismatic, so intense, sensual even, yet vulnerable, open, occasionally needy and seeking reassurance.  He’s also our favourite prankster, keen to brighten our day with a sign, synchronicity, whispered joke or physical  humour.  John’s personality doesn’t seem to vary a lot when I relate to him as John Lennon. 

Neither does George, who has always come through to me as calm, consistent, respectful, tolerant, bemused-without-patronizing.  It seems in his last life he always had this sense of being detached from his physical experience, and so being in spirit form is so natural to him.  He’s just plugged right into the heart of the universe and seems keen to distance himself from the human flaws of his past incarnation.

Kurt’s personality varies so much depending on what we’re communicating.  Sometimes he comes through as a young teenager, enthusiastic, full of immature humour (my favourite kind) strength, guts, nerve.  This young Kurt pushes us past our comfort zone, dares us to consider ticking people off, or at least to not allow fear to control our actions.  He helps us to expand the limitations we place upon ourselves.

Kurt can seem like several different people at times, even though it’s the same spirit and the same past-life expression to which we relate.  Sometimes Kurt the jaded rocker comes through.  Sarcastic, cynical, quick to call bullshit and reflect the wrongs in the world.  The Kurt who accompanies me on my meditative lessons is calm, stoic, watchful, protective.  It seems he sets all other aspects of his personality aside when in “teacher mode” and becomes exactly the companion I require on these challenging and sometimes scary journeys into past lives and universal concepts.

And Bob.  The first thing I see about Marley, is his smile and his laugh.  I had to really do some searching to find pictures of Kurt honestly and openly laughing.  John’s online store of laughing photographs are mostly from his early Beatle days, before huge fame, extreme stress, over-indulgence in certain drugs and the “india shits” took their toll.  It’s not that easy to find pictures of John Lennon in the late 70s laughing.  (But there is a great series of John & Yoko in the nude.)

Marley it seems is always smiling.  It looks like there are hundreds, maybe thousands of images out there with his warm laughter dancing through.  I’ve had “Is this love?” in my head all morning – I had to look it up to confirm it was one of his songs.  He seems delighted that I have to check.  Everything I do seems to delight Bob Marley.  Every thought in my head is cause for positive response from him, even if it’s just to send me love.  Is this love, is this love, is this love that I’m feelin?


So what do you do when you sit down to a conversation with Bob Marley?  You ask him about pot, of course! 

Bob, what would you like to tell the blog-o-verse about weed?

Oh, I think they know how I feel about it!  (laughs)

I show him the contrast between worried parents thinking “gateway drug”, me, discovering pot in my twenties, Sweetie’s ex-boyfriend, a wake-n-bake stoner who can’t seem to get anything done.  I throw all this in the form of a question at Marley. 

His reply is first one of acceptance, utterly free of judgment.  No one in this scenario I’ve put to him is wrong.  Parents of course are concerned for their children.  It is their job to protect them and instill within them the inner parent so the children can grow to care for themselves.

Children grow up to discover new limits for themselves.  And adults who use the plant to cope with their lives, well, it’s a difficult life sometimes.  We take medication to quell the pain of a headache, there are those who medicate with the holy plant, in search of relief of pain and fear, and the heartache of separation from God.  To look upon them harshly does disservice to our own compassion, our own humanity.  Reach out in kindness instead, to help ease their journey, if you can.  If they will take your hand.  They may sit and smoke instead, and then there is nothing you can do.

For an instant, I see Salvador Dali, in his opium den, hooka coiled in front of him like a hypnotic snake, the room warped and hazy with smoke and bent realities.  (Sweetie knew Dali in her last life, more on that some other time.)

The plant, it can be so much more than this.  It can open your heart.  It can expand your mind. (Here he shows me the heart chakra and the third eye becoming charged and growing larger.)  It can ease the limitations and pressure upon your mind, allow you to lay down your burdens (worries and energy or knowledge blocks) to allow the love to flow from Heaven.


Hey, my Girl, are you going to write what I am telling you?  (He sees my hesitancy and tendency to want to vet some of this, my own worry of what current and future readers will think of this blog entry.  Thank you Bob, I’m reminded to be right here in the moment, and just let the information flow.)


Now.  The thing about the plant now a days, is that it has been altered so much from its natural form.  If you take an unhealthy, unbalanced plant into your body, you will have an unhealthy, unbalanced experience.  For this reason, I grew my own plants.

Nature has given us many gifts.  Humanity may try to improve them, and so they reflect only that they see themselves as imperfect.  Nature makes no imperfect things.   

It is fitting there is such fear of this humble plant.  There is such fear of beautiful things on earth.  It is the contrast which we incarnate to experience.  It is the learning to discover the balance in all things for yourself.  If you do not know imbalance, you never know true equilibrium.  It is your snowflake, frozen in time, forever, it has no meaning!  Only through change, transformation, does God take form.  On Earth.  In all of us. 

The plant, it only helps you to see these things and understand; to move past the deepest pain which every human being experiences – our separateness.  This is why I come to you now.  (He shows me the bubbles.  I think George called Marley in after that conversation.)

Bob, are you telling me I should smoke some more weed?

(laughs!)  Ah, my Girl, you do not need it.  (He shows me meditating and I understand that this practice accomplishes the same thing for me.)  Although, it is good for you when you are so tired.  (He’s referring to the burned-out, flu-ridden, stressed out Toronto Kate of five years past.)  Your body takes in too much of this, (shows me the part of the plant that makes me sleepy) and it takes a day for you to get back.  (Shows me feeling alert after a good rest.)   

Have you ever told people they should smoke pot, or more than they already do?

Of course I do!  Put down the bottle, mon!  Quit hitting your woman, take up the plant!  Set aside your anger, your unhappiness, reach out for peace instead of creating more pain.  Yes, I have told men these things.  I see someone in pain, I gave them (shows me handing a deeply depressed, under-weight woman a joint.)  It is not the answer to problems, it is a new way of seeing them.   

The way you have seen this plant use, it is not my way.  Our way (is this the Rastafarian way?  Yes.) We gather together, we share the plant, we share our hearts, our laughter, our love.  We close our eyes and share our journeys.  We open our hearts to each other in complete love and acceptance.  We grow closer than brothers and sisters in this practice.  If only this culture could replace the tradition of judgment and hatred.  (shows me a preacher pounding his podium in harsh denunciation of some “sin”, shows me holy wars, shows me motherless children, shows me mothers insane with grief over their murdered children – that last one gets me and tears spring up.) 

If only this way of peace and joining together could replace these traditions of war.  It’s only a plant my dear.  It’s only a way to love.

 And there are so many ways to love.

Bob Marley ~ Hope

A little exerpt from the conversation between Bob & I this afternoon, (you know, in-between horrifying him with speculums.)  I sense this message is for more than just me, and so I post it for you, my dear readers, to take into your heart:

You are bringing hope to people.  It is so important to bring hope back into the world.  You can rage against the sadness, only for so long.  (He indicates Kurt’s life.) 

Joy, my sistah, hope; experience the essence of humanity.  That is what you bring to the world.  It is more sacred than you think.  You may never in this life understand the impact you have upon the world.

The Bob Marley – John Lennon Connection

So recently, Bob Marley’s been coming to visit me.  Wonderful soul, beautiful man, fabulous voice that ressonates on a lot of levels.

I asked him if he’d be cool with doing a group discussion with a few of the students from the intuitive development class, and he is, so, yay!  I’ll post about that when it happens.

This should be interesting.  As with John & Kurt (prior to our conversations) I basically know nothing about Bob Marley.  I hear one of his songs in my head now, but not the words, just the beat, the instruments, the notes of his voice.  He’s coming through quite strongly.

I was scrolling through the channelling erik archives, and lookee, she’s already done a Bob Marley interview.  Part of me resists reading it before I’ve built a relationship with Bob on my own, but the curious part of me already read the first two parts.  Oops.  🙂

In the very first post, Bob talks about the reincarnation of Jesus.  I shit you not.

In one of the first comments, a woman talks about John Lennon coming to her in a dream, to talk about how he continues to help people write music.

Something’s going on here, people.   There’s a Bob Marley connection.  Let’s find out more, shall we?