CE: Frankie Say Relax

Here’s this week’s CE post:  http://www.channelingerik.com/frankie-say-relax/

I’ve already gotten a few emails from people telling me they especially enjoyed this one.  Thank you all, I really appreciate the feedback!

Just for funzies, here’s the Alice Cooper song Erik’s referencing:

And here’s En Vogue’s “Free your mind”.  Now imagine them layered over each other.  It’s a cool sound!

Ohhhhhh. Another CE connection

So right after that last post, Erik was like, “Look up gun control on CE.” So I did, and found this:


It’s a similar conversation that Erik had with Jamie & Elisa. As I’ve said before, I don’t read the other CE posts in general because I don’t want my own opinions / ideas about what he’s said in the past to others to influence our conversations. I think that helps to keep in interesting for both of us, since Erik usually has to start explaining a concept from scratch with me before he can take it to the next level – he’s got to get me up to speed. An Erik de-briefing, if you will.

Yes, savour that imagery.

Channeling Erik Update!

Okay, so there are TWO Channeling Erik posts to update:

This one:


And this one:


The title “Little Hitlers” didn’t come until right before I sent it to Elisa. The image for it was a whole bunch of cartoon mini Hitler smurfs. It was one of the weirdest images Erik’s given me so far, including the icing-in-the-butt thing.


CE: Amped!

Woah! This week’s Channeling Erik post is up early!


I’m enjoying that my post is right beside one titled “Gays in Heaven”

I won’t get into the visuals that phrase inspires!

Gosh, I have to say I’m not a fan of the term “gays”, nor any term that takes a descriptor and makes it a category: disabled, suicides, addicts etc. it’s taking one aspect of a person and is defining their whole person by that one trait.

My sister is not a disabled or handicapped. She is a person with a disability. My friend is not an addict nor a druggie, he is a person with an addiction. I am not a gay, I am a woman who lives with another woman.

You see what I’m sayin’? One thing, even if its a big thing – it doesn’t define all you are. It sure doesn’t separate you from anyone else after you die, either.

This is why some folks say, “labels ate for soup cans.”