Andrea & Kate on a new episode of The Joyful Telepathy Podcast!

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Hello friends!  Happy New Year!

I have a new episode of The Joyful Telepathy Podcast for you today!

We pick up our theme of discussing smudging and other ways we could potentially be *harming ourselves and others* through our spiritual practice – this is a *must-listen* for everyone who uses this popular energy clearing technique!  My good friend Andrea Sexton Dumas has come on the podcast to discuss it with us!  If you check out her website, you’ll see she also clears homes professionally!  Here’s her bio:

Andrea Sexton Dumas, MA, CCHT is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, highly sensitive person, entrepreneur and digital preservationist based in the Oakland-SF Bay Area of Northern California (traditional land of the Ohlone). 

You can connect with Andrea directly at


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Happy New Year – and Happy Listening!


Dr. Lana is in the house!!!

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My Friends!  It is with great pride and joy that I give you my conversation with Dr. Lana!

Dr. Lana  is herself a psychic-medium AND she holds a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology.  She is currently serving as  a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Clinical Psychology.

Suffice to say, Dr. Lana is straight up overqualified to speak on cultural appropriation, and I’m SO grateful she was happy to have this conversation with me, and help me to tackle some of the *crazy* feedback I received on my original post and video.

You may recall, last May I wrote this blog post, and later posted this video, entitled “Why I No Longer Smudge.”

I knew I’d get some push-back from it, and I was STILL surprised at how much I received, and what these folks had the nerve to say!  Well, Dr. Lana is helping me to tackle the spackle in our two-part conversation, posted on the Joyful Telepathy Podcast!

Part 1 has been posted, and Part 2 will come out NEXT TUESDAY!

I shall attempt to embed the player here:


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Plug in, sit back, and chuckle along with us as Dr. Lana and I bring lightness and brevity to the HEAVY spiritual topics that FEW MEDIUMS DARE TO ADDRESS such as Spiritual Bypassing, Cultural Appropriation, and our response to the comments such as, “I was a ______ in my past life, so I am allowed to use it!”

Stop reading!  Go listen now!

Have you listened yet?  If you have, here is some bonus material!  Because Dr. Lana is a fabulous academic, she has provided us with some further reading material, which I have uploaded here:

Principles of Inner Work – Psychological and Spiritual

Nothing Comes From Nowhere

From Cultural Exchange to Transculturation


Tune in Tuesday Dec 11th for PART TWO of our conversation!

And PLEASE feel free to leave your honest and respectful comments and questions here!  It’s okay to not know things – we are all a work in progress and we come from all different life experiences, all that I ask is that you extend your empathy and respect towards others, and observe your own reactions thoughtfully.

Just listening to this episode and *thinking* about these issues is GOOD WORK!  Thank you so much for joining us!

Ep. 70 ~ Freddie Mercury Afterlife Interview!

Freddie Mercury

Hey everyone!  It’s Freddie Mercury!

When a documentary popped up on YouTube shortly after the ad for the new movie, Queen, I clicked.  My wife and I watched together, and before long, I was talking to Freddie Mercury!

I decided to run upstairs and grab my MP3 recorder, so that we could capture this conversation.

Here, my friends, is our conversation with the late, great, Freddie Mercury!


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Ep. 66 ~ Talking to Animals 101 with Jessica

Hey Everyone!  The fabulous Jen will be posting an episode update to the blog from now on, whenever I publish to the podcast.

Welcome to the blog, JEN!  Here we go:

Kate Sitka ep 66
Ep. 66 ~ Talking to Animals 101 with Jessica

The animal communication discussion in this episode was inspired by an email with questions from Kate’s guest Jessica

Kate is back after a couple of months recovering from surgery

Kate is working on creating an intuitive development course

Animal communication is a skill that needs to be developed to be used in a healthy way

When you live on an intuitive and telepathic level, the work can sometimes feel overwhelming

It’s your interest and your love that ultimately makes the communication connection

Figure out what your strengths are and operate within them

Set boundaries and verbalize them to defend your energy

You have the freedom to decide how you’re going to engage in the world

Give yourself permission to take care of yourself

People with trauma in their own backgrounds often relate more to animal suffering than typical people relate

Your health is vital to do this work in the long run

Validating your right to have boundaries is not an unplugging of your empathy

Know your own operating capacity and honor it

Be aware of where you live because energy travels down

Taking a small action when we receive an energetic cue creates motion

We are responsible for doing OUR best, and our best involves taking care of our selves because it’s a long game.

Water amplifies and bathtubs physically ground us

Get grounded, set boundaries, and get psychic protection in place before turning up the dial on psychic development

The volume of your sensitivity will increase over time as you establish a safe environment

As a skilled practitioner, you also need to be able to turn the volume down

We are not meant to abandon or intellect in order to develop our intuition

Understand that teachers are not superior people. Don’t exercise blind faith.

Telepathic communication is not something you do with an effort. It happens spontaneously when you get out of the way.

A meditation practice helps create space in our life for development to occur

Kate shares her technique to  initiate transmissions

There are six different ways we can receive information

It’s important to define your own ethical practice

Random acts of kindness are an opportunity to communicate telepathically with people

Email your  questions to Kate at

Books Mentioned

Clear Your Clutter with Fung Shway by Karen Kingston

Choosing Energy Therapy: A Practical Guide to Healing Options for People and Animals by Wanda Buckner


Kate Sitka is an Animal Communicator & Spirit Medium located in Tofino, BC.

 Learn all about her work and her services at .

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Ep. 66 ~ Talking to Animals 101 with Jessica

Ep. 47 ~ The very worst haunting ever.

2016-05-17 andrea's ghost stories 2

Part TWO is out!  Remember, at the end of last week’s episode, how Andrea said “It gets worse”?

Now you can find out how.  This is the very worst haunting experience I’ve ever heard, and I have no doubt it’s true.  Because of the crazy-scary nature of the story, including the violent assault, I think this kind of story generally isn’t told at all.  For most people, sharing a “haunting” story is strange and vulnerable enough, without sharing these details.

Trigger Warning: If you don’t want to hear about the violent assault of this negative entity, you can skip forward eleven minutes.  





New Episode PLUS! Other new stuff!

I’ve been a bit tardy in cross-posting this past week’s new podcast episode, Spiritual Food for the Soul.  It *did* go up on time, thanks to my lovely audio assistant, Jenn Edds, but I just didn’t tell YOU, lovely blog readers!

That’s because I’ve been distracted by some amazingly cool stuff that’s been happening behind the scenes, and last week I was completely thrilled to have Jessica Kupferman rave on her podcast, about her session with me.  I clipped that audio and posted it in my testimonials section.  Have a listen and please celebrate with me!!!


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I think what I’ll do for you folks that prefer to listen to it on the website, is I’ll create an email list that automatically sends you an email when a new episode is posted.  I’ll get that organized in the coming months.

Now, the update:

Folks, I’ve been busy actually implementing some of the things which Jess and Elsie of She Podcasts have suggested I do, to help grow the blog and the podcast.  You see, I haven’t paid much attention to how I’m “supposed” to do this blogging thing, because we’ve done really well so far, haven’t we?  It’s been FIVE YEARS since I started this blog, and look at all the amazing people I’ve connected with!  There are more of you than are commenting publicly who have intense spiritual experiences with your personal guides and / or celebrity ghosts, and as rational people, you felt you were letting your imagination run away a bit.  And then you found this blog, and learned *maybe* you’re not crazy.  Maybe you’re just psychic, or intuitive, or have *something real* going on, and not just imagination.  So this wonderful blog has brought us all together.

And how do I begin to sum up the Channeling Erik connection?  I can’t sum it up.  Elisa and all you wonderful people who’ve come over from the Channeling Erik blog are a delight and an honour to know.  Thank you.  If the Vancouver Channeling Erik event happens at the end of September, I will probably be there.

So yeah, I think we’re doing pretty well, here in blogland.  But I want to do better.  Do you know why?  Because every once in a while I get emails from people wondering how in the hell they haven’t heard of me before now, wishing they’d found my blog or podcast sooner.  I know why my blog isn’t as visible as it could be – because I don’t post every day.  I *can’t* post every day, I just don’t have the time or the sheer energy to post with the frequency and consistency necessary to make a blog highly visible, like Elisa Medhus has done.

But do you know what I am working on?  The podcast.  That’s my little creativity and business project this year, and I think I’m doing really well.  On Monday the 4th I have recorded yet ANOTHER ghost stories podcast episode, with another hospital friend of mine, and she has some really amazing experiences to share.  I’m really looking forward to posting that one soon.

I’m also learning how to actually *use* twitter a bit better.  I have nearly 5,000 followers – holy crow!  Some of you readers FOUND ME on twitter!  How cool is that?  I need to make the twitter thing work a bit better for me, so that I can reach more people, so while I’m working on that stuff, I’m *not* blogging.  While I’m working on the podcast, I’m *not* blogging!  So it might look a little quiet around here, even though it’s busier than ever!

If you ARE wondering what I’m up to, you can scroll down on this page and look at the left hand column (if you’re on your iphone you will have to scroll to the end of the page).  You’ll see a live stream of my tweets and facebook updates.  When I’m feeling like I need a bit of recreation, I tend to hop on to facebook, twitter and instagram, so when the blog is quiet, as happens every once in a while, you can always scroll down or hop over to your favourite social media platform and see what’s going on there.  You can always send me a joke involving puns, I can never get enough of those!

So without further ado, here is last week’s podcast episode:

42 spiritual food

Did you know that everything has a resonance?  Everything.  From the boxed chicken fingers I was living off of last year, to the fresh lettuce grown in my back yard!

So how does all this affect our bodies, and how can you experiment with the energy resonance of food to help tune your own psychic radio?  That’s what this episode is all about!

There is even a Bonus track! Elsie Escobar & Jessica Kupferman get effusive about MY PODCAST!  Clip is at the end of this episode!  Hear the original She Podcasts Episode 88  (You can also hear Elsie’s clip on the Testimonials page of my website, look to the right column under Podcast Praise.)


Ep 41. Too Soon After Death?

2016-03-15 too soon cover


How long should you wait after your loved one crosses over to consult a medium?

Is there a rule? Why should you wait at all???


In this episode, I dare to contradict some common rhetoric from other mediums, drawing on my experience with animal and people spirits.


I hope you enjoy it!


Oh – and here is the photo of the bird I saw!  It’s a cattle egret, native to the southers US and Hawaii – about 3,000 miles away from me!  He dropped down right in front of me as I was talking about signs from loved ones.


Hi Mom!



Ep. 38 – Real Life Demons!

2016-02-06 podcast cover


Kate has been keeping this one under her hat for a couple of years – we’re talking REAL LIFE DEMONS!  

Yep, we’re not kidding!  We are talking real life, incarnated destructive people.  We have all dealt with them, and we’ve certainly asked ourselves, “What is the point of such evil in the world?”
What are they doing in our lives?  Why do they behave this way?  Why are they incarnated as regular human beings?

And most importantly, what can we do about it???

Ep. 35 Soul Orientation!

35 soul orientation v2

Two new iTunes reviews (I think! Did I read Elizabeth’s last time?  I don’t think so…) Thanks guys!!!

We do a quick update on my animals, Happy the Dog and Sunshine the Cat: how are they now?

Soul Orientation: if a human spends a lifetime as a tiger, which oversoul is in charge?  The human oversoul or the tiger oversoul?  Thank you to Bruce for this question!
This, and more reincarnation musings!  PLUS! 
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