Ep: Quickie! How do animals tell time???

Quickie Episode-


This quickie episode was inspired by a question on my facebook page.  It’s a great question, and the answer includes helping us to communicate time to our pets, as in, “Other Mom is coming home after three dark nights!”

This is a practical one, and a quickie!  If you’re curious why it’s so quick, please see the previous blog post.  😉

Love to you all!

Ep. 23 Crystals Entities and Consciousness


candis' crystals

Beautiful Crystal Mandala, created by Candis

 Joyful Telepathy Podcast Episode 23

23 crystals entities consciousness small


And look, I’m on Stitcher!  Now it’s easy for android users to subscribe to the feed!

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We pick up where we left off with Episode #22, talking about crystals, entities and clarifying the resources I mentioned last week.

The lovely Candis, crystal queen facebook messaged me while recording the podcast and talking about her!  We definitely live on the same frequency!  
The blog entry on levels of consciousness:
The Book of Stones:
Entity Possession:
Candis is in the progress of updating her Etsy store, stay tuned for that link!

Ep. 22 More messages from Birdies!

2014-10 chipmunk with nuts kate sitka psychic

I am taking a deep breath in and gathering up all my nuts after our trip to Ontario, so this week is going to be all about catching up, catching my breath and getting organized for the next thing.

Last Tuesday, subscribers of the podcast will have noticed the latest podcast episode, More Messages from Birdies!  This week’s messages from the birdies was about protection from entities, recurring dreams vs. parallel realities and how fear of insects can really work in your favour for intuitive development.

The previous Tuesday, blog readers will have noticed that I was a Guest on Bob Tarte’s podcast!  

But subscribers might have missed that, because I didn’t post anything about it in the actual podcast feed.  So this week is all about getting my ducks in a row and making sure everyone has heard all the content produced in the last crazy few weeks!  Today’s post on the podcast feed is a little update and thank you directing subscribers over to Bob’s podcast.

And if you’re already caught up on all the podcasts because you’re a blog reader AND a podcast subscriber, THANK YOU!  You’re a super-duper fan, and you’re awesome!


Kate on Bob Tarte’s Podcast!


(Bob Tarte talking with a Turkey)

WOO HOO! Bob Tarte recently had me on his Pet Life Radio network show “What Were You Thinking?”

A common phrase heard by us animal nuts!

Listen on the above link or better yet, find / subscribe to “What were you thinking ?” in iTunes!

Fellow animal lovers, Bob has written a book called “Enslaved by Ducks” and “Kitty Cornered.”

I had such a good time talking with Bob – we’ve been twitter friends for a couple of years now, and if you follow me on Facebook you’ve definitely seen some of Bob’s wildlife photography as I re-share it often!

Bob has one of those rare gifts with cameras – whatever being he admires, he just connects with them completely through his photography. I just love following him and I think you will too.

I recently discovered “What were you thinking?” Bob’s podcast, and I shared the crap out of it because I loved it so much and I was frankly appalled that I’d followed Bob for so long and only recently tuned into his show.

Talk about a #wastedlife!

Bob saw one of my tweets and invited me on the show! OF COURSE I leapt at it!

Thank you Bob! I hope you all enjoy it!

Ep. Guest on Carmen Spagnola’s Numinous Podcast!

kate sitka guest on carmen spagnola numinous podcast


That is the sound of me realizing I don’t HAVE TO convert an M4A (the voice memo file from my ipod) into an MP3 before I can upload a new sort-of episode to the Joyful Telepathy Podcast feed.

Here I was trying to figure out how to convert it without synching my ipod to iTunes (thus erasing everything because I synch my ipod to my HOME computer, not to my father’s computer) and it wasn’t even necessary.  WOW!

Thank you podbean for accepting M4As, this potentially makes life easier… although I think I still need to convert m4as to mp3s before I can import them into audacity…  There is a LOT of work going on behind the scenes to make a mobile podcast happen.

I wish podbean had an app for ipod so I could just do everything on the ipod without having to borrow a PC from a family member.  Sheesh!  Anyway, here’s my personal intro to Carmen’s podcast where she graciously and gracefully interviewed me for her show, the Numinous Podcast. 

Thank you everyone for listening!



Ep. 21 – Messages from the Birdies! (You guys!)

2014-09 messages from birdies

I received some amazing questions in email form this week, THANK YOU!  I decided to just answer them on this week’s podcast!

I also decided to change the title of the show after I recorded it… (awkward!)  I also think I accidentally cursed and forgot to edit it out, so 10 points to whoever finds the time signature on that first!

(PS, don’t tell iTunes!)



Ep 20. Names! How your handle matters!

what did you call me


What’s in a name?  How does your name affect the energy you experience?  How does you name affect other people?

And PET NAMES!  Do pet’s care what they’re called?  What happens if the don’t like their name?  I share stories about pets with opinions about their names.

Did you guys know that “Kate” is not my legal name, but my preferred name?  Find out why I changed it in this week’s episode!


Ep.18 Psychic Protection for Children

psychic protection for children kate sitka


I know a lot of you beautiful folks were extra-sensitive as children, and I know at least two of you have extremely sensitive or possibly psychic children.  Here’s an episode for the sensitive child in all of us… and I share the slightly embarrassing visualization technique my mother taught to me to control the nightmares I experienced as a child.

Episode 18:  Psychic Protection for Children



Ep 15. Common Pitfalls of Animal Commnication

This is for all my psychic-in-training peeps out there: this episode is about all of the stumbling blocks that every intuitive, empathetic person has to learn to work with.

Here it is: http://www.joyfultelepathy.com/e/15-common-pitfalls-in-animal-communication/

And speaking of intuitive development, I hear a rumour that I’ll be running the intuitive development class again in late August / Early September! If you’re interested, please send me an email and I’ll include you in the conversation about possible dates to run the class *before* everything is set in stone.

Here’s a link to the details from the last time we ran the class:


There will be a questionaire to fill out before the class runs so that I can tailor the conversation to the needs of the people. We had a great time back in March and I’d love to do it again. Keep your eyes peeled for the details, and express your early interest by sending me an email: tofinopsychic@gmail.com