Dear David, the child ghost who is taking over the internet!

dear david

My friend Lisa tagged me on a very interesting story on facebook this week.  It’s the saga of cartoonist, author, and illustrator Adam Ellis and the little boy ghost who is trying to kill him.

This inspired me to do a podcast episode on Dear David, which will be coming out this Tuesday.  Watch this space!  iPhones subscribe here!  Android phones: download Stitcher app and then subscribe here!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t read the latest of the Dear David saga, you can get ready for our next episode and catch up by reading this article here:

This Man Has Been Tweeting About Being Haunted By A Creepy Child Ghost And Now He Has Actual Video Evidence

If you want to read it straight from Adam’s twitter feed, you can find that here.

Hug your kids, animal friends, and grown up friends extra close tonight!


Ep. 63 ~ Talking with Parrots!

It was my great pleasure to speak with Karel and her three parrots, Sugar, Ruby and Hannah.

This is Sugar, he is a Cockatoo

This is Ruby, she is an African Grey Parrot

This is Hannah, she is a Green Cheeked Amazon

We talk with all three of them, and their amazing, devoted human Karel. This talk was very special to me. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to speak with exotic birds, and they’re sensitive, perceptive and often child-like and funny. They’re amazing creatures.

The audio on this episode is funky on my end – I apologize. I had to consider whether I’d even publish this episode. But, you folks have been with me through bad audio before, and it’s the conversation here that really matters.

I’m going to try a different online recorder called Cast next time, and I’m going to abandon Zencastr. While I was recording, I had no indication that my end was not recording as well as it should have, so I’m hoping this will resolve with a different recording platform. Jen Edds, my fabulous podcast goddess, has worked her magic to salvage this recording and make it as listenable as possible. Thank you for coming along with me on the ride! Every podcaster has to figure out the combination of tools and assistance that works for her.

You can listen to the episode here! If you’re on an apple device, click here to subscribe to the podcast, so that you get this download automatically the moment it releases, and you can listen to it on the go! If you’re on an android device, download the Stitcher app, and subscribe to the podcast here.

Ep. 61 ~ Isabella & Dancing Samba!


Hey Friends!

I can tell that 25 of you downloaded the latest episode of the Joyful Telepathy Podcast as soon as it was released – you must be SUBSCRIBED!  Thank you!  I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to subscribe through itunes  or stitcher.  Yay!

This week I had a lovely conversation with Isabella Allard, who is a fellow animal communicator, and her horse, Samba, the beautiful stallion of dreams!

samba 1

Just soak up his magnificence!  Isn’t he just beautiful???  I’m so happy to call Isabella and Samba my new friends!

samba 2

We talked about high-level, energetic experiences – the practical philosophy of energy work, and the intersection of our mortal incarnations with our spiritual infinity.

It was *quite* a conversation!

You can listen to part 1 here.  Part 2 will be released next tuesday!

If you have questions for Samba the dancing stallion, please feel free to email me, and I will have Isabella and Samba back again to answer your inquiries!  Your questions can be anything from “what do you like to eat” to “what’s the meaning of life?”



How Dare you!? A Parrot’s Protest.

How Dare You!-


When I was 16, I started working as a receptionist / veterinary assistant in a small animal hospital operated out of an old house, in North Bay.  I *loved* that job.  During that time, I still wanted to be a veterinarian.  I was living my teenage dream!  The only jobs which rivalled my vet job were temporary positions I had for only one summer: one as a horseback trail guide (an under-the-table position where I was paid in cash due to being only 15 years old), and a student position through the university doing wildlife surveys to monitor the impact of acid rain on the ecosystem.


I worked at the animal hospital for four years while I attended high school.  I’m sure, as a teenager, I wasn’t the most efficient employee, but I was attentive and I loved working with the animals.  Most of my “assistance” was in being an extra pair of hands restraining the animal while the vet clipped toenails, drew blood, dressed a wound, expressed a gland, or did whatever else was necessary.  The vet, too, was a wonderful, kind, patient man, who went out of his way to mentor the kids he employed.


It was during this time of working at the animal hospital that I had begun to work on my telepathic animal communication skills with intention.  I had become aware of Penelope Smith and Sonya Fitpatrick through their books and TV appearances, and I finally had a word for what it is that I was doing and experiencing.  I just needed to get better at doing it *on purpose*.  This added an extra layer of depth on to my Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings at the animal hospital, when I would take all the dogs for a pee before closing for the night or opening for the day, feed all the cats and change their boxes, give medication if necessary, and start the coffee.


Twice a week I’d get to talk to 2 – 6 different dogs, one to one, without any distractions or anyone looking on who might make me feel silly for talking to them aloud as we circled the yard for a pee.  I gradually figured out that I was most likely to get a response back from them if I genuinely reached out to them with love, admiration and respect.  Something like, “You are so beautiful, hello, can we talk?”


The trouble with trying to initiate discussion with dogs at the vet is… they’re at the vet.  Many of them are not in the mood to talk about much other than, “Where is my mom / dad?  I feel sore and confused.  When is breakfast / dinner?  This place has an overwhelming smell.”


Occasionally I’d get a chatty terrier or lab type dog that was either too self-assurred or too docile to be *too* worried about why they were not at home, and they would give me pictures of their family members (sometimes I was able to confirm when the family picked up their pet on Saturdays) tell me about OTHER pets who were in the clinic at the time (animal gossip), or give me their opinion of ME, which was always hilarious and pretty much accurate.  For example:  “Your shoes smell like the pee of the dog in the kennel down the row.  I should fix that (by peeing on your shoes myself.)”


When I saw this video come up on my facebook feed the other day, I was reminded of one particular patient, a red and green parrot, who was brought into the clinic by a lovely retired lady with thick wavy silver hair, wearing a very classy but weather-inappropriate skirt suit and pumps, and a gold cross hung in the hollow between her collarbones.  She looked like she had just arrived after a Sunday service, although it was Wednesday night, and she was our last appointment at 9 pm.


Her bird was a red lored Amazon parrot, a species of parrot known for their ability to bond intensely with a favourite human, imitate human speech and phrases, and solve simple logical problems.  This fellow was names Alfred, and he thought a lot of himself.


When the insulating blanket came off of his cage, and we got our first look at Alfred, he took an apprising view of the office waiting room and sized everyone up.  He spied a feeble, elderly Doberman cross on the other side of the room, bobbed his head upwards and opened his beak slightly, mentally declaring himself superior to this particular fellow patient.  He assessed a toy poodle perched on another lady’s lap, a woman who was still wrapped in her parka and looked like she was tired but relaxed.  He locked his yellow eye on me from across the room, assessing me.  “What are you going to try and do to me?”  “Nothing!”  I reflexively replied, giving him a mental picture of myself with my hands up, backing away, staying behind the desk as he would go into the room.


The vet came into the waiting room, spotted the parrot, and asked the other people waiting if they wouldn’t mind if he took Alfred in first.  “It’s just a wing trim and it’ll be quick.”  The Doberman was a long-term patient with multiple chronic conditions and the vet provided a *lot* of free care to this family, so they were happy to oblige, and the lady in the parka said, “Oh take your time!  My husband is home with the kids and this is the longest I’ve sat down all day!”


“Kate would you come in here?”


Oh woops.  I guess I was going to have to help the vet with this patient.  I immediately sent a picture to Alfred of me being in the room and having gentle hands, and that the vet would tell me what to do.


“You’re just like a dog,” he responded.  This was his honest observation and opinion of my subservience.  I did another’s bidding?  That’s what dogs did.  Parrots are better.


Alfred was at the vet because he needed his toenails and wings clipped.  He would under no circumstances allow his mistress to do this.  The vet used a thick towel to herd Alfred into a corner of his cage, and then wrap him in the towel to remove him, squawking in protest.  He gently repositioned him in the towel, wrapped him like a baby in swaddling, and handed him to me while he clipped Alfred’s toenails.










A single strident squawk was Alfred’s protest to each toenail clip.  I felt that Alfred didn’t actually mind his toenails being clipped, he was squawking more on principle.


Then, The swaddle was re-adjusted to that a single wing could be accessed.  The vet clipped the first flight feather and Alfred exploded!  In a loud, masculine voice that was so realistic I looked up to the closed door, my brain thinking a man had come into the exam room and started screaming at us:


Gaaaaaaawwwwwd Damn!  Gaaaaawwwwwd Dammit!  F*ck!!!!  DAMN YOU SONOFA –   Alfred was off on a role of expletives, with variation and creativity!


Alfred’s human mom was absolutely mortified.  “My husband…  I’m so sorry!”  She whisper-squeaked, covering her mouth in horror.


I was amazed.  Alfred was ANGRY.  It’s rare to see an animal in a full blown temper tantrum.  There was a touch of anxiety in Alfred’s energy, but most of it was sheer outrage.  He was cursing us all to hell.  He didn’t know what the words *meant* exactly, but he knew this was the perfect moment to use them!


The vet completed the process as quickly as possible, and returned Alfred to his cage, where he glowered indignantly at both of us.  His cage cover was replaced, and we all returned to the waiting room – me to bill Alfred’s mom, and the vet to collect his next patient.


The patients in the waiting room were all round-eyed, and the doberman’s mom had her mouth hanging open.  In a quavering voice, the poodle’s mom asked, “Did that bird bite you, Doctor?”


It hit us like a bolt of lightning.  From the waiting room, everyone thought it had been the VET who was screaming and cursing!


Parrots can get you into a lot of trouble!  (But they make wonderful stories!)

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And now, Pebble the Cursing Cockatoo,  a bird with a sordid past and a biker’s vocabulary.  This will give you an idea of what Alfred was doing:





Happy Summer Friends! I have a discount code for you all!

session discount


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Kindred Spirits and past lives

One thing that comes up a few times per year is the term “soul mate” or “twin flame”. You guys know how much I love questioning this stuff, right? We always have to keep grounded firmly in a deep nurturing soil of good sense.

Here’s why “soul mates” and “twin flame” drive me nuts: Clients and friends use these terms to hurt themselves. I love these people, and it makes me a little nuts. Just remember, when a spiritual idea (and they’re all ideas) comes around, evaluate it’s usefulness for you by asking yourself, “is this idea useful FOR ME?” You will know if you find it useful when it applies to your own life in a way that gives you a deeper connection to spirituality, a greater comfort when you think about death and loss, or if it’s just an interesting idea that gets you intrigued.

I have no problem with the philisophical concept of a soul mate – used to label that feeling of recognition. “Oh you, yes, you’re familiar. We click. Yes, let’s be together all the time!”

This touchstone isn’t confined to just a single person, we have all sorts of opportunities to meet kindred spirits.

Again, let’s be flexible in our ideas. Personally, I’m in search of a philosophy; a collection of ideas which is useful in helping me understand what goes on in my life and in my practice as a medium. I am most interested in helping my clients.

In sessions, when we are talking about past life connections with people, absolutely some people have been married to their partner in past lives. Maybe someone else would call this a soul mate. I prefer to say kindred spirit, or soul family.

What I see more often in my practice is a repition of kindred relationships, and different permutations of intimacy. Spirit friends over lifetimes, playing different roles. Sometimes there is a romantic cross-over, sometimes not. Frequently, people who have been each other’s sisters, sons, cousins, great-uncles etc. It’s rarely a repition of husband/wife dynamics over and over.

Sweetie is definitely a kindred spirit to me. I would not call her my soul mate, (no offense, honey) because my stubbourn inner German refuses to elevate our relationship in any artificial-feeling way. She is my partner. I don’t need to call her my soul mate to other people, because what we have right now, day to day, is a beautiful enough all by itself. It doesn’t need the context of past-life relationships.

But since you asked…

I’m sure Sweetie and I have known each other in past lives. We have not, so far, in meditation, dreams or sessions, found a narrative where we’ve been partners in the past. But we’ve been friends – or partners – in other ways.

One vision which always comes up for me when I go deeply into it, it looks like a temple of female oracles. It was Sunshine (our dear late white cat) who showed me this vision for the first time. Maybe it’s more of a commune than a temple, with a permanent population of female care-takers who provide healing and counselling to the surrounding families, who seem to be mostly farmers, weavers, potters.

The “temple” is a triangular building, similar to the below photo, but large enough to house a community of 20 + people. The garden is just on the outside, but the inside houses chambers that are always shaded and cool, if a bit damp. The bottom three levels seem to be the base, with more common, lower-maintenance plantings. The next three levels have living quarters, and off one side of the pyramid, there’s an expansion of the terraced gardens that is clearly newer than the temple construction. This is where most of the public is served – there are shelters shaded with fabric and separated by potted plants on trellis, and there is a more permanent looking cabin built of wood logs that is used in the rainy season. The gardens are watered through a gravity irrigation system coming from nearby green mountains.

I wonder if it’s in South America, or if it’s in the middle east / red sea / mediterranian area (parts that are desert now were lush and productive thousands of years ago.) The air is not humid, but hot and arid. There is a sea or ocean within a month or two of travel, but it’s not close enough to provide the community with a regular food supply. The gardens and the farms are the center of the civilization, and the terraced temple gardens take advantage of the sun in the elevated parts of the structure. The hottest, sunniest side grows edible (and highly-valued) delicacies. Figs, plums, tiny citrus, red berries. The west and east sides grow more delicate plants and flowers, with the lower levels of the coolest side used for storage – clay pots containing perishables buried in damp sand in the shade, the circulating water runnoff from the gardens keeping the storage terrace damp and cool.

The whole set up seems to be the centralized wealth production of the civilization. Everything produced on the temple seems to be either medicinal, rare, and / or expensive. Some flowers seem to be purely decorative, or ceremonial. They’re fragile, coveted, and used for high-status people on special occasions.

Whatever our jobs were at this babalonian-style garden temple, I know that Sweetie and had different functions. She was mostly inside, looking inward. I see some people going inside the temple to speak with her. I’m sure her job was more spiritual, more oracle-like. I was mostly outside, in the garden, and I think I worked my way up as a herbalist. I think that we were both “given” to the temple by our families at a young age. While we didn’t work side by side, we did spend our lives together, in contentment. This is a life where Sunshine was also there. Sunshine, along several other “temple cats”, kept the stores and gardens free of rats and mice. They were as important to the temple as the humans. Sunshine liked to talk about it, and would often show me pictures of a flower and say I should eat it. (The final image I get is the whole civilization in flames – I think the entire temple population was killed when the city was invaded. Up until then, it was a very nice life.)

It’s a lovely place to return to in meditations or dreams. Now that I’m writing about it, it makes me especially miss Sunshine, because she talked about it quite a bit.

In my family, our animal friends are also kindred spirits.

It’s not about a single, permanent soul mate – although this can play a part in our life plan. So many of us are tempted to equate signifigance to permanence. Permanence is comforting, for sure. I think that’s why people have really locked on to “twin flame” and “soul mate”. It belies a permanence which transcends centuries.

And I DO believe we have connections, many connections, with other souls that span centuries, even millenia. We feel this truth.

Why does “soul mate” stick in my craw? I never, ever use this term. Kindred spirit, soul family, or sometimes I’ll say “you’re in the same university on the other side.” You’re learning parallel things, you take the same classes. You’re familiar with each other.

It feels right. It seems to allow for the expansiveness I feel when I’m looking at relationships through the lense of medium mode, in a spiritual context. Spirituality for me has never felt exclusive, it’s felt far-reaching and unifying. We go far, but we’re connected, no matter how far we go.

I think this is reflected in what happens on earth, too, in connections that stay strong through the years, even through separation, or adversity.

For some people, this kindred spirit relationship could be reinforced with a few (or dozens) of shared incarnations. Sometimes the relationship shows up as a romantic partnership, but much more often, a romantic connection in this current life is fleshed out with a variety of past incarnations. Friendships, sibling relationships, parent-child dynamics, or simply reincarnating into the same physical communities, or in the same genetic family line. You’ve been spirit friends, kindred spirits, for ages, and your soul knows it.

So here’s to Kindred Spirits – and all of our deep human connections which are varied, enriching, and unlimited.

Ten years and Engaged!

Untitled design (1)

A long time ago, in my early 20s, I came out to myself.  It was a watershed moment (literally, in terms of tears!) in which a lot of things I understood to be “weird” about myself suddenly made sense, and it was a time that I grieved for the “lost” years.  The efforts in my past relationships that were always, inexplicably, lacking.  It was also a time when I came to terms with how I would measure up to expectations: my family’s expectations of me, and the general culture and society’s expectations of me, and how I would adjust my expectations of myself, so that I could live a happy life.

I know my mother had difficulty adjusting to the idea of me being gay, a different future than what she’d visualized for me.   I think that Mom just needed some time to adjust, and some parents need that time.

You know who fixed it with my mom?  Kathryn.  Kat was the first girlfriend I ever brought to meet my parents.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but that meeting shifted my mother’s whole idea of what my life as a gay person could be like.  She really liked Kat.  She told me so.  And then she said, “I think I understand now, why you’re gay.”

Maybe it was just that my Mom needed Kat to complete the picture that was partially erased when I came out to her.  It was a huge relief for me.  Not only did Mom like Kat, but she was able to visualize her daughter’s life in a new way, in a way that could be happy.

I am the first girl that Kat brought home too.  She introduced me to her family nine years ago, after we’d been dating for a year.

That’s right folks, on June 23, Kat and I will have been together for 10 years!

In that time, we’ve been through quite a lot.  We moved across country to Vancouver Island.  We supported each other through new adventures and tough times, and we’d both lost a parent.  We’ve been through a lot together.

We’re also getting dangerously close to 40 (stop laughing.)  If these next ten years go as quickly as the last ten years, we’ll be 50 before we know it!  I realized that if we are very lucky, if Kat and I get to be old ladies together, I want us to have a wedding to look back on.  I want us to have photos – not just selfies taken at arms-length, but professional photos of a beautiful day where we’re wearing gorgeous dresses and holding flowers and telling each other how much we love each other.  I want that memory for the future lucky old ladies to be.

So I asked Kat to marry me.  I didn’t do an elaborate proposal or anything – I just decided to tip-toe into the conversation.  I said, “I think I’d like to be married.  What do you think?”  She said, “Yes, I think that would be nice.”

That started a conversation which we would pick up time and again over a few months, and eventually, I talked to one of my hospital coworkers who is also a marriage commissioner – and I reserved the date of our 11th anniversary with her, which just happens to fall on a Saturday.

That night I went home and said to Sweetie, “Okay, so I can change this if you want, but I saw Judy and asked her to hold June 23, 2018 for our wedding date.”

Kat didn’t want me to change it.

Just like that, in little baby steps, we’ve tip-toed into the idea of what our wedding will be.  It will be very small, on the beach, a few family members, a couple of friends.  Kat and I both have our mother’s wedding rings, which are deeply sentimental for us, and the rings carry the commitment of our parents’ life-long marriages.

We get to spend our 10th year together as “fiancées” too, which is fun!

Until then, we’d love it if you could join us in happiness!  10 years and counting!



George: Divine Self-Love

Holy crow, George Harrison has been around a lot. This is reminding me of three years ago, when it was practically every day I felt like I was talking with him, John, or Kurt. This is the type of thing that makes you feel like you must be making this up, or have delusions of grandeur or something – where I question myself to make sure I’m staying grounded.

And then I get another email from yet another blog reader who says she just found this blog, and George has been talking to her!

Gotta love those synchronicities.

So before I get into the latest with George, I thought I’d give you all an update on life here: My trip to Ontario to visit my family is right around the corner, and I’ll be offline for much of that. I will not be checking my email much at all for the first two weeks of June, so please hang tight. I will potentially be on facebook, Instagram, twitter – but the best way by far of contacting me is through email because your messages will never get lost in a pile of spam, and I *will* get to you, I promise.

The Weight of It news: I was all stoked when I went on the Endo(metriosis) diet and lost 10 pounds easily – hurray! That’s usually what happens when I’ve hit the nutritional sweet spot, the weight just falls off. That’s how it’s supposed to happen.

Then it stopped coming off. At least it didn’t come back on. That’s huge. BUT my nutritionist is really honing in on things with me now. These statistics may not mean much to you folks, but I know there are at least six of you who are on the same general track as me. The approach we are now taking is to tweak the nutritional balance of my meals. Although I’m eating between 1600 – 1700 calories per day, and I’m reasonably active (not sedentary, but not athletic) this alone *should* have triggered weight loss.

This is what a family doctor will tell you. Weight loss is simple. Calories in minus calories burned. Eat less, move more.

For folks like me, this can make you want to scream, and then give up. Don’t, my friends. I love you, don’t give up. You CAN be healthy. You just need more input.

What’s it been for me now, three years of trying? It’s a learning experience. I’m right there with you.

Anyway, contrary to popular belief, a calorie is not a calorie. It depends very much what that calorie is from. I’m not a big food documentary person, I had my fill after watching “Supersize Me” – but I’m going to recommend a movie that my friend turned me on to recently, and I enjoyed SO MUCH I didn’t even knit or scroll through facebook while it was on. This movie had my complete attention. It’s called “That Sugar Movie”. It’s about a dude who maintains his healthy lifestyle, same exercise and SAME CALORIES, the only thing he changes is he eats more “health food” that has sugar in it.

The difference made me feel vindicated. I have had this “a calorie is not a calorie” argument with multiple people, most recently with a *nurse nutritionist* who was adamant she knew more than I did. Hint: No one knows more about dieting than a person with disordered eating, no matter what your body type. Those of us who have been overweight and back again, for decades, we know what usually causes gains and what causes loss. Those of us who have developed some type of eating disorder, due to the toxic combination of popular food availability, marketing, nutrition messaging, and well, just society in general right now. I don’t need to get into that, you know what I’m talking about. Never mind how the most convenient and available types of food are engineered to be addictive. I’m preaching to the choir here, I know.

Anyway, I’m enthusiastic about my recent upgrade to the free app “Lose It”. I’ve been using the free version of this app ever since it came out, but I just upgraded to the “premium” version so that I could break out the nutrition information in the foods I eat, to be sure I’m hitting these key figures per my fabulous nutritionist:

Less than 24g of sugar per day (including fruit and veg – this one is HARD you guys!)

Less than 150g NET carbs per day (carbs minus fiber)

Around 60g fat per day (avocado, flax, fish)

At least 65g of protein per day

Nutrition is incredibly complex. I’m so glad I have the help of a nutritionist who has specialized in metabolic issues. She *was* trying to get me to eat a lot more grains in the beginning, but they’re all required to start at the Canada Food Guide. Insulin resistance is a BIIIITTTTCH to fix.

Anyway, if you would like to be my friend on Lose It, please look me up (Kate Sitka) It’s kind of like facebook for weight loss, and it’s a very positive community in general. No psychic stuff on Lose It please, just weight loss and nutrition geek friends! Remember you need to upgrade to the “Premium” version if you want to track nutrition stats and measurements. I’m tempted to just throw out the scale and only track measurements at this point!

Okay, enough about this mortal body, let’s talk about immortal consciousness!

George: Try Vegetarian, it’s the best overall diet for your health.

Kate: Et tu, my friend?

George: It is the truth!

Kate: I am getting so sick of beans and lentils, man!

George: I did too, and that helps with the weight loss! (winks)

Kate: For heaven’s sake George. I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with you.

George: I’m offering, being helpful my love. (big smile, golden light)

Kate: I appreciate the love. Remind me George, what were you saying about the collective meeting the individual consciousness?

George: Ah yes! (Shows me a dot, with a pulse, which rises. A pulse like a heartbeat – everything is vibration, this is common knowledge, the pulse is at the beginning. It’s simple to look at each lifetime as a pulse, each pulse as a life, a heartbeat in the life of the overall soul.

Kate: What I was shown was visual with a conceptual download which I’ll do my best to paraphrase. (This sort of communication is often like a flash of understanding or inspiration, followed by grapple with English words to attempt to translate it before the complete picture fades. I drew it and then make the above infographic)

The black dot represents consciousness as we perceive it in life. We are solid, fixed, and fairly opaque most of the time. We’re tuned for physical existence. George shows me the pulse of our heartbeat, the pulse of our breath. How we live has a relationship with how our individual consciousness functions. Those with heartbeats (mammals, birds, insects) have a more solid, here and now, consciousness. Moments separated by beats. Lifetimes separated by clear birth and death events.

Those beings whose bodies do not have heartbeats, who are more plant-like (or actual plants) have a consciousness that is more fluid – their lifetimes flow like air across a membrane. Their heartbeat is the pulse of the planet, the turning of the globe, the rotation and the orbit around the sun. When one tree in the forest dies, it’s consciousness does not leave the planet. It rejoins the collective of that forest – and will emerge as a part of a seedling or multiple seedlings – easing from one into many and back again with ease, like an ocean evaporating into rain, drops of rain forming pools, lakes forming rivers, rivers returning to the ocean.

George reminds me of a past post, the sea urchin consciousness. Here’s the excerpt:

“Recently, we had the opportunity to observe, communicate with and then eat a live sea urchin. Urchins have been a food staple in our region for hundreds of years. It was amazing talking with this creature, which could best be described as a collective consciousness like the Borg from Star Trek. In the picture of the urchin, see how each spine waves individually? Each spine is an awareness. As the fisherman broke apart the living collective to access the roe, the edible part of the urchin, I was braced for the urchin to feel pain.

But it didn’t happen. All that happened was the collective consciousness separated into its parts – now there were half a dozen singular collectives where once there was one. The message came “Put us back!” and the image of returning some of the pieces to the water formed in my mind. I understood that this would seed future whole urchins. I also understood that when many hundreds of sea urchins are together, they form a singular collective consciousness too, almost like one huge animal. The moment a single urchin is removed by a human, otter, crab etc for food, this portion of the collective is simply unplugged from the larger one, and simply becomes it’s own consciousness. It was so fascinating and instructive, talking to urchins. It makes you wonder about the sheer nature of consciousness.”

So the first thing we need to really understand, our starting place on the game board of understanding all of this, is to be aware that our personal experience of consciousness is not ALL which consciousness is. We experience as humans a TYPE of consciousness which allows us to know ourselves as “separate”.

This awareness of our potential separateness is a spectrum – and it’s a spectrum within species. I did a post a while back about my friends wonderful chickens, and how one or two of the hens saw themselves as individuals, and most of the others existed within a flock consciousness most of the time.

George, are we on the right track?

George: Yes but let’s return to humans. For this conversation, we need only remember that humans believe themselves to be separate from everyone else – even (especially?) from other humans. This is unique. This is “ego” as some now call it – not Freud’s Ego, but simply self-awareness + future awareness+ logical capability.

Kate: I can see why you want to keep this conversation about humans, because I immediately want to chime in about the animals I know who have human-like consciousness. Not all of them are cabable of future awareness and logical thinking, but some do. Maybe 10 – 20 of the pets I speak with can count and understand 5 days in the future. Most simply understand the future as a feeling of time passing, of the light and seasons changing.

George: Back to the dot. I love your focus on your animal friends; I must gently remind you, your readers are human. (smiles) Let’s start with them.

Kate: Okay! Sorry!

George: Look closely – each life pulse, each single lifetime, is filled with variations. These variations are alterations in the timeline. Each lifetime is not a straight line. The consciousness often wants to explore varying possibilities within a lifetime.

Why waste the opportunity afforded by an incarnation when the soul consciousness is not limited by time or space?

Kate: Okay, this is close to the psychedelic image George was showing me while explaining this. Think three-dimensional fractals.

Each additional green dot is meant to symbolize variations on life choices – that time you went left instead of right, broke a limb and couldn’t go to summer camp, chose one school over another, chose one job over another – there are detours available to us and sometimes we choose to live out those variants as well.

Now, take the first image and imagine you’re looking at it from the top (or bottom). It would look like a green circle with a black dot in the center – then remember each circle represents a lifetime, and within each lifetime there are variations.

George: This is integration, the perspective from the top of the pyramid – the god-like view of your own existence. It’s very beautiful.

Kate: Who are you, when you’re looking back on your life? Which circle is George, and who are you when you’re looking at everything from above?

George: (warm smile, love) You only have to realize that the you who you are when you see things from above is the same as the you that you are right now. I am George from the god-like view of my own spiritual history. You will still be Kate. But you will *know* yourself better, and you will have infinite compassion for yourself. This is self-love.

Kate: Wow. I think we’ll stop there for now. Next time we can talk about collective consciousness? That’s what got this ball rolling.

George: Yes.