Adjustment Required


I was supposed to be going to a remote medical outpost tomorrow to help them organize their supplies.

Instead I threw my back out.

Louise Hay created a chart of common ailments and possible energetic causes, and I’ve found this to be true for a majority of illnesses and injuries that hit me out of nowhere.

Here is a list compiled by another awesome blogger.

Yesterday I got to work and immediately tweaked my back. Let me say, if you’re going to injure yourself, the best possible scenario is to get hurt when you’re already at a hospital.

My perceptive nurse friend suggested, “you know, sometimes people try to put their pain behind them. Sometimes it’s easier to deal with physical pain than emotional pain.”

Check out the back chart:


I have all three of those things going on.

Within fifteen minutes my doc had ordered some morphine, along with muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories. Now, I know I enjoy opioids, so I declined the injection of morphine.

I just don’t want to risk becoming a person who goes “I tweaked my back, AWESOME! Morphine time!”

I’ve seen this happen, so I figure if I can cope with the pain, I’d rather do that.

Thirty minutes later I accepted a single morphine tablet.

It’s interesting what happened after I took it: all emotional pain stopped.

Pain can become this background presence you just ignore and almost forget it’s there. It just becomes normal.

I remember when I was a teenager and experiencing (as yet undiagnosed) depression, I realized I was reaching for Tylenol when I didn’t actually have a headache. It took me a moment to realize the pain I was medicating was emotional.

It was a surprise today to feel the opiates lift me out of this heaviness and worry.

I can really understand why people get addicted to this.

Okay body, message received.