Proof the Universe has a sense of humour…

Remember Karma Car? Our rusty red 1989 Toyota Tercel we sold back in January?
You can search the blog for “car” to find a photo of it.

Sweetie got a job at the art gallery in the next town over. Consequently, after cycling everywhere for six months, we suddenly needed a car ASAP.

Guess what we got? A 1988 Toyota Tercel!!!


It’s Karma Car II – the reinCARnation!

The great news is that even though its a year older than Karma Car I, it has no rust and 100,000 km less on the odometer. The sound system is modern, all the blinkers and wipers work and the bumpers are completely attached!

HUZZAH! Behold:


I realized today that perhaps the Universe gave us an identit-car so that we could be truly grateful for it. It’s not super fancy, yet it is much better than what we had, and we really needed it so that Sweetie can get to her dream job.

I am not being facetious when I said this is from “the universe”. It’s not like we can go to a used car lot to buy a car if we need one: no, you have to NETWORK to get a vehicle out here!

We were actually very lucky to get a car at all, particularly one that cost *precisely* as much as we could afford.

Yes, life is funny.

PS: my beautiful and amazing assistant Kitty has been creating and backdating posts for all the Channeling Erik guest posts I did; for those of you who are subscribed, it might look like you’re getting spammed. I’m sorry to flood your inbox! It’s a necessary housekeeping for the blog. Thank you for hanging in there!