I had a really long conversation with my mother on Saturday.  We got in touch with her grandmother, her mother’s mother’s mother.  Great Grandmother emigrated from England to Canada, in order to marry.  She already had one child at the time (scandal!)

Great Grandmother (GG) never returned to visit England or her family again.  My mother was always very curious about this, and how GG must have felt to be rejected by her family.
Well it turns out, GG was the one who rejected her family.  She describes her first love as a mistake.  She fell in love with this man, she thought the way she felt was going to last forever.  But when she discovered she was pregnant, he didn’t want to marry her, and so in the eyes of the family, GG had been disgraced.

Thing is, GG never took on the disgrace.  She felt she’d made a mistake and learned from it, but that her mistake was not a reason to be ashamed.  She was very practical.  She refused to be contrite, or to hang her head.  She embraced the opportunity to leave England and start a new life away from the stuffy traditions of her old family.

Since she refused to be ashamed, she was not motivated to return to England.  Her family would expect her to be contrite, to wear the colours of shame, and GG was disinclined to do so.

GG was full of advice for my mother, my grandmother and my sister.  She visits a particular grandchild, Jennifer, who has recently moved to Austraulia, and enjoys her great, great grandchildren.  She told us that my mother’s other grandmother, her father’s mother, is preparing to incarnate as Jennifer’s next child, and will be a girl again.  She’s practicing childhood in heaven, practicing how to play, how to run with joy, how to climb trees with wonder.

I get the impression that this will be her last incarnation, and that she’s coming in specifically to practice childhood, and might die around the time puberty kicks in.

Which brings me to ethics.

There’s information that I get as a psychic which is not necessarily beneficial to pass along.  And, the future is always in motion – it can look one way and change after a year of people making different choices.

I will never tell my cousin that I think her coming baby, her youngest child, may have a short life.  I ask if there is something that can be done to change it?  I haven’t gotten an answer on that one yet.

There are a few different schools of thought on the ethics of passing on information to which psychics are privy.  Christopher Reburn has said several times on his podcast that if you have the information, it is sacred information  from God and you are meant to pass it on.

I feel more in line with Echo Bodine’s philosophy.  You must be compassionate.  You must use your head as well as your heart.  You can ask your guides and angels for the wisdom on whether and how to deliver certain information.

I’m developing my own interpretation of ethics in psychic arts:  If there could be an accident, a travel warning, any way to prevent harm from coming to a person, pass it on.  If the information will cause only worry, pass on only what is needed, and keep the rest.

Last night, Courtney (with the gangsta ghost friend, Lyle) called me asking if I could see any information relating to a splitting psychic migraine she’d been slammed with an hour before.

I had to play 20 questions with our guides.  We determined it was concerning a young man, and I got a general travel warning.  I asked Courtney to call her friends who came to mind, in particular her brother and her friend Shane (the one she brought sand for from Egypt).

About an hour later, I was talking with my cat Sunshine.  Sunshine said, “It’s a car accident.  It’s already going to happen.  Catastrophic head trauma, but he may not die.  You’ll find out about it on Monday.”

So I texted Courtney and said, “My cat says it’s a car accident – text travel warnings to everyone, please.”

Sweetie and I then sent out a protective bubble and asked our angels to place it around the person Sunshine was talking about, the person Courtney’s headache was tapping into.

I did not tell Courtney that my cat said, “It’s already going to happen.”  I will call Courtney later to see if she found anything out today.

This is another reason I’m going to keep this blog anonymous.

I like to try to end readings on a positive note, so I asked her pug (dog) Tuna to tell me something.  He showed me chips.  I said, “Oh, Tuna wants chips.  Regular – wait, salt & vinegar chips!”

Well it turns out that Tuna doesn’t eat chips at all, but he was simply reporting that Courtney had some salt & vinegar chips in her cupboard.  Funny, all these animals reporting their people’s dietary indiscretions to me.

(I feel obligated to clarify that the picture in today’s post is NOT my Great Grandmother.  She thinks that picture is ugly.  I think it’s funny, so I’m posting it anyway – it came up in my search for a “wise woman”.)