I had a really long conversation with my mother on Saturday.  We got in touch with her grandmother, her mother’s mother’s mother.  Great Grandmother emigrated from England to Canada, in order to marry.  She already had one child at the time (scandal!)

Great Grandmother (GG) never returned to visit England or her family again.  My mother was always very curious about this, and how GG must have felt to be rejected by her family.
Well it turns out, GG was the one who rejected her family.  She describes her first love as a mistake.  She fell in love with this man, she thought the way she felt was going to last forever.  But when she discovered she was pregnant, he didn’t want to marry her, and so in the eyes of the family, GG had been disgraced.

Thing is, GG never took on the disgrace.  She felt she’d made a mistake and learned from it, but that her mistake was not a reason to be ashamed.  She was very practical.  She refused to be contrite, or to hang her head.  She embraced the opportunity to leave England and start a new life away from the stuffy traditions of her old family.

Since she refused to be ashamed, she was not motivated to return to England.  Her family would expect her to be contrite, to wear the colours of shame, and GG was disinclined to do so.

GG was full of advice for my mother, my grandmother and my sister.  She visits a particular grandchild, Jennifer, who has recently moved to Austraulia, and enjoys her great, great grandchildren.  She told us that my mother’s other grandmother, her father’s mother, is preparing to incarnate as Jennifer’s next child, and will be a girl again.  She’s practicing childhood in heaven, practicing how to play, how to run with joy, how to climb trees with wonder.

I get the impression that this will be her last incarnation, and that she’s coming in specifically to practice childhood, and might die around the time puberty kicks in.

Which brings me to ethics.

There’s information that I get as a psychic which is not necessarily beneficial to pass along.  And, the future is always in motion – it can look one way and change after a year of people making different choices.

I will never tell my cousin that I think her coming baby, her youngest child, may have a short life.  I ask if there is something that can be done to change it?  I haven’t gotten an answer on that one yet.

There are a few different schools of thought on the ethics of passing on information to which psychics are privy.  Christopher Reburn has said several times on his podcast that if you have the information, it is sacred information  from God and you are meant to pass it on.

I feel more in line with Echo Bodine’s philosophy.  You must be compassionate.  You must use your head as well as your heart.  You can ask your guides and angels for the wisdom on whether and how to deliver certain information.

I’m developing my own interpretation of ethics in psychic arts:  If there could be an accident, a travel warning, any way to prevent harm from coming to a person, pass it on.  If the information will cause only worry, pass on only what is needed, and keep the rest.

Last night, Courtney (with the gangsta ghost friend, Lyle) called me asking if I could see any information relating to a splitting psychic migraine she’d been slammed with an hour before.

I had to play 20 questions with our guides.  We determined it was concerning a young man, and I got a general travel warning.  I asked Courtney to call her friends who came to mind, in particular her brother and her friend Shane (the one she brought sand for from Egypt).

About an hour later, I was talking with my cat Sunshine.  Sunshine said, “It’s a car accident.  It’s already going to happen.  Catastrophic head trauma, but he may not die.  You’ll find out about it on Monday.”

So I texted Courtney and said, “My cat says it’s a car accident – text travel warnings to everyone, please.”

Sweetie and I then sent out a protective bubble and asked our angels to place it around the person Sunshine was talking about, the person Courtney’s headache was tapping into.

I did not tell Courtney that my cat said, “It’s already going to happen.”  I will call Courtney later to see if she found anything out today.

This is another reason I’m going to keep this blog anonymous.

I like to try to end readings on a positive note, so I asked her pug (dog) Tuna to tell me something.  He showed me chips.  I said, “Oh, Tuna wants chips.  Regular – wait, salt & vinegar chips!”

Well it turns out that Tuna doesn’t eat chips at all, but he was simply reporting that Courtney had some salt & vinegar chips in her cupboard.  Funny, all these animals reporting their people’s dietary indiscretions to me.

(I feel obligated to clarify that the picture in today’s post is NOT my Great Grandmother.  She thinks that picture is ugly.  I think it’s funny, so I’m posting it anyway – it came up in my search for a “wise woman”.)

Ghost Dog Pee

I did a phone reading for Ellie’s friend, Liz.  Liz has been going through a difficult time lately, and I learned a few things in doing a reading for her.

I learned that someone elses’ state of mind can really affect the effort of a reading.  Most of the reading was heavy subject matter, stuff that caused her pain to think about.  The pain seemed to constrict my reading somehow.  I didn’t quite realize what was happening until we got as far as I felt we could get with the heavy stuff and asked if she had an animal in mind to talk to.

She told me about Benji, her dog.  Benji was a yorkie who died a few years ago.  Right away I got Benji’s cause of death (kidney failure) that he had a blue collar and a blue coat.  He loved when people would call him handsome.

Then I got a picture of him on Liz’s lap, teeth bared, and lunging like a little land shark at someone else.

“Uh, did Benj get snappy sometimes?”

“yes, all the time!”

Then I saw him parading all around the house, lifting his leg everywhere.  “Uh, did he pee on things inside?”

“Yes!  Oh god he peed everywhere!”

Turns out, Benj was a little tyrant.

The kicker?  He still visits Liz, walks around the house and pees on things.  “Do you still smell pee sometimes?”

“Yes!  Especially in my studio.”

“Yeah, that’s Benj.  He’s still peeing on things.  When you smell pee, it’s him saying hi!”

It’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard of a ghost animal doing.  I’ve heard some people smell their dead grandmother’s perfume… well lucky Liz gets to smell her dead dog’s pee.

There’s an argument for getting dominant behaviour like that under control while the dog’s alive – you might end up getting haunted by his bad habits from the other side!


Yesterday, I started writing a post and accidentally deleted it before it “posted”.  I wouldn’t mention it except this next post I need to write refers back to the deleted one, so I’ll quickly summarize what I’d written:

We had a ghost come to visit my sweetie in our warehouse while she was working.  While Sweetie works, she listens to music from her laptop computer.  She noticed a food scoop swinging on its hook, right next to other scoops which were not moving.  She said,

“Okay, if that’s a spirit, keep that scoop swinging until the end of this song.”

The scoop continued to swing, prodded by an invisible finger, until the end of the song.  The song ended and the computer turned itself off.  You know, just in case there was any doubt there was a ghost in da’ house.

I went to the warehouse later and got in touch with him – the spirit likes to be called “Bush Man” or “Forest Man”.  He did not need help finding heaven, he has heaven right here.  He looks after all of the animals and trees in the bush, along his traditional trail.  He showed me baby birds in a nest, hidden mink in their burrow.  I understood this is exactly what he loves to do, but like any being, it’s nice to have others aware of your existence.  He was just coming in to say hello.

Sweetie was telling a friend of our’s about this little incident, and here’s the thing – it turns out our friend Gord is completely psychic!

Sweetie said, “Oh and our warehouse is haunted.”

Gord replied, “Oh you mean that place next door?”

“No, the warehouse – wait, what’s wrong with that place next door???”

We have a boathouse next door to our apartment that is utterly creepy.  Gord says that bad people used to hurt men in that boat house.  We haven’t asked for more details, yet.  Damn, there is just so much work that needs to be done on our (rented) property.

Thus begins the dialogue.  I can’t believe this guy we’ve known for fifteen years has been completely psychic and it never came up in conversation before.

Gord then started talking about Ben, another friend of ours who died a few years ago when his motorcycle hit an oncoming transport truck.  Ben went to visit Gord and showed him how to have out of body experiences at will.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of trying to contact Ben myself.

So last night, while putting up the Christmas tree, Ben came through.  He always had a dark, teasing sense of humour, and I think being a spirit has made it worse:

“So, I think it’s awesome you guys are lesbians now,” he said, by way of a greeting.  He had died about six months before Sweetie & I had gotten together.

He was full of these sorts of teasing things.  “Yeah!  I totally watch you two having sex now!”

OH MY GOD!  You do not!

I know he hasn’t, but all the same, next time we go to bed we’re casting a *privacy* energy curtain.  I would not put it past Ben to pop in just to be a tease.

“Yeah, I get into strip clubs all the time, now I get lap dances for free!”  He showed himself sitting on the lap of a biker getting a lap dance.

It’s so funny, I knew he was thinking up all these things to tease his feminist lesbian friends.

Still fumbling with the Christmas tree, I grumbled, “You know Ben, we’re trying to get this tree up.  You could help us.  Any suggestions?”

“Get a man to do it!”

OH,  HAW-HAW BEN!  What a bugger.

Imagine what he said when I complained the screws for the tree stand weren’t long enough.

Turns out Ben was psychic when he was alive too – he said he could see all the spirits around Sweetie at the last New Year’s party we’d all been at together.  He said he was impressed her spirit friends were so cool.  I think that Sweetie’s Uncle, the greaser who was murdered, just looks really bad-ass and invited a few of his friends to the party.  To most people it looked like Sweetie was sitting on the couch by herself, watching the party, but Ben saw her surrounded by a crowd.

At some point I got tired and had to send Ben home.  We invited him for Christmas.  He asked if we’d put a glass of wine out for him, and we will.

I feel so happy to have another friend back.

The Creator, God, Goddess, Mother Earth & Angels

Remember how in a previous post I talked about Christianity, and how something in me rails against this Christian consensus in psychic culture?  So many psychics talk about Christian saints, Christian angels, and speak of one God.

Well, Sylvia Brown also talks of the Goddess, Azna, who is a powerful mother.  She’s the only psychic I’ve encountered who talks of God sometimes in female terms, but in general when someone dies, she says they have “returned to God”.

I’ve talked before too of how I have experienced spirituality in nature.  I think of God as The Creator, and have also, along the way, incorporated Azna into my prayers over the past fifteen years. 

But, when I went camping and slept on the sparkling-pink quartz and granite boulder by the lakeside in Northern Ontario, this was not God, the Creator or Azna who I slept upon – this was Mother Earth, or Gaia.  I felt her like an infant senses her own mother. 

Recently, since I have started sensing and speaking with people who have passed on, I have called heavily upon the help of Angels. 

Angels are spoken about in great detail in Christian tradition, and I haven’t encountered anything angel-like in other religious teachings.  Most other religions leave plenty of room for the Ancestors, which Angels are.  But Angels are different from spirits or ghosts.  They’re powerful and do great work. 

I hadn’t had much call to really ask Angels to help me before.  If I felt threatened, I’d ask them to guard my bed, but now, it seems we’ve welcomed all kinds of spirits into our home.  They move around at night, our little dog Bonus growls at them, and it disturbs our sleep.  So now, every night, before we go to sleep, my sweetie and I light a candle, call the angels, seal off the borders of all of our rooms with white light, as though leaving a trail of salt.  We ask angels to be posted in areas where we’ve felt a lot of activity (lately spirits have been walking from one room out the front door).  We finish by visualizing the house filling up with white light, like water fills a fish bowl.

We sleep much better this way.  I’ve never spoken to angels so much in my life before now, and I don’t know what we’d do without them.  I think our night times would be quite scary.

Recently, my sweetie asked about two paramedics that used to work at my hospital.  They both died a year ago, together, while working.

While talking with my guide Aries about these two paramedics, the message came through, “They are angels in training.  God called them home.”

You know how, when someone dies, sometimes it’s said that “God must have needed another Angel”?  Before now, I’ve always felt this was a stilted statement, over-Christian-ized, inappropriate to foist upon someone mourning the death of a loved one.

In this case, it’s perfectly true.  In fact, these two were training to be Angels long before they came into this last life.  Being paramedics and all the work they’ve done in the community put them in the ideal position to get experience.  They comforted people in crisis, they helped bring babies into the world, they witnessed people leave their bodies.

You know what?  They are still working.

They are STILL WORKING.  Here.  At This Hospital.  They sometimes ride along with the new paramedics, who are still nervous and in training themselves.  Sometimes people will wake up in shock after a trauma, and see the white shapes above them – these are the angels that I & J are becoming.

They pop into the hospital to help people cross over – those people who perhaps don’t have loved ones right there to take their hand. 

They are helping us is so many ways, it’s so incredible.

And I can’t tell anyone!  Argh!  They were so loved here, they are so missed.  I would love to be able to tell everyone at the hospital how I & J are still working along side them.

And also, how their death was planned.  That was the end of their lifetime.  Their death, so sudden and tragic, sent shock waves through our community.  But it was one of those things that was meant to happen.

God needed a couple more angels, and so he called them home.

Christianity did get some things right.