Mind Hole Friday with John Lennon and Special Guest, Alan Watts!


This week, my sweetie has started knitting a series of very odd, funny yet slightly disturbing scarves.  It all started when Sweetie discovered “Epic Meal Time” a “cooking show” series on You Tube that involves an obscene amount of meat, to which they do unspeakable things.  I watched a few episodes and I just couldn’t pick my jaw up off the floor.  Then I made a huge amount of popcorn, drenched it in butter and covered it in bacon bits, which is what you do after seeing things like the “meat farm” episode.

Sweetie is vegetarian herself, and has been ever since she saw the movie Babe while eating a ham and bacon pizza.  She was, in fact, vegan when we started to date, but I corrupted her with my copious consumption of ice cream. 

Bacon just isn’t on Sweetie’s list of things to eat, but since watching Epic Mealtime, she’s become rather meat inspired. 

She started by crocheting a Bacon Scarf.  She surrounded herself with photos of bacon, laid out all of the colours from her yarn stash you never realized existed in bacon until you looked at it closely.  Some of this yarn is shiny, which she uses to indicate gristle and fat.  The width of the scarf bulges and narrows, like a strip of bacon, and she’s somehow made it ripple, like a glistening piece of half-cooked meat.  She’s left it unblocked so that when you hang it around your neck, it curls just like cooked bacon.  I swear it makes my neck feel greasy.

But this bacon scarf is only the beginning.  She is now working on what she calls “the Knit Meat Series” which is all at once funny and horrifying.  Particularly because she’s vegetarian.  Judy Chicago would LOVE Kat’s work.

While Sweetie creates these darkly humourous domestic art pieces, she listens to mind-expanding podcasts and spiritual lectures.  The man of the week has been Alan Watts.


Sweetie Writes:

He was a British guy who spent a lot of time in Asia, then moved to California, and brought a lot of ideas about Buddhism and Hinduism to western audiences in the 60s and 70s.
In this lecture he’s talking about the nature of the universe in Judeo-Christianity.  He says that we take it for granted in the west that the universe is a monarchy, with a god at the top, and that we’re ruled and judged by this god like royal subjects.  We kneel and bow like we would to a king, and our churches are constructed like courtrooms, and we show up to be judged.
Really interesting stuff.  So I’m like, “I need to talk to this guy at some point”.

And there he was!  He’s like, “What is it you’d like to know?”

(Sweetie seems to have a knack at calling up almost anyone famous from Heaven.  John says it’s because in Heaven, she’s “famous.”  I wondered if he meant that ironically, but I’m beginning to suspect he’s being literal.  Sweetie’s email continues:)

I’ve been wondering about that idea of dimensional shifting.  Is it even possible?  What happens to our bodies?  Can we really move physical objects from one dimension to another?

So I ask, “Can we transcend matter?”

And he says, “Do you mean ‘we’?  Or, do you mean ‘I'”?

I was not sure.  I’ve been thinking about the idea of consensus a lot, is it necessary for everyone to be in agreement in order for anything to change, or not?  Is a critical mass necessary?  Or is that all illusory anyway — do we each create our own reality?  But then, isn’t our separateness an illusion, anyway?  What do I even *mean* by “I”?

So finally I said, “Well, ‘I’ or ‘we’, it’s really the same thing, isn’t it?”

And he says, “There!  You’ve just transcended matter!”

Which is absolutely true, and pretty funny.  But it didn’t really clear up my underlying question.    
Of course these Zen guys, they never just *give* you a straight answer, you know.

He hung around and continued to talk to me all morning.  I know what he said is technically right, but it seems too simple somehow.  I took the Bonus dog out for a walk and sort of let it sink in.  I had to wonder whether he didn’t understand my question, or whether I didn’t understand his answer.

As I walked, he started talking:

“You are always transcending.  It is your state of being.  Whatever ‘it’ is, you’re doing it right now, you just don’t recognize that you’re doing it.  It’s not an action, it’s a state of being.  It’s not something separate, outside of yourself.  That which you are, you are”.


So I’m thinking, “Okay.  So if everything is, and is eternal, then what are people talking about when they talk about liberation from the cycles of birth and death?”.

Alan says, “You are all things.  If you *know* that you are all things, why are you hung up on this one little part that is ‘you'”?

I’m like, “Because I only experience this part.  I don’t want to be trapped forever experiencing this one little part”.

He says, “You can escape that anytime”.


It’s interesting, this guy is coming through very clearly for me, and I’ve only very recently been exposed to his work.  I normally need to be in a liminal sleep state to get these kinds of lessons.

After reading this, I asked my Sweetie:

Allan says, “You can escape that anytime”.  How?  By understanding that it’s all about the “big picture”?  But, but but, what about life plans?  What about coming here to learn and all that stuff?

Are you able to opt out of your life plan at any time?  Are you able to simply halt the learning process, if you desire?  Is that what Eckhart Tolle did when he sat on a park bench blissed out for two years?  That’s all fine & dandy for a weekend, but what about when you run out of money and get hungry?

Why is it so damn difficult to integrate this concept?

It is a simple answer.  Simple, accessible, powerful.  So why am I having to do mind yoga to get my brain around it???

I sent this message off to Sweetie and then went to the grocery store.  At the grocery store and I hear “Let it be” playing, and the line that jumps out is ‘Whisper words of wisdom”


I laugh, and after “Let It Be” finishes, “Knocking on heaven’s door” comes on.

John has some follow up to our email conversation.  Here he goes:

About transcending matter – this is something we quickly learn to do again immediately after death.  He says it is possible for angels or spirits to manifest themselves in bodies, to help lift  cars or carry someone through a river.  Physical force can be exerted, physical bodies can be manifested, yet it takes energy, conscious effort, to maintain something that has been manifested – it’s your will that’s bringing together this series of molecules out of the air.  If you get tired, if your attention shifts, the molecules will return to their previous form.  It’s like being a shape shifter – you have to “hold it”

There is this tendency, in addition to thinking of Heaven as a monarchy, to think that what we see happening is the WAY IT IS.  Well, here’s one particular spirit who manifested himself a body with physical age 18, and he hung out for quite a while.  He did it, it is possible, it’s just not the most common path that we see or experience. 

And by the way, John says, just because you encounter someone at the grocery store doesn’t mean they were born in the same way you were.  Any number of people around you “could” be manifesting their forms, and in fact, they are.  This is what people are talking about when they say “aliens in human form, walking among us, learning.”  These are simply beings who popped in, ready-made, and will pop out after a while.

John later told us of a story:  A friend of his in heaven who had never experienced an incarnation on earth was talking with John about earth and what it’s like here.  John says it’s great for learning various things, and so his friend decided to pop in briefly by manifesting a body and see for himself.  (I say “him” although no gender was indicated.) 

So this friend manifests himself in some sketchy neighbourhood in San Francisco, and is promptly mugged!  He disappeared shortly thereafter, a little miffed with John but with a better understanding of earth and the lessons to be had here.  This friend has not expressed further interest in incarnating on earth, for some reason.

So this is why you, me, John, everyone else we’ve spoken to mainly incarnate in bodies that are born from other bodies.  Bodies that are born from other bodies already on this vibration have a very easy time perpetuating their existence on this level.  When we occupy such a body, it’s much easier to maintain, and it allows us to forget things like how to transcend matter so that we may learn other things, other ways to learn by creating lives, challenges for ourselves that we “can’t” instantly manifest our way out of, although we will ultimately learn that we still are manifesting our own solutions and our own problems to boot.

We occupy bodies that exist on their own.  Bodies of this density were created so that we can experience this vibration – the bodies help anchor us here for long periods of time.  Or “Time” as I’m tempted to quote.  Gotta love metaphysics – you start to want to put quotes around everything.
Yet, we leave our bodies all the time.  We return “home” all the time.  We just don’t always remember it, and every day we make the decision to keep on living, every day that we wake up because we returned to our bodies.  We may not see this as a decision.  We may even want to die despite returning to our bodies every damn day.  I keep seeing Mocha, and how her body suddenly changed, stopped breathing, when she jumped through the portal to heaven. 

Our bodies can die and kick us out.  We can leave our bodies behind and they will die without us.  We are not our bodies, and many of us already know this.  Bodies are the tools by which we experience our lives, they are not our prisons.  I know it may feel that way sometimes, but they are not.

In this way, our life charts don’t really exist either – we recreate them every day we continue to move forward with them.  If we wanted to, with our hearts and all of our SOUL, we could utterly change the course of our lives at the drop of a hat, regardless of our chartsOur charts would change in that instant, and they would have always been thus.  The new chart would erase the old one’s existence.

The whole idea of our life chart – it’s the formality of our decision to manifest particular challenges.

It’s like when you decide to start a business and you write out your business plan.  Your life might not exactly turn out as you life-planned it, but you will find the lessons are learned, and ultimately you always accomplish what you set out to do.  It’s just if your spirit is trying harder to manifest a challenge than your consciousness is trying to manifest a solution (ie – when is the money coming to make my movie?  Why isn’t it here?  Why can’t I manifest it?)
I read this in a Gail Bodine novel:  “Things happen just as they are meant to happen, because that is how they happened.”

She was Quaker for a while, and an ancestral elf, I believe, just as she believed.  Her novels are published as fiction, but I think there’s a lot more to them than that.

I wrote all this out and sent it in another email to Sweetie.  She replied:

Ohhhh!  Yeah ok — that all makes so much sense.

I was just thinking about John, actually, wondering what he might have to say about these ideas but not really having the mental energy to try to talk to him at the moment.  Wondering, do these ideas conflict with the ideas that we’ve already been exploring?  Because it seemed true from all points, yet I couldn’t reconcile it.

Also this guy Alan Watts talks in a few lectures about “transcending the ego”.  I heard John mention in an interview that during a period around 1967 he’d been doing too much LSD and “destroyed his ego”, so when he’d go into the studio with the Beatles he’d just be like, “Oh, whatever you guys want to do is fine”.  So I thought he might not be too keen on the idea of ego transcendence. 

I personally take a different view of it, that transcending the ego is not about not giving a shit at all, but about doing your “work” (whatever it is) and engaging with the world, but not mistaking your work for something that is “yours”, because there is no “you”.  It’s all an expression of the whole.

(Although I suppose if I took that idea to heart I’d have to let go of any ideas about whether art is “worth” making, or not…)

Okay, my mind hole just exploded.

I’ll interrupt Sweetie’s message here for one of my own:

As I write this entry which should have been posted on Friday but is now getting posted on Monday, I realize that I received some clarification on the idea of ego over the weekend.  Egos are not problems.  They are not things to learn to master or completely transcend.  Egos have purposes, and indeed they help us to learn and to help others. 

Egos are part of what helps us to define our consciousness as separate from everyone else.  As though, in the sea urchin consciousness of the universe, we are a small, individual piece.  This experience of separateness is completely valid.  It is exactly what we’re supposed to be feeling, day to day.  Yet, it’s useful to understand that there could be no separateness without the grand unification of all energy everywhere.  So my personal goal is to understand my ego as a tool that helps me to define my personal experience, but to be aware and not allow my ego to attempt to define SOMEONE ELSE’S experience.  We are tempted to do this by insisting other people agree with our point of view… particularly if you’re an Aries, like me.

Back to Sweetie and her Knit Meat series:

I was working on my meat scarf and watching an episode of this series Alan Watts did in the late 50s called “Eastern Wisdom and Modern Life”.  He does a divination from the I Ching, (this blew our mind later this weekend when the I Ching came up in three other unrelated circumstances, including Linda Keen’s third book “Intuition Magic, 25 years later”.) 

Divination can involve casting coins, and Alan starts explaining in detail how the whole thing works.  At some point I sort of stop listening and drift off, wondering if I have enough space between the raw layers and the cooked layers of my meat scarf.  And I start to think about what I want to make next, and decide I should look through that book “Li: Dynamic Forms in Nature” and check out some of the organic forms for inspiration. 


And I’m looking at a section on nebulous cloud forms, and a picture of metal impurities in jasper.

At that moment I snap back into watching the show, and he’s saying:

“And so, we come thus to a conception of the order of nature that is one of the most important words in the Chinese language.  And that is a word which originally meant ‘the markings in jade, the grain in wood, or the fibre in muscle’ — and it’s pronounced, ‘li’ “. 

And he’s drawing these symbols on a paper board with a brush.

And I just, like, shrieked, and dropped my crochet hook.

I replied to Sweetie:

Omfg.  Spooky!

Wow!  Alan is a really intense teacher, eh?  He was totally poking you to look that stuff up in conjunction with his lecture.

Amazing, sweetie.  Maybe you should call your art show of meat scarves “Li – Dynamic forms in nature”

Sweetie replies:

It’s true.  I think they’re laughing their asses off up in heaven, actually.  I think John might have had a hand in it as well:  “You really want to freak her out?  Tell her to go look at her book!”

Because I went to have a shower after that experience and get my head together.  And then I started hearing Instant Karma:


And then John started saying something like, “I know you understand your interconnectedness on that level — because you can see it.  You can see how all the little forms in your body mimic the forms in the outside world.  But when you experience your interconnectedness first hand through synchronicities, you get scared sometimes.  But it’s all part of it”.

Which is a really good point.

So that’s it for our late edition of John Lennon Friday… are you as confused as we are?

John Lennon Friday: Lennon in Heaven II

So this entry is a continuation of the first entry on Linda Keen’s book John Lennon in Heaven.

First, I want to address a thought that’s been rattling in my brain:  secrets.  Everyone has secrets.  Not necessarily bad secrets, sometime just an aspect of our history or our personal life that we do not want to share with the world.

Animal communicators occasionally stumble upon people’s secrets if the people have particularly chatty animals.  An example I’ll give you is a fellow I know whose cat is *really* chatty.  This bright cat shared with me in quick succession his thoughts on “Dad’s new girlfriend,” and the contents of his owner’s fridge, cupboards and what was hidden under his bed.  I was confused about what I saw under the bed and asked for more details, and suddenly realized I’d stumbled on to a secret he was hiding from everyone in his life.  It’s nothing bad or illegal, it just reflects the internal conflict this fellow experiences.

This same fellow has teased me about being psychic, and he declares he won’t believe it until he sees some proof.  I know I could tell him this secret to prove myself, but it would hurt him, and be an incredible violation.  So I keep it to myself, and if he’s open to a reading one day, we’ll find some other proof for him.

It gets sticky for this same reason when I have long conversations with John and his friends.  If I felt a great need to be taken seriously, I could completely spill my guts on everything personal we’ve talked about.  I’d probably turn out a few items of proof for the worst skeptics out there, but I would completely violate the spirit in which this information was shared with me in the first place.

And as I read John Lennon in Heaven, I knew Linda had similar conversations with John that were too personal to include in her book.  I could almost see these unwritten conversations as they were alluded to in the brief paragraphs that touched upon topics of grief, separation and fear.

This is why some people are so uncomfortable with it – “Where’s the proof?” they demand.  Well, the proof is in your intuition, and your emotion, in what strikes your heart as true.  If for you, that’s none of this, that’s okay.

Take what makes sense to you and leave the rest.

I’m just going to go through my page notes here, which were hastily scrawled as I read the book.

My first note is on Brian, his last life being Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles.  John has brought Brian around our house a couple of times, and always he’s wearing this classy, 50s style blue suit which Linda describes in her book.  In the book, she describes Brian rushing through the tranquil meadow because he’s late for an appointment, but he can’t project himself there because he’s supposed to physically walk and enjoy the journey.  This is so funny, this fellow rushing through heaven, a place where *time does not exist* in the same sense it does for incarnated souls, yet he’s stressing himself out and missing the point of his lesson.

John said precisely the same thing to me about Brian as he’d said to Linda, that Brian has issues to work out with women and that he may need to come back as a “chick” in order to resolve them.

Brian showed up in attendance to the Humanities concert last Friday.  I’ll get into more detail on that experience in a later entry; the short of it is, it was a mind-blowing, face-melting experience.  It turns out we were there to discover a particular new local band – as they set up, John’s voice chattered excitedly in my right ear, “These guys are good!  This is going to be good!”  John began to bring in a few of his friends, one of whom was Brian.

OF COURSE, the band of nineteen year olds covered one of John’s songs (Come Together).  This kind of thing shouldn’t surprise me anymore.  John loved it.  During an interlude, Brian started to talk about how the band could and should market itself.  He said distinctly, “Young men just cannot be expected to dress themselves,” and he shook his head at the band’s dirty jeans with faded underwear showing over the waist.  Brian had said the same thing about the young  Beatles, when he stepped in to manage them.

The first third of Lennon in Heaven is a direct conversation between Linda and John, which is the section that will be most satisfying to the Lennon fan within.  The rest of the book is an intimate detailed account of Linda’s personal spiritual experiences with John.  As you read this keep in mind this journey was transformational for both of them; I think this part of the book makes the most intuitive sense to other people who are on a similar journey.  (Remember no journey is better than another, it’s just that people walking in a similar direction can communicate together more easily.)

Through the described journey, Linda and John confront fear, a consistent theme for myself lately.  I’ve been learning that fear can be a teacher.  While we can be tempted to run screaming from the lesson, fear certainly gets our attention.

The underground caverns she and John explore in this journey to confront fear, there is the recurrence of spiral designs upon the walls.  “It’s the skipping rope,” John said to me as I read this, and I understood that the spiral is another way of describing what Albie explained to me in this entry.  A spiral is just another way of showing the skipping rope, an expression of our reality and the nature of all of creation.

When you manage to get your brain around this concept, however briefly that may be for me, in these moments I understand the irrelevance of fear, thus the need to face fear for what it is – an illusion.  I find this state of understanding difficult to hang on to when I’m completely awake and engaged in my day, but I think I’ll improve with time.

The book approaches the concept of thoughts forming a reality, indeed the reality we experience this very moment.  This another mind-yoga stretch for me.  It is really a different way of explaining the law of attraction and really, another quantum mechanics theory for us ol’ math nerds.

Linda describes her rising awareness, the experience of spending more time with John in Heaven’s lower levels, as something I’d paraphrase as raising her vibration.  Lisa Williams says that when a psychic communicates with a spirit in heaven, she must raise her vibration to hear them and the spirit must lower their vibration to meet in the middle.  When Linda goes into a deep trance and leaves her body for long periods of time in order to meet with John in Heaven, I think the affect of raising her vibration for long periods of time has a cumulative effect on her senses.  She describes her experience as becoming increasingly psychedelic, and how this becomes a new normal state of mind.

It makes sense to me that “psychedelic” is really just the perception of MORE reality around us, not less, not “imaginary” or “made up” (though soon you may begin to think of imagination as something literally creative.)

Here’s something interesting from my own experience – did you know that the world, as seen through the eyes of a chicken, is utterly beautiful?  I described to my friend Toni how the chickens see her garden.  The colours are more vivid, everything is surrounded by beautiful, radiating auras.  Every smell is delicious, the earth is wonderful and satisfying to scratch.  “Psychedelic” is the word I used.

Well Toni wrote to me the other day to say she’d come upon a study that demonstrated that chickens perceive and respond to electromagnetic energy trails.  It helps them find food – they can see the energy trails where the insects and slugs just were.

How dull and grey our own perception of the day-to-day world is in comparison.

To quote John from the book, “All human consciousness is striving towards two basic aims: to accept life for what it is, and to learn how to change.”

Sheesh, you know I have two more pages of notes of things I wanted to blog about, but my brain is getting so tired – and I just got up.  I guess it’s not realistic for me to go over all the points I really appreciated or enjoyed in this book.  If you enjoyed these John Lennon Friday entries, I think it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy Linda’s wonderful book.

John Lennon Friday: Lennon in Heaven

Yesterday I went to the post office and picked up the two books I’ve been anxiously awaiting:  Linda Keen’s Intuition Magic, and her other book Across the Universe with John Lennon.  The edition I received was the original title:  John Lennon in Heaven.

Sweetie and I have been absorbed in, I’ve been reading it aloud.  John is hanging out as I read it, and he sometimes brings a few of his spirit friends to listen to his book.

One thing I’ve got to say first and foremost:  Linda has brass.  Holy shit, the guts it must have taken to publish a book like this twenty years ago.  Wow.  You know what’s really amazing?   How much of the same information we both received, independently and decades apart.

I haven’t finished reading the book yet, so this entry will be about the first 2/3rds of it.  As I read it, I have a pad of paper beside me and I make notes of the synchronicities and the verifications as they come.

The first note I have on my pad here is that John was psychic.  I talked about this in the Mind Games entry.  Linda talks about this too.

Another point comes up in one of Linda’s first deep meditation conversations with John, when they talk about the levels up to heaven.  Linda asks how many levels?  John holds up seven fingers.  This is the same answer I got on the beach when talking with John about the same thing – he got me to start drawing lines in the sand, and told me to stop when I got to seven.

A point which really amazed me was something I *hadn’t* written about because, frankly, I thought it was just too “out there” and I was afraid of putting people off.  One day while I was skimming through a playlist of classical music, which contained a great deal of Mozart, I said idly to Sweetie, “I think John was also Mozart in a past life.”

Well damned if Linda didn’t write the same thing!  See what I mean about brass?  I didn’t have the guts to write about that one!

In Linda’s detailed conversations between John and her spirit guide Basil, she gets into a lot of the same things I’ve been thinking and writing about.  The nature of the universe, of the reality we experience, of humanity.

One point that I wrote down is, “The ego wants everything explained rationally.”  Which is true, and yet this becomes a block for us eventually.  I’ll tell you about my nighttime lectures in another entry, but the short of it is that George has been taking my hand as I go to sleep and gently guiding me to a place where I learn about all these questions.  I often wake up at 4 am when I return to my body, and it seems like from 4 am to 9 am is when I actually get some sleep.

This week it looks like I’ve been sleeping 12 – 14 hours a day, but I know I’m out of body for most of that, learning the answers to the burning questions I’ve had.  I know I’ve learned a lot about the answers – even though I can’t really remember them in my waking state, the questions themselves seem answered.  I don’t feel compelled to dwell upon them.  I think I’ve come to understand that “rational” is only in the context of our incarnated, conscious brains, and that there is a lot of learning that can happen out of body.

This is where Linda’s book is so amazing for me, it seems like she’s been on the exact path of learning I’m walking right now.

Additional parallels with Linda’s conversations with John and our own are simple details of John’s family life and John’s adamant statement that he wouldn’t wish fame upon his worst enemy.  To Linda he’d added, “Unless they thrive upon vanity, stress and paranoia.”

In reading Linda’s confirmation that John was also Mozart, it opened up an answer to a problem I’ve been mulling in my mind but hadn’t really expressed:  If we express our spiritual selves so many times through so many lives, why am I running into characters like John and Kurt who happen to identify so strongly with their most recent life?

Well this is because this is how their spirit can best communicate with ours – this is how we recognize them, and are most open to receiving them.  With Sweetie, she’d initially addressed the spirit that was John Lennon by that name, and so he related to her in this way.  I met John through Sweetie, and so this is how he presented to me as well.

In one of Linda’s conversations, John expressed himself simply as a ball of light, sitting in a lawn chair drinking a glass of beer.  It is more difficult to have a conversation with a ball of light.  It’s much easier to relate to a spirit as their recognizable human form.

I’ll digress a bit here:  I’ve said before that I have never been so much a pop music fan.  I knew who Kurt Cobain was through cultural osmosis – his music surrounded me when I was a teen.  I was vaguely aware of him, along with a few other bands and names like Prodigy, Tea Party and Trent Reznor.

Sweetie and all my friends often teased me about this in disbelief.  “What were you doing when you were a teenager anyway?  How is it possible you grew up without this music?”

Well, I’ll admit, I was a classical music nerd.  As I’ve said before, I’ve had difficulty with the complex sounds of punk music which was popular in my youth – If I was stuck somewhere loud, crowded or booming this music, I could become overwhelmed to the point of tears or panic attack.  Beethoven was my Cobain.  (Sweetie laughed when I said this, but just listen to his music – he was a badass, a subversive.  His 5th speaks to his struggle with his emotions and mental illness.)

While my friends head-banged their way through the grunge movement, I listened to Bach, Schubert and Mozart.  When I saw the movie “Amadeus” I found it heart-wrenching and became a bit obsessed with Mozart after that.

I think if John had shown himself to me as Mozart, I would have shut the door in his face, just as I would have if Kurt had shown up before John.

One of the delightful readers I read for this week told me that my blog gently stretches the limits of her disbelief.  Well, in this same way, my invisible friends are gently stretching my own disbelief – a yoga of the mind.  They know just how much to show me and when.  I feel I am in good hands.

The final thought I wrote down on  my notepad for this entry is to share this realization:  the learning never stops.  Some people refer to earth as “hell” and can’t wait to be done and go back home to Heaven.  Do these people realize their soul’s challenges follow them to the other side?

We get healing, we get rest, we get all the love and care we need in heaven.  Yet, what I’m learning from John as well as from other spirits, is that we can still experience deep sorrow and loss in heaven.  The conflict follows us to heaven and we continue to work through it there, though it doesn’t feel like such torture as it can here on earth.

So don’t wait to work on your shit here on earth.  Don’t hope to escape the difficult spiritual work by dying and going to heaven.  If we don’t take every opportunity to learn and grow in this life, to face our fears, our shortcomings, our darker sides, the more we carry with us into heaven, the more we carry with us into the next life.

I was lucky.

My Sweetie is catching up on reading the blog entries here, as we’ve been without internet at home for a week.  Such is life, living out here “on the edge” – utilities are not taken for granted.

In response to the entry, Help, Sweetie wrote me the following email:

Thinking about the “Help” entry, I think you were lucky.  In that you just felt like it was ok to talk to *whoever*.

What I struggled with when I was younger was not so much *whether or not* I was talking to John.  (Because I experienced that whole synchronicity thing too, where I was hearing Beatles songs everywhere I went, as well as having song lyrics from various artists drop into my head that would inevitably relate to what I was doing at any given time — not to mention that the things he told me were just obviously not things that I would or could’ve told myself).  The thing that I struggled with was whether or not I *should* be talking to John.

I had this inner conflict going on where I was like:
“Am I actually *praying* to John Lennon?”
“…Am I *allowed* to do that?”
“…I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to do that”.

Because in Catholic-land there’s only, like, a few people that you’re really allowed to talk to:  there’s Jesus, Mary, God (which is really just Jesus anyway because of the whole Trinity thing), St. Francis, St. Anthony (if you’ve lost something), St. Christopher (if you’re travelling), maybe St. Peter (if you know someone’s on their way to Heaven and you’re worried they might not get in), and the Archangel Michael.  That’s really about it.  Even Mary’s sort of pushing it because she’s just a mortal woman, not actually a saint at all.

You don’t talk to your cat (and I *did* talk to my cat, he just never talked to me), and definitely not to dead pop stars.

And there was no one I could really ask about this either without outing myself about this (my friends already thought my obsession with him was peculiar and unhealthy), and I couldn’t really ask John himself about it and expect an unbiased answer.  So.

And the conflict continued:
“But you’re an athiest!  There’s no Hell.  There’s no Heaven.  There’s no *God* — it doesn’t matter”
“Are you sure?  If there’s a Hell, you’re totally going, blasphemer.  You’ can’t pray to pop stars.  It’s in the Commandments”
“Okay, well I guess I don’t *know* that there isn’t a Hell… I haven’t *been* there.  I haven’t died yet, obviously”
“Ok.  Well, that’s a gamble, isn’t it?”

You were pretty lucky to not be burdened with any of that stuff.  Spirituality is kind of like math, in that it’s intuitively pretty easy to understand as long as you don’t have a lot of people around you telling you that it’s wrong.  :/

Very true, Sweetie.  I had a spiritually-priviledged upbringing, indeed.  Thank heaven for my hippy parents, who both left formal religion behind before they had children.

Our email conversation continued.  This next bit referrs to another reccomendation by John to Sweetie asking her to take another look at the work of “masters” whom she’d written off previously for good reason.  He suggested that perhaps, if she looked again, she might find something of value, and here’s one thing:

Diotima (the woman philosopher) in Plato’s Symposium describes spirits as “intermediaries” between the gods and mortals.  Like, that’s their role.  They send messages to earth from the gods, and they bring human prayers to heaven.

Of COURSE we’re supposed to talk to them!

I will interject here with the words of our eagle friend:  “I am a sacred messenger.  I bring human prayers to heaven.”

OF COURSE we’re supposed to talk to animals!

So I asked Sweetie, “I don’t understand.  Why is it not okay to talk to whoever you want?”

She replied:

Well, you’re allowed to talk to God.  But there’s a sort of understanding that God doesn’t answer in words, it’s just like putting in a work order or something.  God will do it if He has time and feels that you’re deserving.  (Which was why I was so shocked when John actually *answered* — I’m like, “What??  Oh… you’re here???  Um… HI!” D: ) 

As for prayers, they’re a form of reverence and as such are reserved for holy figures.  Besides which, talking to spirits is a kind of “occult” practice, so that’s a big no-no.  Believing in spirits is kind of a no-no.  Everyone’s in Heaven — and they love you — but they can’t be reached there. 

The thing where you’re not supposed to worship any other gods, or false idols excludes the option of showing the kind of reverence reserved for prayer, to non-holy figures.  Especially stuff like life advice — that’s totally God’s domain.  (Or this was my understanding of the faith, at any rate). 

Which might shed more light on the whole “bigger than Jesus” thing, and why it made people *really* nuts.  😉

Help & Making Friends with Heaven


We have a single Beatles album that’s been in our car playing almost constantly for the past three weeks.  In the process, I’ve memorized the lyrics to the song “Help”.

The first time we listened to this album, John sat in the back seat of the car rattling off commentary about the songs, what was happening in their lives when they wrote them, what some of them are *really* about, alternate dirty lyrics they sang at Christmas time, and hey, did you know the “nah-nah-nah” part at the end of “Hey Jude” is something that George & Ringo came up with on impulse in the studio? 

It was this first time I heard the song Help, and I understood it was one of John’s first prayers. 

Help.  I need somebody.  Help.  Not just anybody. 

I’ve never really been one for formal prayer.  When I was younger (so much younger than today) I decided that God was real, and if I wanted to talk to him I simply spoke.  Or whispered.  That’s all.  This form of prayer has perpetuated when I talk to Azna, or to my guides, or to John, for that matter.  All I have to do to be heard is simply to speak and know in my heart that they will hear.

In my 20s, years would go by and I’d forget about talking to anyone on the other side.  I never needed help in any way.  But I’d always remember how to speak/pray whenever I needed Help. 

Help me if you can, I’m feeling down.


That’s the logical time to reestablish contact with anyone, right?  When you need Help.


So when I’d approach Heaven with a need, I’d feel unworthy.  Hey there, we haven’t spoken for a while but, uh, could you do me a solid and please, please help me?

I wonder if this is why we sometimes feel so separate from heaven?  If your whole relationship with the other side is only asking for help, that would affect anyone’s self-esteem in a negative way.  You’d feel like a bit of a shit, giving nothing, always asking.

Now these days are gone I’m not so self-assured, I find I need you like I’ve never done before.

Last Tuesday I was driving to work at 6 am.  The weather was scary.  I should have stayed home, really, but I went anyway.  I needed to put chains on my front tires just to get out to the highway.  The roads were icy, the winds were bringing branches down on to the road.  Eventually I was obliged to remove the chains so I could drive faster than 20 km/hour.

Then I saw a sign – Prepare To Stop!  Hydro Repair.  Cold fear shivered over me – if I had to stop on any one of those hills, I would not be able to start again.  I would not be able to put the chains back on, and if this happened on a corner, other traffic might not see me.  Shit!

“Help.  Help!  I need everyone here, right now!  Help me!”

And they all came, instantly.  I knew they were there.  Both my guides.  My guardian relatives.  John and George.  The car was surrounded by angels, George, talking me down. 

Help me get my feet back on the ground. 

George, telling me I’d be okay.  Explaining they were moving obstacles, they were helping the tire traction.  And he gave me a mantra – John’s song, Help.

I focused on the song, whispering it as I drove cautiously through potential obstacles and dangers.  I arrived at work safely and felt very well taken care of. 

I didn’t feel at all like an ungrateful shit, or a mooch.  Not this time.  The difference is that I already had a relationship, a friendship, with the people who came to help me.  Of course they came to help me, we’re friends.  We’ve got each other’s backs, and I already trust them.

We’re already working together, we count on each other.

There’s a lot to be said for making friends with Heaven.  Whether or not you’re a psychic in training, I think this experience of mine is a good example of why we should all talk to heaven.  Talk to the people we know in heaven.  Talk to our guides, talk to God and Azna in Heaven.   Make friends, because we’re here from Heaven anyway – we’re on assignment from the other side and no matter who you are, incarnation is a big job.  It’s a lot nicer to ask for help from a friend.

Every now and then, we’re all going to need Help.

John Lennon Friday – Culture Jamming

John hasn’t been around as much in the past week, knowing that our six-week experiment is almost at an end, and that I have more than enough information for this last (for now) entry.  I was caught by surprise by how much I’ve missed him, his presence in our lives for the last month has been almost constant. 

If anything, his noticeable absence in our life is further confirmation of how very much with us he was.

When John’s in the room, he has a real, physical presence.  He fills the room up with energy, warmth and good humour.  He often likes to tinker with things physically in the room – he blinks his “doorbell” (a little solar light that never seems to work unless he’s in the room), he taps his coffee mug making it swing on its hook (when we sit down for a discussion, we always make John a cup of tea or coffee too) and he fills my head with delicious, funny, flattering dialogue, little quips and comments that keep us laughing all night. 

He’s so charismatic, such a charmer, and he makes you feel *very* special when he’s talking to you.  I missed him so much I was telling my friend Shelly about my “invisible friend who’s moved on to do other work.” 

He came for a visit that night, and chided, “You don’t need to miss me, just say that you want to talk to me.  I’ll come visit.”

“We feel so lucky just to have had the time we’ve had with you, John.  We don’t want to monopolize you.” 

“It’s no bother, coming to visit with you lovelies.  Just talk to me, I’ll come over.  We can watch the Simpsons!”

Which brings me to the topic of this last entry in the series:  POP Culture John Lennon loves which he shouldn’t know about (because they were created after he died).

Let’s start with TV:

The Simpsons.  John says, “I spent most of the 90s watching the Simpsons!” John is a bit sorry that he’s the only Beatle to have missed the opportunity to cameo on the Simpsons.  George likes to tease him about this. 

(BTW, I feel the need to clarify, I’m sure John didn’t literally spend most of the 90s watching TV.  He likes to exaggerate a bit to prove a point, this point being, how much he likes the Simpsons.)

The movies:  Ferris Beuler’s Day Off & The Breakfast Club.  Both apparently by the same director, both full of little John Lennon quotes, which he enjoys immensely.  He also appreciates the perspective of the movies, from the point of view of the rebellious, creative teenagers who just couldn’t follow those damn rules.  Principals in both movies were characters who were complete tools, which John loves, as they remind him of his own complete tool principal. Watching these movies with John making comments in the background is too much fun.

The Sound of Music, the movie.  We watched this one over Christmas.  It was part of our “Spirit Party” that night, and I can’t remember all we talked about.  John watched the Sound of Music when he was young; watching it brings up happy memories.  (I guess technically this shouldn’t be included in the list since it was made *before* john died, but since we’re talking about TV he likes, I figured I’d mention this one.)

Nowhere Boy, a movie about John Lennon.  When Sweetie asked John what he thought of the movie, he promptly replied, “I was a handsome lad!”  John likes to rib George, “do YOU have a movie, George?  Who plays you in your movie, eh?”

Sweetie sent me this email comment after she read today’s entry: 

One night I got up to pee, half-asleep and there’s John:

“Do you think I’m as handsome as the boy in my movie?”

I’m like, “Oh, well as far as I can tell, he only *appears* to be handsome because he’s pretending to be you”.

So then he gets quiet, probably trying to decide if I’m feeding him a line or not. 

And eventually says, “Oh, you’re good!”

 John on today’s Music:

John is a huge fan of independent little bands.  Sweetie and I were invited to an informal jam session at the legion over Christmas, and I distinctly heard John say, “You should go to that.”  We were feeling hermity, so we stayed in.  And damn, if it didn’t turn out that our FRIENDS were playing in a band they’d disbanded years ago.  They apparently brought down the house – we were just *sick* with regret the next day when we heard what we’d missed.

“Don’t worry, you can see it after you die,” John consoled us.  He showed us the big viewing room in which you review your life, and you can program this viewing to show an optional experience you may have missed. 

“Just don’t use this as an excuse not to do things,” he cautioned.  It’s much better to have the experience than to say to yourself, “Oh, I’ll just watch it when I’m dead.” 

John’s also a huge fan of Lady Gaga.  He insists we must go to one of her concerts, says she’s fantastic.  And for the record, he didn’t mind one bit that she played his white piano.


And now, movies John shouldn’t know about but *doesn’t* like:

Any of the Austen Powers movies.  When we first showed him Austen Powers, he asked, “Is this supposed to be about me?”  The fun the first Powers movie pokes at the 60s & 70s and the stereotype of Brits having bad teeth completely put John off.  He did pop in while we were watching Austen Powers 3, and tried to give it a second chance… that time we were laughing about Dr. Evil’s son ranting in a very 90s fashion (I didn’t ask to be born!)  It was another cultural reference, and a negative one at that, which John just didn’t connect with. 

Help – the Beatles movie he was actually in!  Sweetie watched this by herself first and he kept a running commentary “Why are you watching this?  I look so fat!  Ugh!  This movie was not supposed to be so terrible.  We honestly believed it would be better.  We trusted the director and the producer too much, we were so naïve.  And now look, this piece of shite out in the world and we can’t get rid of it now!”   When Sweetie cued the movie up so I could watch it, John said, “Well if you’re going to watch that shit again, I’m leaving!”  And so he left.

And I have to agree with him, it is a truly terrible movie.

There are little things John has left behind in our life that will be constant, warm reminders of him.  One of which is the name of my Sweetie’s second spirit guide.

Sweetie has two guides, one named Clara, who is learning how to be a guide.  But Sweetie proved to be a more challenging charge than anticipated and so Clara had to call in her advisor & teacher as a second guide.  This fellow presented to me as very tall, rather butler-like.  Reserved, super-intelligent and as such, not attached to temporary, trifling things like names.  When we asked what we should call him, he said, “You may choose a name for me.”

In my head I heard a distinct, British voice chirp, “Brian”

“Brian,” I said out loud.

Sweetie stared at me.  “Brian?  It seems a bit modern for a spirit guide, doesn’t it?”

“It’s a perfectly good name,” I narrated, according to this voice.  This was really early in my relationship with John, and I wasn’t completely aware that was him speaking at the time, but looking back, there’s no doubt. 

Both Sweetie and I immediately thought of “The Life of Brian,” the Monty Python movie poking fun at the seriousness of Christian tradition.  But surely that couldn’t be where the name Brian came from, right?

Well Sweetie looked it up, and apparently “Brian” has meanings attuned to ancient lords and leaders – suitable to her guide’s high, learned status in heaven.  Brian it is.

It’s only now that we’re getting to know George better, that we learned George bankrolled the Life of Brian – that movie wouldn’t have happened without George Harrison.

And the first few minutes of the movie, we hear the line, “What is this child’s name?”
“Brian.  What?  It’s a perfectly good name!”

So Sweetie’s very serious spirit guide carries a joke name, bestowed upon him by John Lennon.  Nice!

I’m feeling a bit divided about this entry – like I’m supposed to draw some sort of conclusion at the end of these six weeks of John Lennon Fridays, but really, it’s an ongoing conversation.  For now, John is spending more time with a new student of his – a young woman, looks like a teenager, long blond wavy hair.  I wonder if she’ll stumble upon this blog in the future – that’d be neat.

The thing is, I think that John’s really made his point in previous entries.  This last one is not the last John Lennon Friday, just the last for now.  He’s making room for George to move into the forefront, because George has been teaching us quite a bit.  John will continue to visit and contribute, and so this is not the neat ending for which the writer within searches. 

The best I can say, in conclusion of this first set of “celebrity” spirit contributions to the blog is this:

I’m sure that if I read all those books written by other psychics about John, I’d find things in there that pushes my limits of suspending my disbelief.  I’m sure if those authours read this blog, they’d think I got a few things wrong myself.

That’s okay.

Such things cause the divides among psychics, when we disagree upon each other’s interpretations of similar subject matter and the need to assert oneself pushes past ideals like “let’s just all respect each other and let it be.”

So thank you for reading these John Lennon Friday entries with an open and warm heart.

John Lennon Friday – Rainbows

So, remember how I found out that I’m not the first psychic to talk about talking to John Lennon?  Well it turns out there are BOOKS which have been published by psychics from their conversations with John:


I haven’t read any of those books.  Now, I want to.  I’ll have to figure out a way to get my hands on them.  I wonder if I can get them on my e-reader?

Here are some quotes I’ve found online by googling “John Lennon” and “Psychic”

“They [The Beatles] were like mediums. They weren’t conscious of all they were saying, but it was coming through them” (YOKO ONO, The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Berkeley, 1982, p. 106.).

“[Of his music JOHN LENNON said] “It’s like being possessed: like a psychic or a medium” (The Playboy Interviews, p. 203).

“It’s amazing that it [the tune to ‘In My Life’] just came to me in a dream. That’s why I don’t profess to know anything. I think music is very mystical” (John Lennon, quoted in “The Beatles Come Together,” Reader’s Digest, March 2001).

“I felt like a hollow temple filled with many spirits, each one passing through me, each inhabiting me for a little time and then leaving to be replaced by another” (John Lennon, People, Aug. 22, 1988, p. 70).

“When the real music comes to me, it has nothing to do with me ’cause I’m just a channel. It’s given to me and I transcribe it” (John Lennon, quoted by Mickey Hart, Spirit into Sound: The Magic of Music, p. 134).

Further confirmation comes in the book I recently purchased in the clearance bin at Chapters – Sylvia Browne’s Temples on the Other Side.  I purchased it because I wanted to learn more about the temples my cat Sunshine has been telling me about.

Thing is, John has also been talking about the artists’ hangout, which isn’t too far from the scientists’ hangout incidentally, but John never referred to this place as a temple.

I open the book randomly, sort of in the middle, and the very first page:  the Temple of Artistic Endeavour.  Very first page lists the people who hang out there and guess who?  John Lennon is among those listed.

John laughs when I get excited about these synchronicities.  He says, “Sweetheart, at what point are you just going to take what I say at face value?”

I replied, “I try!  But never will this be a blasé thing;  I’m incarnated, John, I’m separated from all this.  It will always be exciting for me!”

A lot of spirits call us Sweetheart, Dear or Darling. 

John is also spoken about in greater detail in another one of Sylvia’s books, the Afterlives of the Rich and Famous.  In this is apparently the revelation that Marilyn did not kill herself, which is another funny coincidence.  Sweetie and I had already had that discussion in great detail with her Uncle Jack, who is on the other side and told us what really happened to her.

It’ll be neat to see how Sylvia’s story compares to Jack’s.

The point I’m driving at is this:  John and Yoko were communicating telepathically long before John was killed.  Where George Harrison’s quest for spirituality landed him in the beautiful land of meditation and sitars, John’s journey brought him to telepathic communication and psychic mysticism.  John believes that psychic-ness is part of the path to world peace.

After all, a general population that’s mostly psychic can’t be manipulated into war, in ignorance.

Here’s an idea for you psychics in training out there:  Start asking questions.  Start talking to people on the other side.  Talk to John.  Talk to Marilyn.  Talk to Einstein.  Talk to da Vinci.  Talk to anyone you’ve ever wondered about!  Anyone who’s death you questioned.  Anyone who buried secrets.  That’s almost everyone.

Talk to Jesus.  Oh yeah, I said it. 

Ask them about art.  Ask them about music.  Ask them about war.  Ask them about ignorance.  Ask them about understanding, knowledge, forgiveness. 

Ask them about peace.

That’s John’s message for this week:  Question what you think you know about people, about history and the history that is being made right now.  Ask how you know the things you know, ask if there is a better person, on the other side, who might have a more accurate story.  Then ask them.  See if it explains anything.  See how information and disinformation affects the world.

And understand that knowledge is your tool to be used to bring peace into your life.

Yesterday I was reading along in the book, Eat Pray Love.  It’s a great book.  WAY better than the movie.  I keep hitting upon tidbits of information relevant to the current conversation, such as (and this is not a direct quote, but paraphrased from memory):

There is a meditation to go up.  Go up seven levels, last place, Heaven.  Is easy to get to.  There is another meditation, not for beginners.  It is to go down.  Seven levels down.

If up is heaven, then down must be…?

Seven sad levels. 

What is the destination?

Is the same, Heaven.  The universe is a circle.  The destination is the same, only the journey is different, through seven levels of happiness, or seven levels of sadness.  So difficult for young ones to understand.

This ties into a conversation I was having with John while walking on a beach.  I had come to understand that life on other planets can exist on a higher vibration than our own, and so they are not as heavy, as utterly incarnated as we, as far removed from heaven.  There are levels.  I asked John to tell me more, and he said, “Okay, draw in the sand.”

I drew an arch in the sand.  This is earth.  Now draw more arcs above.  Another.  Another.  Okay, you’re done.  That top one is heaven. 

I noticed that I had drawn seven arcs, and that a rainbow best described what I’d created in the sand.  I understood the rainbows are a reflection of our connection to heaven.  This is why pets cross the “rainbow bridge”.  This is why Ravi’s sitar music “fills the house with rainbows”.

I directed my attention to lower vibrations.  What about below earth’s vibration, what’s there?

My hand drew nothing.

When I read the above excerpt from Eat Pray Love, I understood what my two-dimensional drawing lacked – two more dimensions.  In this way I could really understand the nature of the vibrations that make up our universe, the vibrations of the higher and the lower.  The shades of a rainbow that neither begins nor ends.

This is going to require a *lot* of meditation to understand.

Which brings me to my next little update:  another synchronicity.  Sweetie and I have wanted for a while to attend this upcoming deep-relaxation yoga meditation led by a visiting guru.  The cost was $60 each, and includes a balanced Indian vegetarian dinner.

We’d wanted to go, but the extra money we had was eaten up by our New Year’s trip. 

Here’s where it starts to get good:  Ellie handed Sweetie a check for $120, commission for goods sold in Ellie’s store in the past two months.  Score!

I called up the director and booked our spot with the organizer, Dee.  She asked, “Are you the Kate who works at the hospital?”


“I have heard about your abilities, and I put out an order to meet you.  Here you are, two days later, calling me!”

I haven’t put up posters yet and already, word of mouth is spreading.  This is such a surprise! 

I think we’re going to have a great weekend. 

I asked John if he’d like to come along for our meditation, and he’s happy to pop in.  Instantly, I get George in telling me John likes to showboat during meditations.  He likes to make people laugh. 

“John, if you come, you’d have to let me meditate!  I want to get the most learning from this experience, so no distractions, please.”

George says, “I’ll come too, just to make sure.”

John Lennon Friday – HOLY SHIT!

Sweetie found a blog entry from 2006:



11-1-06 – A psychic friend of mine called me on the telephone first thing this morning to tell me that she had an OBE (Out of Body) experience with John Lennon.  She said that he thanked her for coming to see him because he had been trying to contact her friend Dee three times this month and it wasn’t in her paradigm to recognize him for who he was and that I thought the visits were someone else.John wanted Dee to know that the work I was  doing on my website was important – presenting ‘truth’ on many topics, and he appreciated that we didn’t charge people to read our words of wisdom like other websites do.

I feel like laughing and crying!  John says, “What, do you think you’re the only psychic I’ve ever spoken to?”

Damn, man! 

Little confirmations like these are so important to me.  I am *not* crazy.  I really am talking with John.  He really is helping me practice my psychic abilities, and he’s helped other psychics in the past for years.

He is laughing, because it’s so funny to him (and many on the other side) that we incarnated ones need proof and proof and more proof before we’ll believe what’s in front of us.

“A little New Year’s Gift for you!”

and “Maybe you’ll be less afraid to tell people you’re talking to me, (wink, gentle smile).”

It’s funny too the painting which illustrates the similarities between Jesus and John – I’ve been getting a lot of Jesus call-outs lately.  People talking about J-dog in their blogs, in real life to me.  I had to ask, “John, are you Jesus?”

He laughs, “No!  But we’re great friends!”

Thank you John.  We love you so much.

John Lennon Friday – bring peace into your home.


Sweetie and I have our disagreements every once in a while.  We’re not clones of each other, we have differences, however invisible they may seem to our friends.  (Friends tease us we are slowly becoming the same person.)

When these disagreements happen, we may have a fight.  I call it a fight, because I hate these times, it makes me feel very upset when our partnership harmony is tossed on the seas of strife.  To someone else, it may not look like a fight unless there are raised voices involved (which doesn’t always happen.)

Over the holidays, a couple such fights occurred, enough for John to comment, “You girls have been fighting a lot recently.  It makes me feel sad to see you both upset.”  (I’m paraphrasing the feeling of empathy he projected.)

I replied, “Yeah, I know.  I don’t like it either.  Any suggestions?”

“You could try this:  take a small break from finding a solution and just spend some time hearing each other.  Someone talk, someone listen.  Then switch, so that each of you has completely expressed and completely been heard.  Then find a resolution later.”

I brought John’s advice to Sweetie and we discussed it – and we think this will really help.  We haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but I think it could really be the tool we need to diffuse the hurt and emotion from our infrequent conflicts. 

We always have and continue to find compromises we both feel at peace about, but I look forward to reducing the pain of the process.

Over New Years, Sweetie & I travelled a few hours away to visit friends on their little hobby farm.  We invited John to come with us for whichever parts he liked.

I’ll tell you about New Year’s Eve in a subsequent entry – that night deserves its own entry. 

The funniest part of the weekend was when we toured the city with our friend Shelly, and John came along.  I’ve done some readings for Shelly before, and since the reading I wrote about, she’s had a few more from me.  I was very happy when we started to get some things we could confirm for her – things like her cat describing her surroundings to such accuracy, I could not possibly be making it up.  Since Shelly now seems to believe in and respect my psychic skills, she’s a lot more open to really hearing what I get for her, when she asks about her future or her relatives.

And yet I did not tell Shelly John’s last name when he showed up at our New Year’s party, but I did introduce him as a spirit-friend who is helping me practice, which is true.  My friends are REALLY understanding and have cut me a lot of slack, weirdness-wise, and yet I hesitate to test just how far they’ll suspend their disbelief for me by telling them I’m talking to John Lennon.

John thought it was really funny that we’re keeping his *true* identity a secret, and so he kept cracking jokes and saying things to get me to trip up and accidentally spill the beans, or drop enough hints that Shelly would figure it out.  To make matters worse (or funnier) John was wearing the above pictured Big Floppy Hat paired with a pied-piper colourful coat and huge platform boots with heels.  He has such a picture strolling around on those long legs of his it was all I could do to not describe his every nuance or vogue-pose!

Because I’m so used to just letting the words flow, I often will just mindlessly narrate whatever John says, which is where the *real* challenge was.

Sometimes it comes out as a callback to one of his songs (making Sweetie snicker).  Or, a Beatles song will come up on the radio (which happened A LOT this past weekend) and he’d chime in with little back-stories for the songs, which I’d have to keep to myself or, if I blurted it out, pretend I’d read it in some magazine.

My favourite was when we drove past a VW Bug and I exclaimed “John says Oh look, a Beatle!”


If Shelly caught onto anything, she didn’t say.

I think that’s it for this week’s John Lennon Friday.  His advice to bring peace into our partnership was one of the best things that happened this weekend – and we had a *great* time.

John Lennon Friday: Art, Peace and Telepathy


Thu Dec 22:

Kat was reading over the people who were buried in the Pere Lachaise cemetery, Paris.  Many famous people are buried there, including Jim Morrison, and Picasso.

Sweetie went, “Ugh,” thinking about Picasso.  John asked why she didn’t like his work.

 “Ugh, cubism.  It’s just so cerebral, so intellectual.  It’s more head centered and less heart centered, and I think that art should come from the heart.”

John says, “I think he’s okay.  I like this,” and shows Sweetie this painting:

Sweetie googles the painting and finds this article:


From the article: Guernica shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. This work has gained a monumental status, becoming a perpetual reminder of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol, and an embodiment of peace. On completion Guernica was displayed around the world in a brief tour, becoming famous and widely acclaimed. This tour helped bring the Spanish Civil War to the world’s attention.

Guernica should be seen as Picasso’s comment on what art can actually contribute towards the self-assertion that liberates every human being and protects the individual against overwhelming forces such as political crime, war, and death.

“Wow,” Sweetie says.  “It’s a very political painting.  I’ll stop hating on Picasso now.  I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been to art school.”

“Yeah, me too,” replies John. 
Hah!  Touche.

Fri Dec 23 – email from Sweetie

I was thinking more about Picasso today.  Thinking, “Well Guernica is good.  But Les Demoiselles d’Avignon is awful”.  

It’s a bunch of French prostitutes with faces that look like African tribal masks.  As I recalled.  Kinda racist and sexist, right?  Like sexual savages, or something.

So John asked, “Why don’t you look at it again?”

So I looked it up:


It was very controversial when Picasso first exhibited it, because the women in it are sexual in a way that is not demure.  They stare down the viewer and confront him/her.

Then it occurred to me — these women are *powerful*.  Picasso saw strength and power in women.  It probably scared him, and he probably felt threatened by it, but he recognized it.  And French society saw it too, through his eyes and condemned it.  Damn.  It’s the Sacred Feminine.  They’re like temple prostitutes. 

I actually think John likes Picasso a lot, come to think of it.  If you look at his line drawings, there’s some influence there.

Dec 28:  Conversation between John & I

As I am reading the latest “In Touch” magazine…

John:  “You know, those people in the gossip magazines are real people too.  They have feelings and prefer to be private.  If they wanted those pictures out, they’d release them.”

*sigh*  I really enjoy gossip rags.  I come by it honestly, my mother was a fan of the National Enquirer.  I prefer the US Weekly or Star! and I tend to buy them when there’s some gossip on the celebrities I care about.

John: “Reading those magazines is like doing a reading on someone without their permission.”

Right as usual, John.  Which brought me to this entry on ethics.

Thu Dec 29:

Kat has been hearing John’s song, Mind Games, in her own mind.  Now I’m that person who posts song lyrics in her blog; but seriously, read it, and see if it describes telepathy to you too:

We’re playing those mind games together
Pushing the barriers planting seeds
Playing the mind guerrilla
Chanting the Mantra peace on earth
We all been playing those mind games forever
Some kinda druid dudes lifting the veil
Doing the mind guerrilla
Some call it magic the search for the grail

Love is the answer and you know that for sure
Love is a flower you got to let it grow

So keep on playing those mind games together
Faith in the future out of the now
You just can’t beat on those mind guerrillas
Absolute elsewhere in the stones of your mind
Yeah we’re playing those mind games together
Projecting our images in space and in time

Yes is the answer and you know that for sure
Yes is surrender you got to let it go

So keep on playing those mind games together
Doing the ritual dance in the sun
Millions of mind guerrillas
Putting their soul power to the karmic wheel
Keep on playing those mind games together
Raising the spirit of peace and love
(I want you to make love, not war
I know you’ve heard it before)