Crazy talk

ocean speak kate sitka

Just a little something that popped into my head while staring out to sea.

I prefer to honour these messages.  I think there’s a big temptation to write these things off to imagination.  Next time you’re looking up into the stars or across the horizon, listen.  Listen and believe what you hear.

As Julia Child would say, who’s to know but you?

Unless you blog your crazy talk, like me.


Ep. 13 – Funny & Surprising Animal Quotes!

sleep deprive

We have a very special Sleep Deprived version of the podcast today!  Yes, it’s off-the cuff and entirely un-edited.  Today’s one of those days where you just do what you gotta do!  It’s summer, it’s busy and if you’re reading this, would you kindly take a moment to visualize Kat & I in our own little cabin or house somewhere quiet?  We’re really at the point where we need to seriously look into moving.

Here it is:

On a brighter note, today’s podcast is about one of my favourite topics:  Funny animal quotes!  If it wasn’t a “clean” podcast I would’ve titled it, “Funny shit animals say!”  But then, that’s probably the sleep-deprived brain, thinking that’s funny.

And now, I’m going to get away from this noisy house and hopefully have a nap on the beach.