Ep 24. Fleas, Angels Calling, Precognition and Spiritual Cheating!



Happy Tuesday!  It’s Podcast day!  Episode 24: Fleas, Angels, Precognition and Spiritual Cheating!  

The pets, Sunshine the Cat and Happy the dog took me on a bit of an introductory detour as we discussed fleas and grooming and their experience of topical flea pesticides.  Then we get down to business, following up with the questions from October 11th blog entry: No Wrong Way to Die.

We have gotten so much mileage from this post.  We ask and give possible answers to questions such as:

I forgot where I came from (spiritually) only because I wanted to remember again?

Because “heaven” is too wonderful and souls are eager to learn things the hard way? 

Because the time and temperature on earth is perfect for human habitation so why not?  Let’s be suffering humans? Really?!

Big existential questions, y’all!  I do my best.

Then MB came in with questions about Dowsing & Pendulums – how the heck to those things work?  And precognitive dreams, how do you know when you’ve had one?  How can you tell if it’s real???
And you get the context for this photo:
2014-01-01 angels calling

Ep: Quickie! How do animals tell time???

Quickie Episode-


This quickie episode was inspired by a question on my facebook page.  It’s a great question, and the answer includes helping us to communicate time to our pets, as in, “Other Mom is coming home after three dark nights!”

This is a practical one, and a quickie!  If you’re curious why it’s so quick, please see the previous blog post.  😉

Love to you all!

Bug Friends


Thanks to Andrea for the lovely bug pics! This dragonfly feels like he’s ramping up to a reproductive cycle and is tasting the air. He’s super attracted to some smell.

Andrea made friends with some bugs after listening to Episode 22. More Messages from Birdies


She also spared me the photo of a tarantula. Thanks for holding that one back!

Clever Dolphin!


Clever dolphin at the Vancouver aquarium!

I’m posting from my ipod and I can’t figure out how to embed YouTube videos on this thing!

As well, can you guys actually see the video clearly? I’ve uploaded it at the highest resolution but it looks pixelated on my ipod when I play it on YouTube, but the original video is quite clear.

Technical difficulties! Story of my blog, eh? Thanks for putting up with me!

I love you guys.

Kate on Bob Tarte’s Podcast!


(Bob Tarte talking with a Turkey)

WOO HOO! Bob Tarte recently had me on his Pet Life Radio network show “What Were You Thinking?”

A common phrase heard by us animal nuts!

Listen on the above link or better yet, find / subscribe to “What were you thinking ?” in iTunes!

Fellow animal lovers, Bob has written a book called “Enslaved by Ducks” and “Kitty Cornered.”

I had such a good time talking with Bob – we’ve been twitter friends for a couple of years now, and if you follow me on Facebook you’ve definitely seen some of Bob’s wildlife photography as I re-share it often!

Bob has one of those rare gifts with cameras – whatever being he admires, he just connects with them completely through his photography. I just love following him and I think you will too.

I recently discovered “What were you thinking?” Bob’s podcast, and I shared the crap out of it because I loved it so much and I was frankly appalled that I’d followed Bob for so long and only recently tuned into his show.

Talk about a #wastedlife!

Bob saw one of my tweets and invited me on the show! OF COURSE I leapt at it!

Thank you Bob! I hope you all enjoy it!

The Gay Psychic Closet


Woo hoo! I wrote this piece about coming out, and I know that more than a few of y’all feel closeted.

You write me emails, the brave few comment on the blog.

This one’s for you.

(PS: please click and share! If we can get this article over 2, 000 views in a week we can get it on the featured page, which will help me out A LOT! Thank you so much!)

Ep. Guest on Carmen Spagnola’s Numinous Podcast!

kate sitka guest on carmen spagnola numinous podcast


That is the sound of me realizing I don’t HAVE TO convert an M4A (the voice memo file from my ipod) into an MP3 before I can upload a new sort-of episode to the Joyful Telepathy Podcast feed.

Here I was trying to figure out how to convert it without synching my ipod to iTunes (thus erasing everything because I synch my ipod to my HOME computer, not to my father’s computer) and it wasn’t even necessary.  WOW!

Thank you podbean for accepting M4As, this potentially makes life easier… although I think I still need to convert m4as to mp3s before I can import them into audacity…  There is a LOT of work going on behind the scenes to make a mobile podcast happen.

I wish podbean had an app for ipod so I could just do everything on the ipod without having to borrow a PC from a family member.  Sheesh!  Anyway, here’s my personal intro to Carmen’s podcast where she graciously and gracefully interviewed me for her show, the Numinous Podcast. 

Thank you everyone for listening!



WOW! The blog is GROWING!

thank you for all the followers!

That number has doubled in the past month.  WOWZA!!!  Welcome and to all the new people, and THANK YOU to everyone who’s sharing the blog!  Thank you so much!

I have a goal with the blog, and a plan.  For now, that number needs to keep growing, so if you’re not already subscribed, and you have room in your inbox for me, please subscribe to the feed.  It helps me in so many ways, and it could really help me with a book deal down the road.

I am posting daily now, (except for Sundays) and I can really use all the help you guys can give me in terms of getting the word out – if you like what I’m doing here, please tell people!

And now my higher self will go and high-five ALL OF YOU!  Woo hoo!

Pet Psychic Pup Quote of the day!

Pumba doxie pet psychic kate sitka

This is Pumba who lives with blog member Brooke!  Simba has another dachshund friend named Raffi and a golden retriever named Simba, who will be making their own appearances!  Pumba is the organizer / boss / leader of his little tribe.  Raffi looks up to him and Simba is happy as long as everyone around him is happy!

Thank you to everyone who’s sent in photos of their beauties so far!  Please keep ’em coming!

And if you like these photos, please share them with your friends 😉  I’m really focusing on building the blog in the next few months and I can use all the help I can get!