WOW! The blog is GROWING!

thank you for all the followers!

That number has doubled in the past month.  WOWZA!!!  Welcome and to all the new people, and THANK YOU to everyone who’s sharing the blog!  Thank you so much!

I have a goal with the blog, and a plan.  For now, that number needs to keep growing, so if you’re not already subscribed, and you have room in your inbox for me, please subscribe to the feed.  It helps me in so many ways, and it could really help me with a book deal down the road.

I am posting daily now, (except for Sundays) and I can really use all the help you guys can give me in terms of getting the word out – if you like what I’m doing here, please tell people!

And now my higher self will go and high-five ALL OF YOU!  Woo hoo!