Ep.18 Psychic Protection for Children

psychic protection for children kate sitka


I know a lot of you beautiful folks were extra-sensitive as children, and I know at least two of you have extremely sensitive or possibly psychic children.  Here’s an episode for the sensitive child in all of us… and I share the slightly embarrassing visualization technique my mother taught to me to control the nightmares I experienced as a child.

Episode 18:  Psychic Protection for Children



A song from George, to “The Children”

This came through me in about 15 minutes this morning.  Incredible.  George has taught me the chords for this song, so, I’ll practice playing it tonight and hopefully post it on you-tube so you can hear it.  For now, the lyrics really stand on their own:

Life’s a Ukulele

Sometimes when I’m feelin’ down, and life is seemin’ crazy

My mind is gettin’ hazy, my body’s gettin’ lazy

There’s something I remember – a secret so amazing

Life’s a Ukulele!  Oh Life’s a ukulele!

Life’s a four-string harmony, So pretty in simplicity

An unassuming symphony, Resplendent, synchronicity

I play the ukee for myself, And then I play for others

Fathers and the mothers, Sisters and the brothers

Oh Life’s a four-string harmony – A life-long university

A garden of diversity, A mystery of certainties

And so this simple song I play To soothe my restless noggin’

And so to you I play this tune, And hope you’ll be applaudin’

Oh yes Life’s a Ukulele!

A tune you’re always playing

A rhyme you’re always sharing

A song that’s never-ending.

Psychic Kids


I’ve been watching the TV show called “Psychic Kids,” a series that aired on A&E.  It’s pretty awesome.

I’m particularly impressed by the kids who regularly see spirits and aren’t completely paralyzed with fear.  The first thing these kids learn when they meet each other and “Chip,” the show’s own psychic who leads the kids in learning exercises, is that they must learn to control their fear reaction when they sense something spooky.

I know this is easier said than done, yet I see every one of these kids take a giant leap forward by the end of their weekend together.  

One girl said “I wish there was a school for psychic kids.”

How cool would that be?

I’d love to create a school for psychic kids.  Both my parents are teachers, and when the timing is right (the money is in place, there are enough parents willing & able to send their kids to psychic school) perhaps I can be a part of that.  By then I’ll have business experience and years of working for/with non-profit organizations too. 

Imagine something like Hogwarts (Harry Potter) or Xavier’s School for Gifted Children (X-Men).  I hope I haven’t lost you there – it’s really every kid’s dream; having a special ability and being admitted to a school with lots of other children with gifts like their own.

Of course, the school would need to be located in the right spot too.

It’s fun to think about.

In this show, most of the kids are seeing spirits.  This is something that’s always freaked me out pretty intensely, which is why I’m so impressed with the kids on the show.  Some of them even have angry or frustrated spirits acting aggressively towards them.  One girl foresaw the murder of her own uncle the night before it happened. 

To top it off, some of these kids’ parents are less than supportive.  Sometimes a parent would ask the child to just ignore the spirits, or tell them that any spirits they see are demons, trying to lead them astray.  (Beliefs from a Christianity-mutation church.  Sigh.)

How do you go through experiences like that and not fall apart?  These kids are incredibly strong. 

The first conversation most of these kids have when they meet each other is “Do you ever imagine what it’s like to be able to turn it off?”

These are the skills psychic kids need to learn:  How to protect themselves from negative energy (both from spirits and from other people), how to “dim the light” and turn the psychic tap down to a slow drip when they need to, how to meditate to ground themselves, heal themselves, how to ask others for help.

Until the day when psychic skills are taught in every school, there needs to be a school, or at least a summer camp, where kids can go to meet each other and learn the special skills they truly need.

Psychic summer camp.  I’ll bet someone out there is already doing this.

Check it out:  http://psykids.org/index.html  next summer camp is happening during my birthday, April 2012. 

Looks like membership is very affordable – $15 Canadian.  I’ll join up later and check out the membership benefits.  Understandably, the website doesn’t disclose the location of any meetings.

Well, that’s all the time I have for this entry, and I didn’t even hit on the topic I sat down to write:  fear.  That’ll have to be the next entry.