Soul Bubble Relations

I’ve had a few offline discussions about the John / Jesus connection.  This is the sort of thing you approach cautiously, because you don’t want to offend or frighten anyone by challenging their spiritual foundations, and you also don’t want to seem so utterly off your nut that people will completely write you off.

I didn’t post every detail in the Soul Bubbles entry because I wanted to let the ideas simmer and to meditate further, hopefully get some clarification.

When a friend emailed me and said that she believed John Lennon was Jesus in a past life, I thought, “Huh.  That’s not what he said.”  Not that this makes my friend wrong, not at all.  I’ll get to that.

In one of our first conversations with John, Sweetie remembers me asking him, “John, are you Jesus?”

He smiled and said, “No, my dear, but we are great friends.” 

For the record, I’d also asked the same question of Kurt.  He got this crooked smile, took a long drag off his cigarette, blew it out slowly for effect and replied, “No, but I’m a fan of his work.”

Which is one heck of a reply from Kurt Cobain.  Anyway, back to John.

This thing my friend had mentioned to me, it had this intuitive ring of truth.  I found myself drawn back to it, repeatedly.  One night, I asked John,

“John, is the Jesus incarnation part of your past life history?”

He laughs, a big bark of a laugh, flicks his nose and eyes me keenly.  “That, my dear, is the correct question!”

But he didn’t answer it.

That night George showed me the soul bubbles.  He showed me a bit more than I’d written about.  I asked George, “Show me Jesus.”

He showed me three bubbles, coming together.  This soul, made up of three linear-time, past-life histories, became the consciousness for the incarnation of Jesus.  George explained that for such a challenging life, three had to come together to give the soul’s history enough integrity through experience to withstand and perform the challenging teaching tasks as Jesus. 

Here’s the kicker.  After Jesus’ death, the soul bubble left his body and divided again.  Twelve bubbles emerged and embarked upon separate paths.  This makes sense to me; why should the experience of Jesus be confined to only one linear time path? 

Sheds a new perspective on the holy trinity, and the twelve disciples, eh?

So I have a working theory.  I haven’t received confirmation on this yet, so I don’t know if it’s precisely correct.  It may be one of those concepts that builds upon a foundation, and makes more sense later as more information comes though.  Sometimes, this information comes in stages, especially if it requires some adjustment before it can be integrated fully.

My work-in-progress theory is that John is a descendent of one of those twelve soul bubbles from Jesus.  It makes sense to me that if twelve consciousnesses (maybe more if there has been some more bubbling off of those twelve) are floating around with Jesus in their past-life roster, maybe they’re all taking turns being on “Jesus Duty” – answering prayers, giving hope and healing – while other bubbles continue to evolve, help and heal as new incarnations on our physical plain.

I also think that John & Kurt are related souls in some way, although I really have no idea how.  All I have on that is the two regarding each other with great love and respect, and I hear the word “Brothers.”  I don’t get a specific incarnation related to that statement.

It makes me wonder about other spiritual teachers and leaders.  How many soul bubbles are floating around out here, touching our lives, who can call upon the experience of Buddha? 

What about the Dalai Lama?  Every time he dies, a search is conducted for his reincarnation.  (Our current, 14th Dalai Lama suggests the next reincarnation will be female.)  How many soul bubbles emerge after each incarnation of the Dalai Lama?  How many merge before each reincarnation?

I’ll say that it does makes sense to me that world-famous musicians who have influenced millions spiritually over decades might have past lives as other spiritual leaders.  Certainly it makes sense they’d have past life histories as other famous musicians or artists.

It’s incredible.  The possibilities are truly limitless.

Soul Bubbles

2015 02 soul bubbles

There’s been some interesting questions arise from my own past life explorations and those of other people.  It seems that sometimes, memories of incarnations can overlap in time, which makes no logical sense initially.

It would be easy to assume that in the case of a past life recall overlap, that something about the recall must be wrong.  Surely, you can be incarnated only in one place at one time.  Right?

And what about the information psychics are pulling up about Jesus?  In the Jesus interview on the Channeling Erik blog, it came up that Jesus is currently incarnated as a woman.  It’s funny that so many people are awaiting the “second coming of Christ” – he’s probably been incarnated a few times since being Jesus.  Yet, he’s been incredibly widely available to anyone who asks for him, or seeks a personal relationship with him.  How is this possible?

There’s definitely this thing some call the “higher self”.  Imagine there’s this conscious, every-day part of yourself that experiences your life but also experiences this sort of amnesia, or a disconnection from heaven.  This is part of the point of incarnation.

At night as you sleep, or if you meditate and leave your body, you can connect with a “higher” part of your consciousness, a part that remembers.  Sometimes the lessons I learn while in this state I’m able to integrate into my every-day consciousness, and sometimes I just wake up knowing that I understand *something* new, some question was answered but I don’t remember what was asked.  It’s okay to forget what you know.

It is possible to communicate with the “higher self” of an incarnated individual, as I did with my father (the day my dog died.)  His day-to-day consciousness doesn’t remember the conversation, but our relationship changed subtly afterward, in a good way.

So arguably, it’s possible that spiritual leaders and seekers the world over have been accessing the “higher self” of Jesus.

But that doesn’t feel right to me… there’s something more going on there.

While meditating with George, I asked about Jesus.  “How is it he can be so completely available, yet incarnated at the same time?”

George smiles and says, “I’m going to show you something.”

He shows me a bubble in the vastness of space.  He says “Think of this as an individual consciousness.”  Then a second individual bubble appears.

The bubbles approach each other and then merge into each other, becoming a single bubble.  A single consciousness, with the shared histories and experiences.  Now this bubble goes into a body and becomes incarnated in a particularly challenging life.

“Occasionally, it is best to join together.”  He says this explaining that our previous lives prepare us for more challenging lives to come, different lessons building on what we’d learned before.  Sometimes you need more than a single stream of experiences through linear time.  Twice as many lives makes you twice as prepared for what’s to come.

Now the bubble inhabits the body through the incarnation.  In this time, there are not two consciousnesses individually residing within the body, there is only one, single being.

Now the body dies, the bubble leaves the body.  And the bubble splits off.  Into three new bubbles.

Each bubble contains the knowledge of the original two bubble’s past lives, as well as the most recent incarnation.

Each bubble is in a way, a completely new consciousness, but all the soul history is there.  Two soul histories overlapped.  Now this background of experience can move in three new directions, simultaneously.

And as past lives are recalled, it is possible to tap into two lives which overlapped from when the original two bubbles were separate.  Perhaps the three new bubbles will join together later, perhaps they will return to the Great Spirit (or the big bubble in the sky).  Perhaps they will remain individual bubbles for a millennia.

It challenges our ideas of our own individuality.  If this concept contradicts our ideas of ourselves, perhaps we feel frightened or threatened.

How do we define ourselves?  By our separateness?  By our experiences?

Takes a bit of mind-bending to get my head around.  It’s precisely the sea urchin lesson again, yet expanded:  how easily a new consciousness falls away from the source; how joyous, the return to the whole.

And how funny it is to google “soul bubbles” and find this term’s already been used in several video games, including Mario Bros. Partners in Time.

The Jesus Thing ~ Easter Sunday

It seems like every day brings some sort of spiritual revelation.  Whenever I sit down to write an entry, I have to remember where I was the last time I wrote, and try to play catch-up.  Usually, there’s too much to cram into an entry, so I try to capture what feels like the most significant thing.

Today is Easter Sunday.  The last two days have been gloriously sunny, and spent mostly by a campfire on a remote beach where the stones are like round, rainbow-coloured jewels.  Campfires are like church to me. 

Last night, while showering all the dirt, dust and campfire smoke off of my skin, I said a prayer:  “Please help me to be a good teacher.”  George immediately pops in and says, “Come to my pavilion in meditation tonight.”

George’s teaching pavilion is the first place he showed me when we first started talking to him.  It’s where he started to give Sweetie & I music lessons.  It’s like a gold gazebo, open to and overlooking a beautiful garden, full of pillows and flowing curtains and anything you need to be comfortable or to learn. 

Where I’ve seen John and Kurt as friends, companions on a long spiritual journey that I’m beginning to understand has taken place over thousands of years, George immediately struck me as a teacher, and our relationship has always reflected that dynamic.  More formal, deeply respectful, and every word uttered is meaningful.  Everything George has said or done around me has been a lesson.

George has successfully supported me in cleansing my TV addiction.  I haven’t watched a show or movie or video of any kind for over a week.  I don’t even miss it.  I tell you folks, that’s a miracle to me.

What’s replaced TV in my life is meditation.  It’s where I go to learn, to progress, to talk with my spirit friends and teachers.  I often know vaguely what is planned for that night, and I always wake up the next day feeling changed.  Every night I die, every dawn I’m born again.

So I settle down on my bed with my little candle, legs folded, posture facilitating the flow of energy (and thus telepathic communication.)  George comes in and says, “I’m going to show you teaching.”

Then he brings down this crown from the sky.  It’s golden, glowing, has a weight to it.  He places it on my head and says, “This is the crown of teaching.” 

I don’t understand.  I ask him to tell me more.  George shows me Jesus, with his crown of thorns.  I’d recently had a lesson from a turkey (who is a sacred animal of teaching and sacrifice – Mother Theresa, Buddha and many great yogis had Turkey Medicine) and so I had personal sacrifice on the brain.  The crown of thorns alarmed me, and I asked if the crown of teaching was about self-sacrifice?

“It’s about humility.  As a teacher you set yourself aside, and you give the student what s/he needs.  It’s precisely like medium work, at which you are already excelling.  Why do you think I am such a good teacher?  Did you think I *knew* all of these answers to the questions you ask, or that I had planned on what lesson to teach next?  No, the teaching flows through me from Heaven.  Just like Jesus.  Just like you.”

Oh.  I get it now.

And suddenly, teaching is no longer a scary prospect.  I also understood immediately what my healing work has lacked – I’d put a lid on my own capabilities by mistakenly believing that *I* had something to do with the healing I was doing.  No, healing is channeled.  When healing is channeled, there are no limits to the miracles which can be performed.

This makes sense with my curriculum too – in the weeks leading up to my first class, I sat down only once and wrote, almost stream of consciousness, my first lesson.  If my brain wandered off task, I’d read Linda’s book Intuition Magic: 25 years Later – and then the lesson would begin to flow again.  I wrote it all out weeks ago and haven’t looked at it since.  I’ve been directed not to attempt to plan more than the next class at a time, that there will be adequate time to plan the lesson before the next class each week.

I’m working at the hospital today, and writing this entry on my breaks.  We don’t have internet at home anymore, for a while, so these breaks from work are the only time I have to blog.  It seems to be enough, anyway.

On my way to work in the car this morning, I was listening to Nirvana’s albums and I hear, “Hey, turn that off.  We’re trying to talk to you.”  So I set aside my ipod and open my psychic ears.  Kurt says, “You have a visitor!” 

And there’s Jesus sitting in the passenger seat of the car. 

“Oh, hey Jesus!  Happy re-birthday!”  He cracks a huge, toothy grin.  I thought, Wow, Jesus has great teeth!

My life is so weird.

Jesus is wearing typical hippie gear, loose, torn jeans, beat-up sandals (he has his feet up on the dash) shoulder-length loose hair, full but trimmed beard.  If he were to manifest himself in this garb in my town and walk around the grocery store, no one would give him a second look – hippies are just that common out here.

We talked some more about teaching.  I understood more about the “sacrifice” of teaching.  It’s not really a sacrifice as we define it in modern terms.  It means to allow the people to experience what they need, to set aside your own wants and desires for their experience and allow them to learn the lessons they set up for themselves, not judging their choices, but accepting them with all the love in your heart, channeled through heaven.

Sacrifice is not painful in this way.  It’s a deep sense of peace.

This is why I’m not to plan more than one lesson at a time – because the next lesson will be determined by the needs of the students, and what they take from the first day.

Jesus turns his gaze to the rising sun behind us, and then the shifting cloud cover before us.  “I always liked this place,” he sighs.  That statement makes me wonder if he actually has come to town for a bit of vacation.  It’s a fun thought, anyway.  I agree with him, it’s beautiful here. 

“Well, you’re welcome to hang out with me as long as you want,” I chirped, and suddenly felt foolish.  Surely Jesus has better things to do. 

“Oh, I can take a few minutes,” he assures me.  He reminds me how he can be in an unlimited number of places. 

This is a lesson that John taught Sweetie & I for Christmas.  He demonstrated to us the flexible nature of time, which is how he is able to get his songs to play on the radio for comedic timing (he goes back and influences / suggests the playlist retroactively).  Kurt has learned how to do this too.  In this way, John has also learned how to be in more than one place simultaneously – John talks to a LOT of people, and he can’t be hampered by linear time to get his job done.  I seem to understand that John cannot be in an unlimited number of places though – he has boundaries, or perhaps he set boundaries for himself.  But Jesus, well, he is without limits as far as I understand.

So there I sat driving my 30-year old, rusted, Toyota tercel with Jesus sitting beside me, his feet on the dash, watching the landscape slide along for several minutes, enjoying the serene beauty of nature.  My mind was quite clear and still.

“Well, I’d better go.  Busy day,” he says with a smile.  Without thinking, my intuitive brain kicked in first:  “See you, brother,” I said.  “See you, sister,” he replied.  And was gone.

Then my rational brain kicked in.  Sister?  What? 

I don’t know what to make of that yet.

The Jesus Thing

How brave is this? 

Jesus talks to a lot of people.  I’ve talked to him, briefly.  I was a bit scared and overwhelmed, frankly, particularly when he told me I was doing “God’s work” – this to a woman who doesn’t identify as Christian or confine herself to one particular god.  Yet sometimes we use Christian language as a tool to communicate spiritual concepts.

I’ve talked with several other psychics who talk about “the Jesus thing”.  Not a lot of psychics talk openly about talking to Jesus.  I mean, we’re kind of weird already, aren’t we?  I figure talking to dead rock stars was a weird enough thing to blog about – or it maxed out my “being weird” comfort level.

It’s a really audacious move, isn’t it?  A lot of people make a lot of money selling the idea that you need to go through someone else to get to God.  But that was Jesus’ whole point from the beginning – you don’t need to go through anyone but yourself. 

Anyone can talk to Jesus.  It takes a particular bravery to talk about *literally* talking with him, hearing him, seeing him as a real guy.  Like John Lennon.  Or a loved one on the other side. 

Awesome.  So great.  Way to go.