New Year Report Cards – Booked!

New Year Report Cards are all booked up!

Now, because I usually give a “last three sessions” warning – but I didn’t keep as close an eye on the bookings this year – if you *really wanted to book one* just send me an email in the next few days and I will squeeze you in for spring!

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Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who booked this year! I am really looking forward to talking to you all in 2021!

New Year Report Cards! Now booking January and Beyond!

Hello my friends!  New Year Report Cards are here in time for January!

**** UPDATE! January booked up within 3 hours of this posting! That’s the FASTEST a month has ever sold out! Now booking February onward! ****

What a year 2020 has been for us all!  I have taken a big comfort in knowing that the themes and challenges of this year, we have all experienced together.  

And now, together, we can look forward to a bright new start in 2021!  

New Year Report Cards are a 45-minute phone session, where we consult with your guides, spirit friends, and family, to review how your experiences in 2020 have related to your own incarnation goals and growth for this life, and then look ahead to what is peaking through for 2021!

You will receive an MP3 recording of our call which you can download, keep, and refer back to as the year progresses!

I want to thank all of the faithful fans of past New Year Report Cards, who book these sessions each year! 

Most of my New Year Report Card sessions are with people who have had report cards in previous years, and especially enjoy seeing how the messages from their session unfold each year!

Because these sessions are the most popular special I offer, I do try to ensure I can fit in a few more New Year Report Card sessions each year (which is why I’m launching the special earlier this time!)

You can book yours now!


*  A 45-minute Phone Session

*  A summary of 2020

*  An overview of the coming year

*  Guidance and gentle nudges from your spirit friends for the New Year!

If Sundays don’t work for you…
Please book the next available Sunday spot to ensure you don’t miss out,  and then email me,, and we will find a date and time that works for us both! 

If you have any questions at all, you can reach me or my lovely Office Goddess just by replying to this email.

Talk to you soon!   

Orcas’ amazing brains!

All orca photos in this post are from Eagle Wing Tours – check out their Instagram! I don’t try to attempt to take my own pics on whale tours.

I found some time today to sit at a tiny harbour where I like to watch the wildlife. Every day I see something cool, and I try to make a point of biking out here every day to get in some exercise and take care of my mental health. Sitting by the harbour, where I can usually spot seals, but have seen a glorious number of birds too, including: great blue herons, bald eagles, migrating vultures, harlequin ducks, barred owls (and chicks) and today I see two kingfishers chasing each other and vocalizing loudly.

Habour seal seeing if the humans have fish scraps for him.

As an animal communicator, I like to tune in to try and figure out what’s going on, but there is a fine line there. You don’t want to be the annoying human who’s always butting into animal business. “Hey! You! Kingfisher! Whatcha doing?!”

Instead I mostly observe and try to pick up on their feelings and motivations. Animals, especially wildlife, make me happy to simply observe their behaviour.

This is why, when I had my first vacation in a year and a half, I made a point to include animals.

My first order of business was to go on a whale watch.


I would really like to see the (endangered) southern resident orcas one day, but as their numbers are falling it’s rare to see them on tours. Instead, you’re more likely to see transient orcas, and I was hoping to see one group or the other. I was not disappointed!

You might remember my first and second ever lifetime sighting of orcas? The first time, off Tofino, I saw a baby orca, so new he was still orange. I then saw *exactly the same pod* years later on a trip off of Victoria! Of all the orcas in the ocean, how cool to see the same individuals? I got to see them feed both times as well. While the residents who only know how to hunt salmon are not doing well, the transients who hunt pretty much any sea mammal are doing just fine, thank you very much.

The really exciting thing about my whale trip this year was I got to see a massive, mature male orca in the wild for the first time. He is named Galiano (or T18B). He is many people’s favourite orca because he is just so damn *impressive*.

The funny thing about this tough guy, is he is a total mama’s boy. He travels almost full time with his mother. He loves her, he looks to her for leadership and he depends upon her for company.

I had always assumed that like elephants, who are also matriarchal societies, that all male orcas left their pod of origin after sexual maturity… and this does tend to be the norm with orcas too, according to the wildlife biologist on our tour.

Galiano, it seems, just loves his mama.

Another interesting thing I learned from the wildlife expert aboard is that when a female member of a pod goes into oestrus (her fertile period) the grandmother or dominant female of the pod will go with the fertile female to leave the pod and go find a nice healthy male to mate with… who is not her brother.

The biologist also explained how the sonar biology in these whales worked – how it allowed them to see even the inside of our boat, inside each other and their prey.

I thought to myself, “Wow! What must it be like to be able to see inside everyone’s body!” And I asked Galiano, “Could you please show me the amazing way you see with clicks?”

He obliged instantly. It was actually startling, how much information he had on *everyone aboard the ship*.

One of the women aboard had a hip replacement – he showed my he could see the difference. It registered to him as an injury, which to him was curious. Humans aren’t considered as prey in general, but a potentially crippling injury is always… interesting… to a predator.

Galiano showed me the topographical details of the bottom of the ocean right up to the shore, and for miles around. He showed me where his next “snack” was, a fat seal perched atop a rock. As it was low tide, the seal was out of reach, but Galiano was looking forward to going back to that rock just before the tide came up to the seal. It was like he was telling me about a bag of chips he was going to eat later. He was pretty confident in his ability to just “go get it”. Transient orcas hunt successfully, and eat, multiple times a day, so I think Galiano’s confidence was justified.


Finally, Galiano showed me two other orcas frim his pod which were out of human sight but close by orca standards, and another two orcas further out to sea, fourty miles at least, and how the six of them had just communicated and decided to meet up at a rocky spot close to shore but much further from Victoria. They were going to try for a sea lion. Sea lions are not as fatty as seals, and there’s more meat, but it’s easier to hunt when there are six of you.

I’d love to be a transient orca in some future incarnation. I completely understand why their brains need to be so much more complex than humans’; the sheer volume of detailed information they are constantly processing about their environment, their prey, and their pod members positions and activities relative to those things is astounding.

Sometimes, after a communication like this, I have a bit of an adjustment coming back to the human way of living. Our ability to take in detail is so limited. Our vision sucks. Our memory is TERRIBLE in comparison to an orca.

If an orca has to describe a crime they witnessed, they would be able to describe all the people, all the inanimate objects, how the crime happened as though they had a frame by frame camera in their brain.

“So the 5’6” male with heart disease, hazel eyes, curly brown hair, and a 1”scar on his left kneecap lunged across the 3’ wide formica counter top to grab the gold chain off of the 5’8” blond blue eyed man with the formerly broken nose and pins in his ankle…”

Incredible, right? They remember this intricate detail because it could be relevant for their next hunt.

I just love orcas.

Got to interact closely with ANOTHER apex predator on my vacation, but I’ll save that story for the next post.

Have a great day!

How is it fall already!?

A friendly banana slug.

Isn’t it March 1648th? No?

I am amazed at how quickly this past year and a half has blown by, because now, I finally feel grounded again. It’s a truly wonderful feeling.

I was fortunate enough to affect this reset in my energy and mindset with a very nice two week vacation. I did some really cool things I do want to write about in more detail, when I have a bit more time to do those experiences justice.

Being able to spend time with wild and domesticated animals, and one of my best friends, really made a world of difference for me. I may have mentioned this past spring, noticing how beautiful all the flowering trees are, here in Victoria. I failed to notice them in 2019, or they failed to register as beautiful, due to the stress I was under at the time.

Well, the same thing is happening this fall. I am noticing how very lovely the fall colours are here. In the majestic rainforest of the west coast, where the volume of rainfall per year is significantly more than *anywhere else in the country* the trees that thrive in that environment aren’t species that display fall colours. The environment is does change seasonally, but it’s subtle, not spectacular, and I have to admit I have missed the brilliance of the fall foliage display in Northern Ontario.

In noticing how I’m noticing the beauty around me again, I’m also noticing my body round a new corner. During my vacation, I wanted to *do* so much. Among the super-fun animal things I did which I’ll write about another day, I wanted to paint our condo, which was an activity I found to be surprisingly strenuous. My physical condition has been improving steadily since my surgery *two years ago* now, but I kept hitting walls in my recovery. It has taken a lot of patience and perseverance, but I am thrilled to discover that as of this month, I think my body is NORMAL again!

By normal, I mean I can physically exert myself, and it feels good instead of painful. I actually improve when I increase my activity instead of re-injuring myself. Last fall, I was on an uptick, and I walked *just a little further* than I had the previous day, and threw my back out for a week. That set me back three months. It’s been annoying. It was difficult to resist the thought that maybe this was just my new normal, now.

I must confess though, I think what made the difference was doubling my physio exercises. When Covid hit, and I could not longer access the massage therapy I had been relying upon to stay functional, the sheer anxiety of experiencing another physical setback gave me the determination to do my physio exercises twice a day, instead of once a day. After three months, when I could do back to my massage therapist, I was noticing a difference and some little improvements, but over my vacation I took a big leap forward.

I don’t know whether it was the having the stress relief of a bit of vacation time, or if my body finally just got there, but in the last three weeks, I’ve reached a point where I can hike for several kilometers, and bike for many more! I may not go fast, but I can do it!

The quality of life implications for this are *huge* – because so many of the things I love doing involve this moderate level of exercise. I’m not trying to do anything special, I’m just trying to get back to where I was when I would have a day off and look forward to going on a new hike.

I have also started my Human Resource Management program, which adds another 3 hours of sedentary sitting time to my day, in addition to my 8 hour work day. So in order to avoid becoming an actual banana slug in a hoodie, or, you know, completely screwing up my back forever, I am making sure I get out for a good hike or a bike ride every day as soon as I wake up. I might take an hour or more outside, and feel sweaty and tired when I get back. I’ll hop in the shower, have some breakfast, and then actually be in a really good headspace to study and learn about labour laws and employment relationships.

After a few hours at my desk, I have a snack, pack my lunch and head to work. Although my current job is not my favourite, and I really miss my coworkers at Tofino Hospital, I can see how my new job serves a greater purpose in my future, because it actually *is* human resource related. Without intending to, I managed to get a job that will actually count as experience in my new chosen field when I complete my certificate and am able to pursue new job opportunities. (I plan on continuing on to get an associate’s degree, and a bachelor’s in the next ten years, but let’s just take this one step at a time, shall we?)

Now, when I show up at my job, having exercised and spent a few hours working productively towards my long-term goals, my Monday – Friday doesn’t seem as tedious or frustrating. It feels just right, actually. I’m even grateful I have the evening shift, because utilizing the morning for exercise and the afternoon for studying is working out very well.

I think I just might be able to keep this up.

I will find time in the next few weeks to write about my awesome adventure with whales and harris hawks!

I hope this season has brought some good things into your life as well. We’re getting there, my friends. Stay healthy y’all.

Impromptu Freddie!

Hi folks. How have you all been?

I do want to thank you all who booked the Pet Session Special! My schedule is now full until November 2020, thanks to you all, and the Pet Session Special is now done.

I’ve been thinking about what type of post I’d like to contribute right now. There are a few things I’ve seen circulating I’d like to address.

Last month, Sweetie made me aware of a psychic on youtube who stated George Floyd died for a purpose, and that he didn’t want to see all these protests, because he only wanted love and understanding.

That upset me for quite some time. Of course, unfortunately, this was a white lady.

White lady psychics, man. There’s a reason I’m a solitary practitioner. I have friendly, collaborative relationships with other spiritual practitioners, for sure, but I haven’t engaged in group events because you just never know what a spiritual white person is going to pull out of their butt. I think it’s my frustration with myself, too, my younger ignorance when I did, for example, adopt smudging as a part of my own spiritual practice, without thinking too deeply about it.

Do y’all remember my podcast episode with Hillary and her horses?

Hillary posted on facebook yesterday about the use of the phrases “white witch” and “black magic” etc. This led to a conversation about smudging, and sooooooo many problematic responses from people followed. It was pretty familiar, as this happened to me years ago when I posted about cultural appropriation regarding smudging. I’m glad to see some more people get on board. Slow, arduous progress is still progress. Let’s keep it moving forward!

Anyway, back to this youtube psychic who stated George Floyd did not approve of the protests because *love*. Y’all know this is BS, right? I didn’t need to say it?

I think it’s terribly cruel to the family and community of George Floyd to say he died for a reason – to spark change. Too many people have died already. None of them needed to die. To say they died for this purpose, to me, this lacks some fundamental empathy. It’s not spiritual to say someone was murdered for a good cause. Y’all know that, right? I didn’t have to say it? Thanks for reading. It’s been on my mind, and I just wanted to put that out there.

We need empathy, deep listening skills, and the ability to do what’s right without needing acknowledgement or credit.

I really enjoyed Dr. Lana & Mimi’s podcast episode on Empathy – this hit home for me, and what I’ve been thinking about lately.

So let’s do something fun!

Freddie’s back!

Freddie immediately comes in with the strength of empathy – he says,

F: It’s an interesting / powerful topic, the idea that things, some things, happen for a reason. I used to believe that, in my younger years; it was easy to see the links of one thing leading to another in a short life.

It wasn’t until later, (shows me the HIV / AIDS epidemic) that it became clear not all things, certainly not all deaths, happen for a reason. (He extends deep empathy to everyone.)

The current worldwide pandemic, the virus that has a small percent chance of killing you, (he gives a side-eye as AIDS was 100% fatal in his time as there were no effective treatments) is frightening. But there is a reason it is happening:

The pandemic happened because of the divisions between people. It is worse because of the divisions. It’s mirroring the AIDS catastrophe, because so much could have been done early on, and was not done, because it wasn’t affecting a population which powerful people cared about.

AIDS was “the gay disease” for some time, and gay people were sidelined for so long in our society, that it made it easy for people to rationalise their bigotry, their lack of empathy or sense of responsibility to life a finger to help.

Here, with this worldwide respiratory virus, we see the same human behaviour – and because this is a virus that does not need such close human contact to spread, but can be caught merely by breathing – we might have thought this would have a unifying effect. In some places, it has.

In England, and across the USA, and in certain other countries with disorganised leadership, or a disenfranchised populace, you can see the same thing happening to your communities, on a massive world scale.

I would do another concert, if I could. I would (stream live on the internet, for free) if I could. I wish I could.

Remember, friends, that hard times do not eliminate us. We rise up, again! Life is not easy for most of us. We think of death as the big unknown (laughs) LIFE, my friends – THAT is the great unknown! How we try to bring predictability and control to life, with varying success. Stability is usually temporary, and even those of us who have had wealth in life, know that finance is not the only crucial piece.

This is why we need each other. My friends, my chosen family, the people in my life who I loved, still love, they are what brought me through the hardest parts of my life.

Reach out to each other. Send some love, do someone a favour, ask for a favour, don’t hold on to expectation.

(Freddie remembers when he felt burned out, after a long haul of concerts followed by isolation and some drug use.) Forgive your own limits, too. Try not to be an asshole about it, apologise if you have been rude.

K: (teasing) I guess we all need reminders of the kindergarten social rules, eh?

F: We do sometimes revert to a childlike brain under stress. Children with credit cards. (laughs)

K: Do we need to “parent” ourselves? Our own inner children?

F: Well, that’s the point, sometimes we can’t. That’s where our friends, our chosen family rises up to support us. Love them back!

(Freddie is pointing out that loving feedback from family, friends, community, is LOVE, and that participating in difficult conversations WITH LOVE can help keep the communication flowing.)

F: That’s where the love belongs. Not to halt much needed social movements, or revolutions, but to spur them onward. To say, “I love you, and this needs to change. I love you, and I hear rebuke of me.” That love can create safety amongst family, friends, community. Love is shown through action.

Keep pushing. Keep speaking. Keep marching. And singing!

K: Okay, and now I’d like to go back to pick up the questions people left for you last year (sorry it takes so long, folks.)

*** Elizabeth Agate Edit

What past life influenced you the most?

F: It’s difficult to choose, I would say the childhoods of most of my past lives influenced me the most. I found the more lives I had, the more I relished childhood, and attempted to maintain that… simplicity of approach towards other humans. As we evolve in our individual lives, we construct a language in which we speak to ourselves. Many of us have internal narrators reflecting our own inner thoughts back to us, so we may process them clearly.

Children have not developed this level of sophistication, or complexity. Childhood innocence can be a universal language, speaking to our most profound needs, our core capacity to connect as human beings.

… (as an aside) I wish I had a past lifetime as a centaur to tell you about, but alas! (teasing smile)

*** Toni McNeill

Will my books one day be wide known? ❤

F: Cherie, I cannot predict the future for you. If you love writing, keep writing. Use your talent to connect with others. Pay no regard to the number of people you reach, each person is important.

*** Mark Hoops

Years ago while sitting in a psychic development class I joked about ” I will sing when I can channel Elvis”. Someone suggested Freddie because he is more available. Moments later I saw purple foot prints across the green carpet. My question, was that Freddie Mercury?

F: (singing!) YES OF COOOOOURSE! Talk to me!

*** Phoggy

Sometimes actors play these “dead” celebrities so well that I wonder if they are somehow channeling the actual energy of the entities that they are portraying. I was wondering whether Freddie was actively channeling through Rami Malek during the performance and if other spirit celebrities have done the same in other movies? And if this actually happens, what are their reasons for channeling their energy through the actors?

F: YES! I adore Rami, he spoke to me privately, in the shower (ha ha!) which is an excellent location to talk with friends who happen to be dead. We had our own connection, I congratulated him immediately when he was awarded the part. He felt connected to me before that, and channeled that passion in his audition. I whispered in the casting staffer’s ears, “you had better cast him!” They did! I am thrilled. They did a wonderful job, everyone on that project. My heartfelt thanks to them all, and my family and friends who helped.


That’s our impromptu session with Freddy today. I literally just googled “fun dead people to talk with” and his image came up.

Stay well, my friends.


Hi Folks!

Well, y’all have been booking up my schedule with Pet Sessions like *crazy*!  It’s so fun, and I am looking forward to MONTHS of pet sessions thanks to you!

I have decided to book just two more pet sessions at the discounted rate – these bookings will push my schedule into November, and I want to leave some room there for people to book regular sessions before the end of 2020. 

So!  If you’re thinking of booking a pet session this year, now is the time! 

Thank you everyone, so much, for your support of this summer’s Pet Session Special! 

Pet Sessions for Summer!

pet session special

Hi my friends!

I hope you are enjoying my recommendation of “Screwed Up Podcast” with our friends Dr. Lana Holmes and Mimi Bonhomme!  If you have not read my post of their new project, click here!

It is my deep hope that each and every one of you is safe, healthy, and able to participate in supporting your community.

As well, please take care of yourself, and your mental health.  Whether you’re a social justice activist, a homeschooler, an essential worker (like me) – each and every human on this earth has a special purpose, and we are all being asked to work very hard now, and for the foreseeable future.

I have held back on promotions for quite some time, and I really want to offer a Pet Session discount this summer!  I know there are at least three of you waiting for this (hi!) and I hope this offering will help bring some more joy and lightness into your life.

Our pets lives have changed too – perhaps not in the profoundly significant ways that us humans have been affected, but they know what we are feeling, they know our routines have changed, and they have *certainly* noticed if a new animal has joined the family during the quarantine stay-at-home time.

If you have a new pet in your home, if your pet’s routine has changed and you’d like to check in with them, if you’d just like to feel a little closer to your animal friend, now is a great time to book a phone session.

I have not offered this discount in two years, and I’m going to keep this available *just for the summer*.

I want people whose income may have changed to have a chance to access this sale, which is why I’m letting this discount run until August

I will be returning to part-time studies in the fall (hurray!) so in September, the pet session discount will disappear.

Please feel free to share this special with your friends who have animals they love – this is the best price on Pet Sessions that I’ll be offering for at least the next year!



I’m so looking forward to talking with you and your animal family!  Talk soon!



Introducing: Screwed Up Podcast!


(graphic art by Kaz Windness)

I have fantastic news!  My friend Dr. Lana Holmes, whom you may remember from the time she was a guest on my humble Joyful Telepathy Podcast, has begun a new project!

Introducing:  Screwed Up!  A podcast with Mimi Bonhomme and Dr. Lana Holmes

The topics which Mimi & Dr. Lana confront here have been plaguing our woo-woo, new age community for DECADES, and – daaaaamn – people who claim enlightenment are super-slow to change!

Do y’all remember two years ago, when I wrote about why I no longer smudge, and ever-so-gently suggested that if it isn’t your culture, you shouldn’t either?  That ended up being the most controversial thing I have ever posted in my history with social media.  I *still* get random hate mail from so-called light workers incensed about my criticism of the use of a spiritual practice that may not belong to them.  (Hot tip!  If you read that post and got angry, you really SHOULDN’T be doing it.)

Dr. Lana very kindly agreed to come on to my podcast;  we admittedly trolled the comments for a bit, and we also expanded upon cultural appropriation in the very white-lady space that is modern-day “spiritualism”.

Psychic stuff, by the way, is in no way the exclusive domain of western folks – nearly every culture and religion I can think of includes some form of psychic or intuitive practice.  However, the popularized / standard form of spiritualism you will find when you just walk into an new-age book store now, if you cast your eyes around, you’ll see a *lot* of us white ladies.  The big problem with that is it creates an echo chamber where everyone validates what everyone else is doing, and if there is any dissent into the doers’ right to do, well, let’s just say you’ll spend the next few weeks moderating comments across multiple social media platforms.  That’s gotta change, folks.  Enlightened people need to have open ears, and be willing to sit with our own discomfort, our own imperfections, our own unfair advantages over others, and our own internalized prejudices.

That’s a part of our work, folks.  Engage!

I was so grateful when Lana was happy to help me expand upon this hugely important topic.

Now, two years later, during a pandemic that could not deter Black Lives Matter social activists from weeks of demonstrations in streets all over the world, this discussion in our own spiritualist community is escalating in importance.

Dr. Lana and Mimi have stepped forward to tackle *alllllllll* these difficult topics, and they DESERVE to have us in their audience, cheering them on!

Please join me in subscribing to the new podcast, Screwed Up!

You can copy and paste this feed into the search bar of your favourite podcasting app to find them:

OR! You can subscribe to their channel on youtube, if that’s your jam:

AND! You can like their facebook page:

Solidarity in Spirituality, my friends!













Untitled design (13)


It wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t cheap.  It wasn’t fun.  But by god, I DID IT!

You know, there was a time when I wasn’t intimidated by technology.  Not only could I produce basic programs, but I replicated a complex accounting program in MS Excel, as a backup and a project to mitigate the risk of just one programmer knowing our custom-designed financial reporting program.

I knew how to work with MS Access databases and I enjoyed troubleshooting.  I was even unofficial tech support for our office for a year or so, helping my colleagues with basic office functions, performing daily backups, and installing updates.

Whaaaaaat happened to me???  OH MY GOD!  Actually, I know exactly what happened:  so much new technology flooded the world, and the old tech I used to know changed everything to look more like the new tech.  (Who else hates those ribbon menus and wishes microsoft would go back to the drop-down menu style???)

Well, anyway, I think I became discouraged because every new technology I would encounter would require not just a learning curve, but a significant time investment just to learn how to use it.

I think I lost patience.

But this time, I was determined!  It took three calls to tech support and five days to figure out, but my friends, we finally have it!

We have quality digital phone call recording!!!!!

I AM SO EXCITED!  I have wanted quality, reliable, easy-to-use call recording since I hung out my shingle as a practicing psychic.

No more phone static!  No more sounding a million miles away!  What I hear on the phone through the receiver is exactly what gets recorded!

For anyone who is interested, here is how I did it.  Maybe you have a reason to set this up for yourself.  Beware, for the path to VoIP call recording is a winding one.  Perhaps your needs could be met with a Zoom or Skype call recording service.

But if you’re like me and need a solution that doesn’t require a web browser to use, steele yourself for a journey through tech support.

First thing:  Have a reliable, high-speed internet connection.

Next, select a VoIP service provider with a really nice technical support team.  You want someone who isn’t going to try to foist you off to the tech support for the phone manufacturer.  These things are made in China, and you’ll be exchanging emails for weeks trying to solve your problems.  If you’re like me, and need someone to walk you through the setup if you hit a snag, you want to find that person before you embark upon this journey.

You need to prepare yourself for frustration.  You need to set aside a good chunk of time, over several days.  You may not need all that time, but it’s good to have it available, as I find that eases some of my exasperation.

After all, shouldn’t this technology just be plug n play by now?

Why yes it should, but you cannot allow yourself to dwell upon the way things should be.  We are dealing with the technology available to us.

My specific setup involves a physical telephone which has a USB port in the back of it.  I plug a flash drive into the back of the phone, and initiate call recording after I have dialed the phone number.  After I end the call I can unplug the flash drive, walk over to my computer, and upload the files to dropbox as I do now with my MP3 recorder.

Perhaps an easier alternative to doing what I did might be to subscribe to a VoIP service that provides a call recording service.  Instead of recording the call on your physical phone, they record it on their servers as the call passes through.  Then you can log into their servers and download the file to your computer.

If I did that, I’d have to download the hours of calls, which takes time, before I could upload it to dropbox and send it to my clients.  I did not want to create another time-consuming step to my workflow.  I also didn’t want to pay a fee every month in perpetuity for the privilege.

I purchased a Yealink T42S.  You have to buy the power supply adapter separately.  Good thing I noticed that when I purchased it.  I also bought a high-capacity flash drive that’s about the size of a fingernail.

When the phone arrived, I called 1-VoIP up and set up an account.  And so began my dance with tech support to get my phone working… see, even though it LOOKS like a landline phone, it’s basically an unprogrammed computer.  It is NOT plug n play.

I had to log into the IP address of the phone, using a computer or my ipad, and configure the settings of the phone with the help of the 1-VoIP tech support.  The kicker was the call recording by default is a hidden feature on the phone which you have to tell the program to turn on.

The ridiculous part was I had to create a freaking TEXT FILE with code copied and pasted into it, and change the .txt file extention to .cfg so that the phone’s online brain would know to allow me to record calls.

Maybe there’s a legal reason you have to actually tell the program to initiate the option of call recording.

All that does is create a softkey on the physical phone which says “record call”.  That’s all you have to tap to start recording the call, and I can either manually stop the call recording or it will automatically stop when the call ends.

Easy peasy, right?

Then I just take my teeny tiny flash drive over to my computer and upload the files to dropbox as usual.

Now that it’s set up, it’s very easy to use, and I sincerely hope I won’t have to spend any time doing software updates for the phone.  That’s something I’ll just have to deal with should it happen.

So my friends – better call recordings are now here!!!

I think I’ll run a special soon 😉

Have a lovely day, everyone.